Symptoms Of Heart Attack Or Stroke

My dad smoked for 30 years. Since he was14. He has averaged about 14 cigarettes a day. He is very active, in the road construction business often walking over 5 miles a day. He recently quit smoking 2 weeks ago. How long will it take for his lungs to clear out to the best it is going to get. Is there any time period(ex. Within the 5 years after quitting the risk of lung cancer developing is at its highest) that he is more prone to getting lung cancer, heart attack, or stroke? No history of cancer but my grandfather did have a very mild heart attack. He is walking talking and breathing just like he was before the heart attack. Do you know what I found? Focus on having a good time. He is doing the right thing, now leave it up to luck My son was always worried I would die suddenly like his friends dad. Then my wife died at 39, with me still going strong at 64

Medical researchers are finding out more about the health risks of air pollution. They say the world’s dependence on fossil fuels is largely responsible for . . .

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  1. Kayson Burbank says:

    It depends how many times he has had gay sex. If he’s had a lot, he’ll probably die from a stroke

  2. Dee24 says:

    I was a heavy Smoker from the age of 17 till I quit around the age of 53-54, 1-2 packs a day. I felt a lot better within 2-3 weeks and have totally no record of Cancer or any other problems. I get checked regularly every year and have a totally clean bill of health. Biggest problem now is gaining weight since I retired. Plan to be around for quite a while yet. Tell Your Dad it was a smart move and to keep up the good work. It,s totally worth it.

  3. Lyz RR says:

    the first day he quit, his heart started repairing itself. he should feel a lot better wtihtin the first month as his organs are getting used to it. really depends on his body. usually in his case it could take anywhere from 10 to 20 years to almost fully recover from the effects. his body will slowly repair itself with time but only time will tell. 14 cigs a day should not take that long though. I know people who smoke 2 packs daily.

  4. Myles says:

    My great grand father died from a heart attack at the age of 43, my grandad is 62 and hasn’t suffered from one but my dad has just been told he may have had a mini stroke, what are my chances of getting one? im 17 now and slightly overweight.

  5. Jason says:

    I have severe head pain like I hit my head, but I didnt hit my head.

    I had a ct and a cat scan in late december

    1.Right side of head Hurts the most
    2. Eye floaters/ Flashing lights
    3. I throw up on and off
    4. Muscle stiffen Arms/wrist
    5. Trouble breatheing
    6. Ringing in the ear
    7. Lack of sleep
    8. Dizziness/Tingleing
    9. Muscle spasm

    My mom is low on money and are insurance is crap. We went in December and I had blood work a ct scan and a cat scan perfectly normally? Im kinda scared to be honest though, I feel zoned out. Is this serious or will it pass on its own. How can I treat some of my symptoms. Its becomeing worse, Im getting a little panicked! Im 17 BTW. Thanks any answer is helpful

    Im really really scared I feel liks im going to have a heart attack or a stroke? Plzzzz help Hurry, Why did I cause so much problems, I guess this is pay back

  6. Dana G says:

    What can cause heart disease or high blood pressure and how can you lower your risk of heart disease?

    What are the symptom of heart disease is pericarditis or aortic dissection it.

  7. simply complicated says:

    I just experienced these very weird feelings tonight while on here and for the first time 2 days ago. I am a bit concerned they could be early warnings of a stroke/ heart attack. I am over 35 and do smoke and take the pill. I am not over weight, have low cholesterol, BP, etc and my GP says a low dose estrogen pill for me is okay.

    Here are the symptoms- I know in women they can be different than men. It starts with intense and sudden pain on the bones of both jaws and then is followed by a tightness in my forehead and then a crushing pain in an oval right above my breasts in the center of my chest. Along with that, I am just awash with a general ill feeling and then after about 10-15 minutes it passes. I will ask my GP Monday about this but do any of you know if these could be warning signs.? Thanks
    Thanks- I am fully aware of the risks and trust my GP. In cases of NO other risk factors being present, as in my case, smoking women over 35 only have a 1% greater risk than others on the pill. I am not asking for a DX, just curious if anyone has heard of these symptoms. :)

  8. Sonny says:

    It happens at night while im reading like symptoms of like heart attacks and strokes. Im not fit and i keep freaking out about this stuff. Another question can anyobe describe the pain of a heart attack?

  9. baldy eire says:


  10. xiM Clutch says:

    & if it is a heart palpitation, is there any way of telling if it could be serious or not without going to the doctor? & yes, i know going to the doctor is probably the best choice.

  11. Mike says:

    I’m 23 male, rather healthy. I go jogging about three to four times a week.

    But last time I was working around the house, I suddenly felt very uncomfortable in the chest area, like bloated. And my left arm felt weird like it was getting numb. At first I shrugged it off. Then I felt it again later in the day so I looked up the symptoms and heart attack and stroke came up! Could it be possible that at my age, even though I don’t smoke or drink, I could get a stroke?

  12. Alun J says:

    I was cutting my grass today. It was around eighty degrees. I had been out there for almost a hour. Suddenly my heart beat faster and I felt swelling on the side of my face, right below my ear lobe. There was a small lump for a few seconds and it was hard. But it went away within 15 seconds. What this heat stroke, lymph node problem or symptom of a heart attack?
    Thanks Jim. Did you ever get rid of your diaper rash?

  13. wwwavid360gamercom says:

    Even if they don’t need resuscitated yet, they are just displaying symptoms?

  14. arronwrath says:

    The idea is to administer just one dose sublingual to help make blood circulation easier through the enlarged vessels thus supplying more oxygen to the brain. CPR if possible for heart attack person.

  15. PoohBearPenguin says:

    My heart rate gets up to 190 and over usually when i work out. I’ve been told i have a fast resting heart rate but I’m trying to get in really good shape and i want to lower it how do i do that?

  16. andresumoza says:

    i had similar symptoms two years ago and got checked out, but there was nothing, just anxiety attack. how to tell if its a stroke or a heart attack?

  17. lcollier93sbcglobalnet says:

    For example, people who weigh more, their heart beat per minute is faster than someone who is at a healthy weight. So what are the dangers of your heart beating too fast?

  18. Kristian says:

    whilst falling to sleep i suddenly woke with a jolt. I felt as though i had been electrocuted, (twas spookie). My pulse was racing to say the least. I’ve woken this morning feeling somewhat weird through my head & body. I had been for a drink late afternoon/early evening,( not over the top drinking). I was fine untill i got into bed & started falling to sleep (several hours later). Now today i feel yuk, not a hangover or anything like that. My body feels weak & i feel a little confused. I half wondered if i had a minor heart attack or stroke, (i probably didnt) Im aged 45 & have had problems with so called depression & anxiety, not that i really feel i have any of these, but according to my gp i have mild symptoms. Anyway if theres anyone out there who can help oneway or another, many thanks.

  19. krow147 says:

    It aired July 25th. It was the mom who kept haven strokes, noise bleeds, and she had a heart attack. What was the name of what see had?

  20. xLittle21Yaox says:

    I’ve looked it up but i still can’t understand exactly what happens to the heart specifically when your bp drops to dangerous levels. what will happen to the heart? it stops? i noe you get dizzy, confused or can faint sometimes but what is the worst case? can your heart stop? & if it does, how do doctors start it up? shocking it? how do u raise bp to normal levels again?

  21. Blake says:

    I don’t have a healthy lifestyle, not enough exercise and eats too much salty foods. I’m overweight but not too much and I’m 26 y/o. It’s the main reason I was on the prehypertension stage. Last Jan 13, 2013 at 2am, felt my chest and a nerve at the back of my neck ache once in a while, in my mind my BP is high then when I checked, it gave me a 145/94 reading. Fear kicked in, it made me more anxious that’s why it went up high as 174/117. PANIC took over, afraid I’m going to have a stroke. That day I took metroprolol tartrate 100mg (Neobloc), calmed myself and got myself to sleep. After that day, my uncle who is a doctor who can’t believe at the same time told me that
    it’s possible that I already have renal failure and wants me to take several tests. I have no money that time that’s why I couldn’t do anything. Then my health anxiety days started. I started to eat less and keep sodium intake to a minimum and drank a lot of water. I stopped smoking last Jan 2012 and I don’t drink alcohol occasionally anymore.

    JAN 20, 2013 was the FIRST TIME I took METROPROLOL 50mg 3x/day because BP went up high again as 150/101.

    On Feb 8, 2013. I had what I believed was an anxiety or panic attack. I was so anxious that night about not taking my meds (metroprolol) on time which made me feel so heavy. I was out the whole day and that night while walking, I suddenly felt weak on my legs and felt like I’m going to pass out or faint. I felt cold over my chest for a while thought it was numbing or I’m already having a stroke or
    heart attack that’s why I panicked, after that I felt my heart pounding so fast and I was sweating all over, wanted to be taken to the ER but went home instead. Didn’t have the chance to check my BP. I felt weak for the next 5 days with a lot chest pains and became afraid to go out.

    SYMPTOMS: =the unusual things=
    Since January I started noticing things that changed in me. I became more conscious about my body and how it feels. I lost a lot of weight since then. My skin looks yellowish sometimes. My pupils are dilated, my fingernail color starts turning from red to little bit bluish. There are times I feel weak and lightheaded. I have nightmares sometimes. There are days when laying down especially when laying at my side I can feel my body shaking just like what they call “inner tremors”. More nerves started to appear on my skin. I already have dark circles in my eyes. I easily get irritated. I feel pressure or like something is pressing on my right temple area in my head. I’m constipated most of the time then not too often there are days of diarrhea, makes my bowel movement irregular. There are days of more skipped beats. I have dry eyes which make blood vessels to appear on my eyes. Not most of the time there is chest pain mostly in the upper left area. There are times that it’s hard to focus or concentrate. Muscles ache sometimes. My alertness decreased. I get scared or shocked easily.

    At first I thought everything that changed in me might have something to do with my anxiety alone as it can also do many things to my body. But after researching about metroprolol, I think it’s the culprit for making my life worst. My only problem before was my blood pressure. Now I’m planning to control my blood pressure naturally. I’m taking Neobloc 50mg 3x/day. 1 tablet every 8 hrs. So I just like to ask how can I get this out of my system properly?
    *nerves appear on my skin – i mean they are more visible than before, they show up in areas where they’re not visible before.

  22. Elijah luv says:

    Can being stressed cause you to have a heart attack and/or a stroke?

    alsoo, what else can it lead to?

  23. Malcolm Hudson says:

    What is heart rate? How is it calculated? Why is it important?
    What is the healthy average heart rate range? Do the ranges differ by age?

  24. Gabriel Kenney says:

    I recently had a severe migraine where I lost my eye motor control and couldn’t look up or couldn’t converge, it is going away. I have had. 1 cat scan, 1 mra, 4 mri’s of my eye orbits and brain. NO STROKE OR HEART ATTACKS No Clots either. Does anyone know what kind of migraine this could be? It was really scathe and I have been looking for a book on migraine triggers, does anyone know of a good book thats been published in last couple of years?

    I had a aura, coordination, balance issues and sensitive to light, sensitive to noise and pain in neck and head with pressure in sinus area and behind eyes.

  25. Jose B says:

    I am currently on the Depo Provera shot and I’ve had horrible symptoms within my first dose. I am thinking of changing methods but am not so sure anymore because my prefered method would have been Ortha Evra (the patch). I spoke to my clinic physician and she mentioned that they do not give out Ortha Evra anymore unless a waiver is signed that they are not responsible if I am exposed to blood clotting, heart attack, stroke, etc. Now I’m not so sure the patch is safe either? So what’s your input ladies? Thank you!
    Tried the pill I just lost track and messend things up. Depo I have used in the past for 2 years and no bad symptoms whatsoever. I want to know what is the best reliable method as well. Pill is not too effective.

  26. davemc74656 says:

    I am a vegetarian that doesn’t eat dairy, smoke, drink, or use drugs (prescription or illegal). BMI is 19.4. I don’t have a high-stress job. I supplement whatever minerals and vitamins I may ordinarily lack from my diet. I workout typically 5 days a week. what are the odds of me developing a heart attack or stroke?

    My only health conditions are occasionally asthma and Gilbert’s Syndrome.

  27. The Villain says:

    I take care of a 85 year old who likely has prostate cancer. He has a lump on his prostate, and his PSI is high. His urologist says that he probably does have cancer, but even if he does have cancer, the medical field will not proceed with removing the cancer or chemo etc because of his advanced age, and that he is more likely to die of stroke and a heart attack than the cancer.

    However, the patient wants a biopsy so he if he does have prostate cancer the doctor can give him more aggressive medicine to control the symptoms of cancer, such as Provenge or another drug. He urinates so often that he gets exhausted, plus there is overall fatigue.

    My question is: If he gets a diagnosis of cancer and the doctor prescribes a more powerful medication, will the medication even bring him some kind of relief, or will the diagnosis of prostate cancer just be hanging over his head and psychologically upset both him and his family? At 85 years of age, will a diagnosis of prostate cancer with prescribed medication, really be beneficial to him?
    He has already had surgery on his prostate years ago, and he does not have problems with restricted flow. The doctor determined that he is emptying his bladder. He just goes a lot all the time. He doesn’t need a TURP, as I understand it. He has no problem with emptying his bladder.
    The point of the biopsy is that the doctor has given him 4 different medications to try and give him some relief from the over active bladder. None of them has helped AT ALL! These doctors have such fearful prescribing behavior. They’re not going to give him anything more aggressive like Provenge unless it is on his medical record that he has CANCER.

  28. Dom L says:

    I have small episodes of chest pain every 3 or 4 days. 29yrs old, high Cholesterol. Worry? Each episode last about 20 mins but the pain is only sharp for about 5-10 seconds at a time. I will have 5 seconds of pain in my chest and/or shoulders and then it goes aways and comes back a few minutes later. This continues to repeat itself 3-5 times in about a twenty minute span. I find a way to relax and then its all over for the rest of the day and doesn’t come back again for several days. The pain is about a 7 out of 10. Kind of a tight pain. I am on Lexipro for anxiety/depression and Pariet for Gastric Reflux condition.

  29. mmminja says:

    I have heart problem after a few shock which happen few years ago. I jump when I hear sudden loud sound and my heart really hurts. Any cure or remedies can help me from being too sensitive to sound?

  30. jdubdoubleu7704 says:

    My friend had an accident a few years ago and was told that he developed blood clots in his brain. He had been under medication from then and now he says the doctors have again diagnosed blood clots in his brain. He is not specific as to which part of the brain is affected. He fears this might lead to heart attacks and paralysis. But as of now he says he is fine. I am really concerned as to what might happen to him. If anybody definitely knows about this, then please let me know. What is happening to him? Please help.

  31. JDOGG1122 says:

    My mom was arguing a lot today, she admitted that she feels stressed and has a lot of things bottled up and wants to just get away. Now later she says she has a short of breath, the left side of her body hurts, (her neck, arm, etc) she says she feels like a head ache is coming on, and her heart is racing.

    Is she DEFINITELY about to get a heart attack or stroke? What can we do? And should we definitely bring her to the hospital?

  32. sarah w says:

    49.Which of the following statements about atherosclerosis is FALSE?
    A.It is a progressive process that begins at a young age.
    B.It starts with a fatty streakā€”an accumulation of lipoproteins.
    C.Heart disease, stroke, and peripheral vascular disease are all due to atherosclerosis.
    D.It is an irreversible process.
    50.Sy had a myocardial infarction; in other words, Sy had a(n):
    B.Heart attack
    D.Cerebrovascular accident
    51.Which of the following statements regarding symptoms of heart attacks is FALSE?
    A.Pain may radiate to the neck, jaw, left or right shoulder or arm.
    B.An individual may feel a heavy weight or pressure feeling in the chest.
    C.In large studies more women than men did not have chest pain or discomfort with their heart attack.
    D.All symptoms occur in all cases; they are just not always recognized.

  33. andresumoza says:

    I only drink occasionally but every time I drink (3 or 4 low alcohol drinks) I worry extremely about the consequences alcohol has in my body. I feel extreme fear (palpitations, feeling like I am going to suffer a heart attack or stroke) extreme guiltiness and images of ambulances and doctors in my mind.
    I am trying to find the root of it, but is that considered dipsophobia?

  34. Ev dog says:

    I have a really bad General anxiety disorder and panic attacks. I want to get over it so bad, Ive been on meds but they make me feel funny. I constantly worry 24/7 about having a stroke or heart attack or brain tummor ect…. I have horrible headaches feel really dizzy and all the other symptoms. Has anyone ever been like this and gotten over it with out meds? If so how?

  35. Agent 47 says:

    I’m writing an essay which is compare and contrast between heart attack and stroke and I’m only looking for differences(contrast).. Any suggestions!

  36. nick s says:

    I experience panic attack attacks about five years ago, and undergone psychiatric treatment for about two years. I thought that I`m already cured, but lately I am feeling the symptoms again. I imagine having heart attack or stroke and I`m feeling the real symptoms. What causes such feelings? I believe exercise has helped me got well before, but now, at one time, I got panic attack while jogging and has to run to the clinic.

  37. Harry says:

    If someone were to die and their heart is transplanted to somebody. Then that person dies and they transplant the heart again. Is that possible? Or eventually the heart will deteriorate and die on its own despite blood supply and well care?

  38. soccermaster1 says:

    If a coronary artery is clogged, then it leads to heart attack.
    If an artery in the brain is clogged, then it leads to a stroke.

    But how about in any other places other than these two? Is there any way we can find out whether there are any arteries in our bodies which are clogged up by fats? Any medical check ups etc?

  39. Xedo says:

    My dad who has been a diabetic for the past 25 or more years and is aged 65 suffered a massive heart attack recently. Angiogram revelaed 100% block in one of the main arteries and also 4 other blocks in other blood vessels ranging from 99-85% blockage. Bypass surgery is recommended. He does not have any other symptoms of breathlessness, pain etc.. Because he is a diabetic I am concerned about his healing process and recovery post surgery.. Any info is appreciated.

  40. Sir fliesalot says:

    There is treatment for stroke with blood clot dissolving medications such as TPA. Why do stroke victims not show up on time for this medication. Less than 2% recieve it in the USA. Unlike a heart attack one runs in to the ER because of the chest pain. What can one do so more potential stroke victims call 911 early?

  41. Kristian says:

    Okay, so my mom is 37 and she has high blood pressure. Her upper arm hurts and I don’t know if it is something serious or not. I an wondering if its symptoms of a heart attack or a stroke. Please help!
    This has been going on for a while. But the pain isn’t constant one day it hurts and the other it doesn’t. I am really confused…!

  42. Thomas A says:

    Left side, starts in my fingertips, then goes up in to my arm and chest. My chest gets a tickling sensation in it as well. It’s not a heart attack or stroke or anything, it’s just sort of bothersome and I was wondering what you guys thought, if it was a symptom of something neurological or just a tick from typing too much.Any feedback is much appreciated!

  43. Only Business says:

    Is there anything to show or feel you are going to have an heart attack/stroke

  44. brincks26 says:

    What are the symptoms of a stroke or a heart attack. My neighbor might have had one of these things.

  45. Jack Bauer says:

    My mother is on blood pressure medication and potassium. She has become very shaky and her voice is very very jittery… Is this a symptom of a stroke or heart attack?

  46. Orbit says:

    Also if you know, what are the symptoms that differ a stroke from a heart attack? Thanks.

  47. PIE BOY says:

    My mom had a stroke back in like, 2011 or so, aswell as a heart attack (possibly 2)

    Now my mom does smoke alot, shes obese and eats alot of junk food, takes alot of meds and refuses to help herself get better

    Her doctor is starting to use the terms ‘now when you have this next stroke’

    He no longer is going to try and help her avoid this upcoming stroke due to her refusing help of any type,
    Being that, i want to know what to look for before the stroke is going to happen
    What are the before symptoms, of actual symptoms?

    Shes told me shes been really tired lately, more than usual, feeling meh, aswell as shes not looking too great, her eyes are appearing droopy and shes seeming lazy,
    Could the stroke happen within the next few months you think?
    Me and my father are already ready for when its going to happen, the fact of the matter is this next stroke/heart attack will probably kill her.
    I forgot to mention that she lives in an assisted living home just up the block from my dad and i, she had to move out due to the fact since her first stroke, things at home were getting significantly worse, physical harm, lots of yelling and fighting, her memory, her sleeping, falling asleep with lit cigarettes in her hand, walking out of the house with the stove and oven left on. It was a healthier choice for me and my dad, aswell as my cat, (lol)

    Im not asking for the symptoms of a stroke when its happening, i already know what they are, such as the numbness, the left side drooping etc, im asking if theres any pre-symptoms, such as the stuff i had described,
    Shes also diabetic,

  48. Jason says:

    I have been to two doctors that both checked me out pretty good and said that I had Post Tramatic Stress.I am a worrier and wondering how do you know for sure that what you are feeling is real or imagined?Its scarey to think that you could be having a heart attack or stroke and just mark it off as anxiety?Anyone have any clue how to know for sure about health worries?

  49. musicistabest says:

    What condition results from an obstruction that totally blocks the flow of blood in a coronary artery?

    A. Headache
    B. Heart attack
    C. Stroke
    D. Blindness

  50. borabora5524 says:

    Is it wrong of me to wish she would have a major stroke or heart attack so she doesn’t have to go through this any more? she used to be such a kind gentle woman
    its not a joke, people
    majnun. she was on aricept but it just seemed to make her worse, so I stopped giving it to her against doctor’s orders.

  51. Stevalicious says:

    What tests are done to rule out heart disese?

    Whats the difference between heart disese and heart disorders?

  52. Andre says:

    arm, neck, back, and chest pain?

  53. BRUTE says:

    He refused all kind of help including taking him to the hospital so here’s what happened:
    Last time me and my husband had a serious talk. Our marriage was arranged so I told him that I don’t love him and I asked for divorce, he loves me very much and was clearly affected with my words. Later at night he was maoning and complaining of chest pain all the way to the back of his left shoulder then he made weird snoring noise and knocked his head on the wall while his body was shaking…finally he made more weird snoring noises then he dragged his self to the door went to drink water and came back. He didn’t feel his body at that time so he couldnt recall if any of that actually happened. Is that a heart attack or signs of stroke? It happened again today only he asked me to step on his back and when i did he was back to normal.

  54. Sonny says:

    My mom (43) has been saying her left hand/arm was numb, and so far its been about 30 minutes since it started and is still going on…
    Is this a sign of a heart attack or stroke?
    Oh and she also has been feeling really stressed with the blood presure of 130
    Please help me figure it out ):

  55. Melanie says:

    since congestive heart failure meant that the heart is not pumping out enough blood to supply the body.

    Doesn’t every heart failure result in congestive heart failure (CHF)?

    Is CHF a symptom or a consequence or an equal to heart failure?

  56. SKATEskum says:

    Is it curable?

  57. Xbox Gamer says:

    also what are gthe types of cvds


    My father within the last few weeks has had flu-like symptoms (even took two days off work..which he NEVER does) and has had shooting pain through his right shoulder down his arm. I was wondering if this could be a precursor to a heart attack. He has been to 2 different doctors within the past few weeks and his surgeon is ‘almost’ sure its not heart-related but it the same breath ordered a stress test???

  59. kevindiking67verizonnet says:

    what are both symptoms


  60. Jonathan says:

    Give me details about world Heart day

  61. sarah w says:

    well first off i ate something that didnt settle well so i tried to throw it up by sticking a toothbrush down my throat no im not belimic i weeight 155 i am 15 and 5ft7in. when i stuck the toothbush to my uvula something triggerd in my throat to when i would swallow my heart would tighten and i began to hyperventilate and it would get tighter if i slowed my breathing my entire body began to shake and the only when i coverd my heart with my hand it would ease the pain. everytime i swallowed it wuld get worse and eventually i called 911 once in the ambulance it eventually went away but still when i swallow my heart will tighten not as bad though i would also like to add that my arm had gone numb for the rest of the night
    also i would like to add there was no muscle faliure and the numbness is gone now which a stroke wuld leave my whole left side with non working muscle

  62. Le Pwner says:

    If you lay against someone heart against heart will your heart start to beat the same as the other person? My son is 1 almost 2 and sometimes I have him laying on my chest and I start to freak thinking he might die laying on my chest too long, cuz his heart will start to beat with mine. So will this happen or is it a myth? Thanks!
    I know thi sounds stupid. But I heard tht if your heart hears another beat it will start to followthat beat. That’s why I saidI’m affraid of him dying b/c his heart will follow mine. I wasn’t sure if his was a myth or not.

  63. encyclopath says:

    I have twice in the last two weeks had severe arm and shoulder pain. Shooting down from my shoulder into my arm almost paralyzing. Once when I was sitting on the couch watching TV. The other was last night it woke me out of a deep sleep; the pain was so serve that I woke up my husband. I thought he was going to take me to ER, but after 15 min the pain went away. There is a small burning pain in my chest. But, most of the pain is my arm and shoulder it hurts so bad I almost think I am having a stroke or something. Please give me your opinion. I am 44 years old.

  64. Rishi says:

    hi im 15 years male and i have been experiencing lots of dull chest pains, particularly on the left side of my chest recently, the pain feels very heavy and dull, like an elephant is stepping on it…i also have been doing more exercises recently, like basketball, push ups and pull ups. the chest pain could be caused by a muscles strain but this time, the pain is different from when i last had pains in my chest due to muscle strain…the last time, it was a sharp pain but now its dull…is it muscle strain or some other impeding medical condition like heart attack or aorta aneurysm or stroke??? pleasehelp…thank you very much

  65. Agent 47 says:

    I recently have had a numbness in my hand so I went to the doctor and learned I have high blood pressure. I’m 16, 5’1 ish and 233 pounds. Today the numbness was really bad, it hurt and it was just a weird sensation. I couldn’t hold a pencil earlier and was in pain whenever I tried to write. I was also very nauseas and had a blurred vision problem earlier. I’m I having signs of a heart attack or stroke?

  66. Bryant B says:

    Our 2-yr-old PEW suddenly became very lethargic & lost interest in eating. His eyes had a lot of porphorin but he didn’t seem to be having a myco flare-up although his breathing was occasionally a bit labored. His eyes seemed a bit glazed, that’s the only way I can explain it. I was able to coax him to eat a little & we’d planned on taking him to the vet but he went downhill very quickly & we lost him this afternoon.
    He seemed fine right before he got sick. Could this have been a stroke or possibly a heart attack? Are there any subtle warning signs we should/could have been aware of? His brother is obviously depressed & we’re giving him extra attention. Thanks for any insight/advice.

  67. Coffee t says:

    heart rate dropping during exercise
    I was exercising as usual, half an hour on the elliptical, and as I increased my speed my heart rate began to decrease instead of increase (as it usually does and should). since then I have also been experiencing vibrations in my chest.
    any idea what this could mean?

  68. TommyKay says:

    Which is more painful?: Kidney Stone, Heart Attack, Stroke, or Giving Birth?
    In order from 1 being the most to 4 being the least painful

  69. Scott W says:

    Do you go with your heart or go with your head?

  70. Ray D says:

    How do I make heart shapes on laptops, not the <3 ones the black filled in ones? I've tried alt + 3 with/without numlock, it doesn't work and don't say try every key because I don't have a high amount of patience.

    Charlotte x
    1. I don't have a right side 3 I'm using a laptop not a normal computer it has all the numbers along the top only.
    2. I'm using Vista it doesn't have character map anywhere!

  71. white man says:

    For several years sometimes I will get this pain that runs threw my left hand and lower arm…mostly the hand and the pain hurts so bad that I have to hold it…I’m young but I heard age has nothing to do with you have a clue?

  72. Cpt Excelsior says:

    Has anyone ever experienced this. when you got your heart broken in metaphorical terms, but it feel like your heart actually is aching … i just want to cut open my chest and take out my heart sometimes, because i feel like my heart is aching.

  73. Derek says:

    I’m 20.
    Just got back from the ER, thinking i had heart attack/stroke symptoms.
    They did Blood,urine,x-ray and an EKG.
    everything came out normal, i been obsessed with this issue, that i might have a stroke or a heart attack.
    is an EKG, a reliable test to rule out a stroke or heart attack?

  74. Rishi says:

    First off, I’m female, 42 yrs old , good health, good weight.
    I was recently dx with high blood pressure, I have always had excellent pressure.
    I went in for a check up and that’s how it was found. I was told to monitor it
    And see how it goes. About a week later I was just sittingthere watching tv when all of a sudden
    I had this very. Heavy feeling in my chest, I was short of breath , the heavy feeling along with dull
    Ache went down my left arm. I took my Bp it was high 175/108. I took the bP med dr perscribed
    (I know i should have been taking it all week but I was being stubborn and thought
    That my Bp was probably just stress and didn’t take it, I know stupid) I started feeling better in about
    15 but still felt a little out of sorts.
    I called my dr the next day. They did an EKG, normal but with “artifacts” and a stress test with
    Injection, normal. My dr pretty much just said just keeP taking Bp med a d that was
    The end of it. It was acually the nurse practitioner as my dr is never available. I am
    Also new to thr area only been here 6 months. I’m not thrilled with the
    ” jus take the Bp med a d go on your way attitude” I did schedule an
    Apt with a cardiologist for feb 4 th just to be sure my dr did t
    Iss anything. What do you think that episode was? Angina? Silent heart attack?
    **the EKG reports says “Borderline R wave progression”**

  75. Franklin Bluth says:

    If a heart murmur is innocent.Can that change?

  76. Rishabh Bajpai says:

    I have the following symtpoms after a heart attack and stent was put in. Shortness of breath, heart feels like a heavy heart, increased heart rate, and difficulty breathing.

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