Nausea And Heart Disease

Or even saw all those prescription adverts promoting a person medication and other and actually noticed the healthcare disclaimers like “WARNING: Almost never, medicines might cause really serious (hardly ever critical) stomachFor eachdigestive tract blood loss. Also, prescription drugs and linked prescription drugs have almost never brought on blood clots to make, contributing to perhaps critical heart attacks and cerebrovascular events. Chance might be more significant in case you have coronary disease or higher chance for heart disease (by way of example, as a result of tobacco, genealogy and family history of coronary disease, or disorders including blood pressure levels or all forms of diabetes), or with longer use. This medicine must not be consumed proper after or before cardiovascular system get around surgical procedures. Possibly any one of these uncommon but extremely serious side effects, stop taking this remedies and find instant medical help. ” Or call a medical expert at a time should you have a life threatening side-effects like: •confusion, adhd, turmoil, out and out aggression, hallucinations •feeling as you may well distribute •urinating below normal or generally not very •chest pain, fast beating heartbeats or fluttering with your chest area •uncontrolled muscle mass motions, tremor, seizure (convulsions) •jaundice (tinting on the epidermis or sight) or •death. A lesser amount of serious adverse reactions may include: •drowsiness, vertigo, emotion worn out or irritable •blurred eye-sight, pain, recollection challenges, trouble concentrating •sleep complications (sleeplessness) •swelling with you or ft . •muscle listlessness, insufficient sense of balance or dexterity, slurred language •upset abdomen, a sick stomach, vomiting, irregular bowel movements, associated with •increased sweat, dry mouth, rigid nose or •appetite or fat modifications, lack of sex drive. It’s currently a well-known indisputable fact that prescription medication, when bought out a long time, might cause elimination and lean meats injury – specially when combined with other solutions. Additionally it is a identified incontrovertible fact that similar pharmaceutical drugs aim to discredit any alternate SAFER treatments which might reduce their sales. Does anybody else think that these pharmaceutic businesses want to make us sicker in place of alleviating us? Baa Baa, That’s not me hiting the pharmaceutical companies for your medication one NEEDS adhering to surgical treatments or, in your case, for hard working liver hair treatment treatments. My business is whacking them simply because invest so much funds on their governmental insurance supporters who can do anything inside their power to discredit proper healthy eating plan in favor of their items which without doubt cause more damage than good. There’s a new e book out by Bill Goldacre, a British medical doctor, known as In .Poor Pharma: How Medication Organizations Trick Medical practitioners and Cause harm to PeopleInch In this book, he points how prescription companies are continually mistaken medical doctors and patients the same resulting from deceitful techniques exactly where they play all sorts of game titles while using studies of their total arbitration to make it look wonderful irrespective of how this task preforms. Doctor prescribed treatments really have their location even so a lot of the health issues being treated can be treated much better rich in qualit HOWCOME, you might be also proper, generally because most medicines don’t mend issues as many medicines are not shipped to recover. I will say, having said that, that some drug treatments, for example penicillin, are earth shattering for problem to make sure they disappear altogether and not give back. My difficulty with drugs made to keep person to them for lifetime (or extended periods of time, wherever loads of hurt is conducted to the human body. Soon after researching, I figured out — After which use a recollect upon them claiming settlement if you or someone you care about took it. Yes lol, feels like huge pharmaceutical firms have the majority of people consider that you’ve a pill for almost everything. I do think foodstuff, flowers as well as a small selection of pills are the sole drugs we end up needing. I believe several tablets since I’m unacquainted with ingredients which will obstruct receptors in this mind (which is not a good thing unless necessary). In addition to that, foodstuff and plants can more efficiently deal with anything at all completely wrong along with you.

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  1. Sunna272 says:

    They are basically greedy, evil, drug peddlers. Posers who profit from illness and it would be self defeating for them to actually provide any real treatment.

  2. Florida Baghwan says:

    I not really know of 1 substance that heals something. They only manage symptoms but in the meantime they result in all those signs you listed.

  3. Andy784 says:

    They’re peddling “treatments”. Problem is they cause more problems than they might possibly solve. Most people would be better off if they just took nothing.
    Millions of people are hospitalized due to adverse effects of properly prescribed drugs. Almost 800,000 deaths are reported each year in the U. S. alone, and that figure is estimated to only be about 10 per cent of the real figure.
    Drugs are actually the leading cause of mortality in the U. S. — more than cancer, car accidents etc.

  4. Grace Terrence says:

    You obviously don’t know much about chemistry.

    Try drinking a gallon of water inside of half an hour. You will experience the following:

    Abnormal mental status


    Decreased consciousness


    Possible coma





    Loss of appetite

    Muscle spasms or cramps

    Muscle weakness





    Yes, water can kill you.

    They cure things everyday – and I’m guessing you would have died long ago if not for antibiotics.

  5. blackberrydebonair says:


  6. polepretty says:

    I understand I am overreacting but you will find heart disease within my family plus some have led to cardiomyopathy. I am just wondering the way you know when you are getting cardiac arrest. Just when was the best time for you to call 999?

    I’ve quite bad bronchial asthma

    Incidentally, I am not getting chest pains now.

  7. offbeatselective says:

    like images basically cover the left eye during the time of the blurred vision. It survived in the two cases a couple of minutes. Were built with a couple of head aches lately and a sense of nausea. I’ve experienced from high bloodstream pressure for several years and am on daily treatment that has been working fine. We’ve good reputation for cardiovascular disease in the household which my dad died of, and my sister has. I’m 53 and train more often than not, so am in a significant demanding job. Please let me know if I have to consult my GP.

  8. slimgarybell says:

    Yesterday, while jogging I acquired a gentle chest discomfort (Which honestly felt a lot more like gas). Next, the anxiety required a existence of their own. I’m only 17, so any heart disease aren’t likely, my loved ones doesn’t have past cardiovascular disease either. I’ve not one other signs and symptoms, no lightheadedness, lightheartedness or nausea. Now I’ve came back towards the condition to be very introverted, attempting to notice any signs and symptoms or alterations in my chest. Exactly what do?

  9. Keegan says:

    Can gastroenteritis cause cardiovascular disease? Chest pains? I’ve had this “stomach virus” 3 occasions inside a month approximately. My signs and symptoms are severe upper abdominal discomfort and cramps, extreme nausea (to the stage which i can’t be also around food), chills, and horrible diarrhea (6+ occasions each day). No vomiting has happened. Also together with it I’ve been getting chest discomfort and pressure and lightheadedness.

    Here’s some health background: I’ve a mystery bloodstream clots disorder that has triggered reoccurring Lung Embolisms (I’m on anticoagulants for existence), moderate anxiety/Obsessive-compulsive disorder/panic attacks (has become worse since i have was dx with first PE in ’09), I’m presently underneath the proper care of a cardiologist, pulmonologist, hematologist, gastroenterologist, PCP, along with a behavior modification counselor.

    Medicines: Xarelto and Xanax

    Any input could be great. Thanks.

  10. Hannah says:

    .I’m wondering so what can happen basically do not get this treated? I have been with them for any very long time. It runs within my family.

    My the weather is which i never put on weight, I eat constantly, me beats faster when I am seated. I am also underweight.

    Exist anybody available which has this treated and have this? So what can I actually do to have it treated?

    Also what exactly is it?

    Thanks for the solutions.

  11. Sriram R says:

    I’d rather not see boring or preachy.

    I want an enjoyable and interactive method to train them these items within ten minutes.


  12. Con Orpe says:

    Im a hyperchondiac/anxiety sufferer and have been receiving chest pains for days, the doctors have took in to me on 3 occasions and stated it’s fine and i am healthy but for whatever reason i’ve doubts when i would not be getting these chest pains under no circumstances would i?? I am also gettin heart palpitations.

    Do you know the likelihood of getting cardiovascular disease inside my age or cardiac arrest?

    - bloodstream pressure is okay

    - not overweight

    - don’ exercise

  13. thinkthought says:

    can someone let me know exactly what the signs and signs and symptoms of cardiac arrest for any lady that’s 35 to 36 years of age, known diabetic and it has an enlarged heart?

  14. The Beatles says:

    Aside from the elevated chance of cardiovascular disease. Like I do not worry about that. I am already conscious that smoking’s unhealthy. I am talking about damn, cancer of the lung, and cardiovascular disease aren’t too not even close to one another in severity. So even when I am this is not on the pill while smoking, i’ll get another disease from this. ‘. Anywayy, I am speaking like does it reduce the effectiveness? I totally happen to be searching on the internet all day long, and many sites refuse, just provides a greater chance of cardiovascular disease. But a few sites stated yes, it will decrease effectiveness. Sooo, any ideas?

    I am asking about whether it effects how it operates. Like whether it enables you to more prone to conceive. Browse the question particulars before you decide to answer, please. (fond of the woman who clarified first)

  15. Kaylla says:

    Since I switched 40 I’ve observed basically get one drink or two I’ve no issues. After I binge in a party I recieve home and go to sleep i quickly awaken with extremely fast palpitations which is frightening. I fight to catch my breath which cause more stress. I’ve had a heart moniter, ekg, and everything looked great. I’m very sports making this puzzling me.

    I understand they figured it had been a little of stress or anxiety however i have observed others are afflicted by this. How come the alcohol do this in my experience?

    - i even try going for a gravol which does not assist me to sleep

    I do not have high bloodstream pressure basically drink it’s lower bloodstream pressure

  16. Gage says:

    Site certain illnesses and results of as being a coffeeholic… Indicate good effects if any…

  17. Con Orpe says:

    I am 15, along with a girl-acidity reflux runs within my family, my grandmother had surgery on her behalf stomach to repair it and my moms exists although not everything bad and it is healed with tums. I have been going through problems since seventh grade and in the beginning it had been rare it grew to become a normal factor, I transformed my diet and prevented the acidic meals, and attempted every over-the-counter factor they’d available on the market, but gradually everything eliminate. I had been placed on 20mg of acidity reflux medicine it begins with “panta” I’m not sure the title off by heart, anyways it assisted however i could still have the burning within my throat and also the stomach discomfort and cramps, I told my physician all this now I take 40mg a evening also it appeared to become working however it isn’t, I required my meds last evening and ate later on that we normally avoid also it only agreed to be Mac and cheese which never upsets my acidity reflux it’s often things that contains tomato plants or something like that with a lot of salt, however i awoke by using it bad! I required maylox which often helps a great deal also it didn’t do anything, I had been nauseous all day long and merely felt like I would be sick. I am visiting a gastro physician in a few days but I am really nervous, the doctors know I have experience feeling full fast, appetite loss-due to which I have lost ten pounds inside a month approximately, nausea, stomach discomfort/cramps, i had been within the ER for gall bladder problems plus they required bloodstream and my bloodstream count is totally normal an same with my pancreas and liver, the ultrasound demonstrated nothing either-plus they stated they’ll probably perform an endoscopy, I acquired some solutions to some question before and individuals stated maybe Acid reflux? What are the differences between these? How’s the therapy different for that each of them? Thanks!

  18. Mark M says:

    Like in route lower, can you’ve got a cardiac arrest? What goes on for your body?

  19. Rassling Fundamentals says:

    Can being stressed lead you to have cardiac arrest and/or perhaps a stroke?

    alsoo, what else will it result in?

  20. Ray D says:

    I have been constantly fatigued, suffering “stress attacks”, constant chest rigidity and heaviness, sore muscles everywhere, occassional heart heart palpitations (missing a beat), exhaustion, muscle twitches/spasms after i try to go to sleep, weakness, along with a “lump” within my throat. I’ve had exceptional levels of stress beyond average levels previously six several weeks, so I’m not sure if that is it. My doctor’s and psychiatrist have labeled it a combo of General Anxiety and Publish Distressing Stress Disorder, but I’m not sure basically believe them. Cardiovascular disease is extremely prevalent within my family, even though I am very youthful, I’ve already had two children very close together (11 several weeks apart) and I’m not sure in the event that put extra stress on meOrphysique, plust publish-pregnancy pounds total 100 over my recommended weight. exactly what do all of you think? these physical pains are earning me insane! interesting input.

  21. Joe M says:

    She takes digoxin, Bisoprolol and asprin. The doctors just let me know she is equally as to expect with this particular condition, however they don’t let me know what to expect. I’m with every single day, she’s always shivering, even when it’s warm, she’s red-colored round her eyes and permanently feels lousy. Could this be unwanted effects in the pills ? She’s also diabetic type ll and it is hypertensive and it is on medication of these too- Among the finest to create her as comfortable as you possibly can in her own twilight years. I believe the doctors feel I’m being over careful. She’s 83 years of age. I’d appreciate top tips.

  22. nothin_nyce1 says:

    It’s above my left breast and it has only come and gone. I have been SUPER consumed with stress and am also grieving a dying. I worry though because cardiovascular disease runs through my loved ones. I’m 30 and in good condition although The truth is that I actually do smoke. My primary thought is it is simply stress but have you got whats your opinion this may be? Serious solutions ONLY please and thanks!

  23. Duke says:

    I’ve been getting burning stabbing discomfort under my right rib cage. I’ve had severely heartburn. Constant nausea worsened when you eat. My bowel habits have transformed. What could this be?

  24. kerrin marz says:

    It’s not connected with any specific food, or eating or otherwise eating. I’ll be feeling fine, then all of the sudden the nausea begins within my abdomen.

  25. altair says:

    I believe only a fool or someone really desperate would take individuals b.s. drugs. There are heard, the drug information mill causing you to sicker!!!! So if you notice something which states, it’ll cure your bronchial asthma, (inside a low voice: but you’re going to get nausea, cardiac arrest, stomache, vomit, kill your liver) why within the hell would for you to do that to yourself? Cure” one factor and obtain 10 other illnesses? NO THANKS!

  26. callofduty5123412 says:

    My mother visited me today and she or he known as 0to let me know she managed to get home okay but that my step father isn’t acting right. He’s nauseous, worrying of discomfort in chest, left arm, left leg, and the eyes are at random moving back to his mind. Exactly what does this seem prefer to you. He’s about 6 foot tall and weighs in at about 270. No good reputation for cardiovascular disease, but his mother died of complications from Liver Disease and the sister and niece have lupus.

  27. Dr Hank says:

    After likely to hospital numerous occasions because of kidney failure, heart disease and inflamed stomachs. Doctors have stated that my Nan has Amyloidosis. I have become a little upset as from things i read she might not have lengthy to reside.

    What also worries me from reading through on the web is that it may be genetic, and that i fear it might be passed onto me.

  28. Nick says:

    I know this sounds ridiculous. i’m 16 years old, and i think i have high blood pressure. only because whenever i just even do the smallest activity like walking up the stairs, i kinda lose my breath. and then when i run i feel like my heart’s going to explode and i can’t breathe. i’ve ran cross country and track for two years already too.. do i have high blood pressure? if so, what can i do?

  29. Taylor G says:

    I was on the nuvaring for about 3 days, by the third day I was having horrible cramps, body aches, fatigue, nausea, spotting and my stomach had swollen up like I had swallowed a basketball! I live been off it for just over a day and everything except for the swollen stomach, frequent, painful urination and nausea has subsided. Is this normal?

  30. Dana G says:

    I have a history of heart disease.. an irregular heartbeat (AFIB) and angina after a heart surgery in 2005.
    Ppl have suggested migraine and/or dehydration. I have no headache and drink a lot of water daily. Put in a call to my cardiologist and have been awaiting a response.

  31. skychi99 says:

    I am 36 years old and for the last 5 days I have experienced a fluttering feeling in my chest. I’m not having chest pains but the fluttering occurs every few minutes and I get very lightheaded when it happens. What does this mean, is it something that could be wrong with my heart. I’m not on any medication that would cause this.

  32. Eric says:

    I had a stress test and passed in November, my BP when checked on Aug. 16 was 164/90. My doctor recommended either 1 hour exercise of walking or equivalent 5 days per week, or go on meds. I chose the exercise, and I found that I get dizzy after about 1/2 hour, and when mowing grass behind a push mower, I get dizzy and started to get nausea. These things went away after I rested. Can high blood pressure alone cause this or is there other factors?

  33. have faith says:

    I’ve done my fair share of internet research, and I’ve noticed that it is supposedly true, but this question is kind of based off emetophobia{fear of throwing up} and being a hypochondriac. I’ve always been DEATHLY afraid of throwing up, or seeing hearing, {ect} others do it. I will have a panic attack and refuse to leave my room and not eat anything. If someone else does it, I have all the symptoms of an anxiety attack{increased breathing, nausea, increased heart rate, blah blah blah}. I haven’t gotten anything like that since I was in second grade, but I always worry about it. This school year, lots of people got it in the winter, and I lost weight from not eating much due to the fear of throwing up. Well this points back to last weekend when I went to visit my cousins. Two weeks earlier, they all got sick with the stomach thing. This was started from a restaurant. Today, my mom didn’t feel like cooking anything, so she went out and got some fastfood. Immediately as I started eating my burger, I remember the whole restaurant ordeal with my cousins. I had to choke down the burger{i’m not a fan of wasting food, and my mom will throw a pissfit over it}. Ever since I had the burger, I’m constantly thinking about it being contaminated, and that I might fall ill. Is this due to being an emetophobic, worrying too much or both?

    Honestly, I am also a germaphobe when it comes to anything, the stomach thing being the worst. But honestly because my emetophobia is that bad, I never touch my face with my hands, and wash and sanitize a lot. I don’t feel comfortable until I’ve washed my hands more than a minute. During this past school year, I sanitized in each class period twice, and used my collar on my shirt to scratch an itch on my face or whatever. It’s THAT BAD.

    And now about the hypochondriac thing… if I read about, see, or hear somebody talk about an illness that is more extreme than a cold or sore throat{excluding STDs, HIV} I automatically think I’m going to get it, and usually experience some or all the symptoms of that disease. This especially happens when people talk about outbreaks of the stomach crap.

    It’s been a few hours since I ate, and I already have a stomachache from thinking about it. Any way of relieving it, and to stop worrying about it?

  34. Keaton says:

    What are the symptoms of a heart attack in females?

  35. Gamer959 says:

    How should you feel when you have heart disease what are the signs can a doctor confuse it with same symptoms as a panic attack ?? The reason I am asking i’ve been to the ER probably 3 times in 2 months im 24 years old and have done 3 EKG and blood test it was showing normal but the shortness of breath and chest pains palpitations worry me because they dont seam to go away i cant afford to go to a cardiologist no insurance any suggestions !!

  36. Gabriel Kenney says:

    My daughter had one incident as a child of a severe allergic reaction to whole wheat. Now, about 15 years later, she is having nausea, dizziness, and heart racing after eating. She is seeing a specialist – all her blood work was normal, and he has ruled out an ulcer. Took biopies and are awaiting results. She feels miserable all the time and we really need answers.

  37. Erfan says:

    Please also mention, which part of the body each disease affects and what it causes.

  38. MAK & CHEESE says:

    I’m fit male in my 30′s, maybe 15 pounds over my ideal weight of 215 for a 6ft strong male. when I eat buttered popcorn, my heart beats a little different. why?

  39. nathan says:

    My left arm just turned sore and I was wondering if it was because I have been playing a lot of tennis the past two days (I play with my right hand and my right hand is a lot bigger than my left). I’m wondering if it has anything to do with my heart.

  40. The Villain says:

    Obviously the heart is on the left, but i seem to remember the pain is on the right. Is that right?

  41. Larry R says:

    My girlfriend in Idaho (I’m in Ohio) is 14 years old, and is on seven medications. Seven. She has ADHD, depression, is bipolar, an irregular heartbeat, and self harms.

    These are the medications, along with warnings that apply to her and side effects that she has shown:
    Wellbutrin (antidepressant)-
    Shouldn’t be taken if patient has/had an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia
    Side effects that she has shown: confusion, trouble concentrating, hallucinations, unusual thoughts/behavior, nausea, stomach pain, changes in appetite, weight loss or gain

    Lamictal (bipolar/anti-seizure)-
    Shouldn’t be taken if patient has/had a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or actions
    Side effects that she has shown: pain, upper stomach pain, loss of appetite, chest pain, irregular heartbeat, feeling short of breath, confusion, nausea, vomiting, trouble concentrating, worsened bipolar conditions, change in menstrual periods

    Atenolol (angina/chest pain, high blood pressure)-
    Shouldn’t be taken if patient has/had depression, a heart problem
    Side effects that she has shown: Irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath, nausea, stomach pain, loss of appetite, depression, anxiety/nervousness

    Vyvanse (ADHD/Stimulant)-
    Shouldn’t be taken if patient has/had a congenital heart defect, heart rhythm disorder, or a personal/family history of mental illness, psychotic disorder, bipolar illness, depression, or suicide attempts.
    Side effects that she has shown: Irregular heartbeat, hallucinations, unusual behavior, anxiety, confusion, chest pain, shortness of breath, loss of appetite, weight loss, vomiting, stomach pain

    Mirtazapine (antidepressant)-
    Shouldn’t be taken if patient has/had bipolar disorder, heart disease and/or angina, suicidal thoughts
    Side effects that she has shown: Agitation, hallucinations, fast heart rate, nausea, vomiting, loss of coordination, confusion, uneven heartbeats, feeling like passing out, body aches, trouble concentrating, weakness, increased appetite

    Erythromycin (antibiotic/anti-allergy)-
    Shouldn’t be taken if patient has/had a heart rhythm disorder
    Side effects that she has shown: fast heartbeats, vomiting, nausea, upper stomach pain, loss of appetite

    Promethazine (For not vomiting)-
    No warnings appear to apply
    Side effects that she has shown: drooling, feeling restless/jittery/agitated, confusion, fast heartbeats, rapid breathing, feeling like passing out, hallucinations, vomiting, unusual thoughts or behavior, slow heart rate, slow/no breathing, anxiety

    I’m likely going to get flak as she’s 14, but again, she’s on seven medications at 14. She’s on two antidepressants, each of which are risky for adolescents. Her parents don’t give her a choice in whether or not she takes them, although clearly, they do more harm than good. She has been more suicidal, seen more hallucinations, self harmed more, had more heart episodes, etc. I don’t want her moved into a foster home, but I don’t want her to be harmed by all of these medications. What can I, a 15 year old in Ohio do?
    Each of her doctors know what medications she is on, and her school nurse/doctor knows as well. Nothing comes of it.
    She is seeing a psychiatrist, who is also in her parents’ pockets. He’s the reason she is on the majority of these medications. Multiple people I have spoke to confirmed that she is likely to the point where she’s taking medications for the side effects of other medications. She was recently taken off a medication for the hallucinations (that didn’t even work) that caused her to go temporarily blind in her left eye. I’ve considered speaking to her parents directly, and if that gets me nowhere, I’d speak to her parents’ friends. It seems a lot like child abuse/endangerment, but I believe that until she is 18, her parents have the right to give her whatever they want.
    I’m bipolar myself, and am currently seeing a psychiatrist. I’m not on any medications for it, however. I talked to her parents about the issue before, but the only thing they took from me saying anything is that I care about her. They seemed to skip what I’d actually said, and only saw that I was willing to talk to them about her. I know I’m a kid and not an adult, but I the way I see it is that if a medication is causing her to have suicidal thoughts more often than before, then it’s a direct risk to her life.

  42. Phillip123 says:

    I’ve recently been having anxiety and panic problems…it’s been getting worse, and I cant control it. I’m not very stressed its just somthing that spontaneously comes on. I’ve seen my doctor for this and i’ve already taken some tests for other possible diseases. My doctor thinks I could have an overactive thyroid, which is causing me to have anxiety like symtoms…..Somtimes it feels like I might loose control or go crazy….What are some common side affects of anxiety and panic attack and can someone go crazy from the amount of stress and anxiety or any of the symtoms it causes?

  43. Bryan J says:

    Let me start just by saying my family has poor heart health on all sides of the families .
    From what they told me it was mainly cancers high blood pressure,diabetes,and heart disease that has killed a lot of them. So I started to get a tiny bit worried when I started getting some of these symptoms but have been trying to push them aside like they are nothing but they are getting worse and worse. Symptoms: Weakness, Fatigue,dizziness, nausea (vomiting) , shortness of breath, feels like an elephant is sitting on my chest,weird chest discomfort and bad pain, weight gain,swelling of face,pain in and between shoulder blades. My hear beat is really irregular it goes from super slow and then a while later it speeds up dramatically, so much you can see it pounding and it also will like like little twitches. I can’t even walk up stairs anymore without losing my breath. I am also under high levels of stress.I have anxiety but this does not feel the same at ALL. I also have high blood pressure. I did smoke for a small period of time. I have been hoping this would blow over but I don’t think it will should I see a doctor and what could be my problem?
    Sorry, the only reason I am asking is because I do not have insurance and I am kinda broke as heck because of college. I don’t want to die if this could possibly be something bad.

  44. uberfailz says:

    my sis has addisons disease and i’d like to know how to tell the difference between her disease and it’s effects and when she’s just being a big old drama queen – - how do I tell? at what age does this disease attack the hardest? how likely is a sudden death from it?

  45. hank baseballs says:

    I’m trying to find out what’s wrong with me. I have all the symptoms of hypoglycemia. I have palpitations (benign/PVC), slight blurred vision sometimes, nausea, short breath, and I feel like I’m going to pass out all the time I feel better when I eat. But my heart is good, my blood levels everything is fine, my diabetic levels are excellent apparently.

  46. henryshensbcglobalnet says:

    I know ginger beer is good for the heart and soul – everybody knows that. Now I need someone to tell me it is a healthy drink too – thanks!

  47. Orbit says:

    I have constant severe back pain that includes nausea and difficulty breathing and this only happens at night when I wake up. Since I have no health insurance I can’t go to the doctor to get this checked out. It’s starting to frustrate me. My latest attack was when I was over at my boyfriend’s house last night. Why is this happening to me? And is there anything to help that doesn’t include going to the doctor.
    It feels like it’s on fire.
    I’m also 20 if that helps.

  48. kiltakblog says:

    Dopamine is the pleasure hormone, but drugs do more than just give pleasure. Cannabis, for increase, relaxes muscles and relieves nausea, while morphine kills pain. Both drugs interact with neurons to release more dopamine, but the two drugs have different properties.

    What else do these drugs do to the body?

  49. nasty1 says:

    Im having this constant pain, sometime light to unbearable pain right below in the middle of my rib cage. it started last 20th of september, been to a doctor, checked and says I’m okay and medicine was given but since then the pain just come & go that I think its not normal. May i know what could be the cause of this pain and will it affect my heart, by the way I am already 40yrs of age. thanks a lot.

  50. Myles says:

    Well, some facts along with answers to these questions? Thanks.

    1. Do heart attacks hurt?
    2. What are some early signs of a heart attack?
    3. What medical conditions can cause heart attacks?
    4.Can stress cause heart attacks?
    5.If you’re sleeping while having a heart attack, and if it IS painful, can you feel it.?
    6.What is happening in your body during a heart attack?

    Thanks again. One of my male teachers passed away a couple nights ago from a heart attack and these questions were bugging me.

  51. Gabriel Kenney says:

    For three months, I have been very burpy and feel like I have to burp. Suddenly the last week, I got very sharp chest pains. I have a little heartburn, but mostly pains in the heart area. Do I have something wrong with my heart or is it acid reflux? My local doctor thinks it is acid reflux, but I want to make sure.

  52. Moore, Ron says:

    Sometimes I feel that my heart stops to beat for a short momment and then starts to beat again with a more pressure with a ‘bump’like sound ,I dont feel pain but discomfort,I have some pains also in my left hand spreading to my shoulder when iIm tired can this be a heart disease sign?
    thanks for all the answers ,your answers were all useful for me .

  53. Stevalicious says:

    Have you ever watched those pharmaceutical commercials promoting one drug or another and actually listened to the medical disclaimers like

    “WARNING: Rarely, this medication can cause serious (very rarely fatal) stomach/intestinal bleeding. Also, this medication and related drugs have rarely caused blood clots to form, resulting in possibly fatal heart attacks and strokes. The risk may be greater if you have heart disease or increased risk for heart disease (for example, due to smoking, family
    history of heart disease, or conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes), or with longer use. This drug should not be taken right before or after heart bypass surgery. If you notice any of these rare but very serious side effects, stop taking this medicine and seek immediate medical attention.”

    Or call your doctor at once if you have a serious side effect such as:
    •confusion, hyperactivity, agitation, hostility, hallucinations;
    •feeling like you might pass out;
    •urinating less than usual or not at all;
    •chest pain, pounding heartbeats or fluttering in your chest;
    •uncontrolled muscle movements, tremor, seizure (convulsions);
    •jaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes); or
    Less serious side effects may include:
    •drowsiness, dizziness, feeling tired or irritable;
    •blurred vision, headache, memory problems, trouble concentrating;
    •sleep problems (insomnia);
    •swelling in your hands or feet;
    •muscle weakness, lack of balance or coordination, slurred speech;
    •upset stomach, nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea;
    •increased sweating, dry mouth, stuffy nose; or
    •appetite or weight changes, loss of interest in sex.

    It is already a known fact that prescription medication, when taken over a long time, can cause kidney and liver damage – especially when combined with other prescriptions. It is also a known fact that these same pharmaceuticals try to discredit any alternate SAFER treatments which may cut into their profits.

    Does anybody else think that these pharmaceutical companies are trying to make us sicker instead of curing us?
    Baa Baa, I am not bashing the pharmaceutical companies for the medication one NEEDS following surgeries or, in your case, for liver transplant surgeries. I am bashing them because they spend so much money on their political lobbyists who will do anything in their power to discredit proper nutrition in favor of their products which inevitably cause more harm than good.

    There is a new book out by Ben Goldacre, a British doctor, called “Bad Pharma: How Drug Companies Mislead Doctors and Harm Patients” In this book, he details how pharmaceutical companies are constantly misleading doctors and patients alike due to unethical practices where they play all sorts of games with the trials of their mediation to make it look great regardless of how it actually preforms.

    Prescription medicines do have their place however many of the health issues being treated can be treated more effectively with high qualit
    HOWCOME, you are also correct, for the most part in that most drugs do not heal things as most drugs are not designed to heal. I will say, however, that some drugs, such as penicillin, are very effective in treating problem so that they go away and not return. My issue is with drugs designed to keep the user on them for life (or long periods of time, where a lot of harm is done to the body.

  54. Alex says:

    Like, for instance, damage done to your heart from cocaine use or damage to the septum of the nose.

  55. Shay H says:

    Or could it be addison’s disease or iron deficiency anemia?

  56. John G says:

    My sister is having these and I wonder if she is not having a heart attack?

  57. johnkaiser 22 says:

    I am writing a story. The main character is a normal human (Not a vampire or anything) who murders because he loves the taste of blood. Unfortunately, I’m trying my best to keep it as realistic as possible. Are there limits to the amount of blood one can consume?

    Also, I understand that there are diseases like hepatitis that you can get by having infected blood in you. I’m only looking for possible ways to die from the blood itself. Does it contain anything that’s poisonous if digested or anything like that? Thanks!

  58. Milk84 says:

    I know some drugs used to treat type 2 DM may have some bad side effects like heart failure and are not too safe, but besides side effects which ones are the most effective?
    I’m looking for just oral drugs

  59. Andrew S says:

    Is the reason some people take Christian dogma more seriously than others because they take this threat of hell more seriously; to take Christian dogma seriously is to take hell seriously? To believe in hell, you need to be gullible, right? To take it seriously, you need to be scared, right? So people who take hell seriously are scared and gullible, aren’t they? Scared and gullible people make the best sheep in the Christian flock…baa baa!

  60. tefa_96 says:

    Except of cancer.

    I got heart attack symptoms, nausea and pain below the sternum (like a pill or something is stuck there, not heartburn) when I drink for too many days in a row. Everything is fine if I stop drinking. The doctors said it’s not the heart, the liver, the pancreas, the kidneys or the intestines. Maybe it’s the stomach, but the blood tests didn’t show anything.
    Heart attack symptoms = Feeling like you are in shock while you are not scared, with extremely strong heart beats, tachycardia and chest pain, especially in the left side.

  61. llb443 says:

    Last night on Australian tv, they had a segment about changes made to classic nursery rhymes like…. Baa baa black sheep has now been changed to baa baa RAINBOW sheep because it may be considered as racist against black people. They have also changed the name of fairy penguins to LITTLE penguins as they may be offensive towards the gay community!!! They had actors from childrens shows on the program giving their opinion on the changes and they were all astonished by what has happened. Children at that age see a black sheep as a black sheep, not as anything else… so why the sudden changes to particular things that have been around for centuries!!!

  62. John says:

    Or was that your entire family and social network were believers in the Christian delusion and you wanted to be one of the tribe so you simply did what they did and believed what they believed? Baa, baa!

  63. Keegan says:

    I was asked to do a project and there was a frequency sample of the original song [Baa Baa Black Sheep] and we had to record the frequency some students singing it.The problem is, how do I invent a method that can determind if one’s singing is out of tune in general.

    Can anyone help me with this? Help appreciated.

  64. Thomas A says:

    My baby crawls really good . Pulls up to sit or to stand . walks holding on to crib. Only says baa baa daa daa maa maa . Is that normal for a 10 month old?

  65. Denali says:

    people claim that songs sound too similar and are ripping off one another only because it is recycling

    e.g. twinkle, twinkle little star, baa baa black sheep and abc’s share the same tune, yet no one complains about them?

  66. Michael C says:

    i remember growing strawberries, feeding animals, there was songs to it like baa baa blacksheep, and itsy bitsy spider, you had to do stuff with corn too.

  67. louisewoods1984 says:

    I need to know the history of coronary artery disease for a paper I’m writing. I’ve looked on the internet but can’t find anything! Does anyone know what the history is (like who found it, first patient, anything like that)? Or can someone tell me a good site to find this out? Thanks

  68. Spider Pc says:

    Heres my symptoms. Do they match? im 13 and female if it matters.
    Mental: Paranoid all the time, always expecting the worst, nervousness. If something feels wrong I always think of the worse that im sick or something.
    physical: pounding heart, sweating, When I get nervous I feel sick to my stomach and like I have a fever,
    I do go to the bathroom a lot.. I forgot to mention that I have trouble breathing a lot and my parents think I have exercise enduced asthma and I get really sad and depressed sometimes

  69. kewlflame14 says:

    At some point in the last 4-5 years, there was an ad on American television for a sitcom.
    It featured an adult man singing a children’s song (like, baa baa black sheep, or similar) while folding laundry.
    Then, a kid walks through the back of the room, singing Roxanne by the Police.
    I think it was on ABC, CBS, NBC, or the WB.
    1: What sitcom was the ad for?
    2: Is the ad anywhere online, like YouTube?

  70. Willie says:

    Jesus wants sheep. Jesus wants docile farm animals that have been bred specifically for their easily managed personalities and can only follow a leader, never lead. Jesus doesn’t want independent thinkers; independent thinkers cause trouble and upset the herd. Jesus just wants sheep that chew grass all day, grow fat, grow wool and breed like there’s no tomorrow. Who would be proud of this life’s achievement, I ask you; who would be proud of this? Baa baa!

  71. Shay H says:

    The children’s nursery rhyme that goes ‘Baa baa black sheep have you any wool? Yes sir, yes sir three bags full. One for the master and one for the dame and one for the little boy who lives down the lane.’

    Do you find anything racist about that song appart from the fact that the sheep has black wool? Plenty of sheep have black wool and I don’t feel that it is a racist remark at all. My friend told me the other day that instead of singing ‘baa baa black sheep’ kids now have to sing ‘baa baa white sheep.’ I don’t think they should have changed it because I defiantly didn’t notice anything racist going on with that song and kids especially don’t understand what racism is. So am I right or I am missing something here?

  72. Andres C says:

    I have heard this more than enough times now to ask, is it really true that some people believe that singing the song baa baa black sheep is racist…. if so that is pathetic how can the song be at all racist and who came up with that bull sh*t?

    I hate racist people so much they are pathetic! and who ever came up with that must of been an idiot!

  73. Bryant B says:

    I just re-watched this film (after many years and much younger age) and was struck by the music as some of it sounded like original music done in a folk style. While other songs could have been old folk ballads such as the Pub scene where the patrons start singing a melody about “Landlords daughter”.

    Others where old nursery rhymes such as Baa, Baa, Black Sheep

  74. heavenly sword says:

    hi i only found out that the nursery rhyme “baa baa black sheep” is banned? it is not racist, sky news and even the television shows say the word black. its really stupid.
    any thoughts?
    im no racist. i grew up with it aswell. its just the politics side of it. why do politicians like to ruin lives and destroy things like this. like the goliwogs teddys etc

  75. evangldbrg says:

    During the war, we got pissed off at the yanks – over paid, over sexed and over here. As long as folk are the same colour, its ok to hate them. The scottish and the english, the irish and the english, the yanks and the other americans. Thats ok, but as soon as someone gets an all over suntan then we have to put ducktape on our mouths in case we say something racist. We all got called something – specky, fatty, beanpole, stick insect, crater face, all sorts of things that could hurt ur feelings. And what did our mums say … sticks and stones. And we grew up fine, knowing that names will never hurt us so invented some good ones ourselves to throw back.
    I am not suggesting that we all become little racists and start beating each other up, but its getting out of control. Many immigrants to this country are not integrating at all, and demanding that we as a society bow to their culture and views. Remember the nursery song baa baa black sheep? It was banned in my nursery.

  76. Nick says:

    Baa ram ewe. Baa ram ewe. Baa ram ewe. To your fleece, your breed, your clan be true. Sheep be true. Baa ram ewe.

  77. stealspartansbcglobalnet says:

    I’m trying to translate the nursery rhyme Baa Baa Black Sheep in Japanese but I am having a hard time with the last line. (one for the little boy who lives down the lane) please help. ;)


    Mine were Jack & Jill, Humpty Dumpty, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Little Miss Muffet, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Hey Diddle Diddle, Hickory Dickory Dock, 3 Blind Mice, Mary Had a Little Lamb and heaps more.

  79. Yoshi says:

    Please include:
    Baa baa black sheep
    Twinkle twinkle little star
    Incy wincy spider
    Humpty dumpty
    Jack and Jill

  80. whitesoxfan2347 says:

    Do you agree with “Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep”?
    Not being allowed to say “Merry Christmas!” Instad its “Happy Holidays!” heres also various Nursery Rhymes that had to be changed.
    Even considered the Milky Bar Kid to be black!

    Are there any that you think are ridiculous?

  81. colingrillo says:

    With all this worry over political correctness how long do we have until we cannot call things what they are?Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep?

    Obviously it’s horrible to discriminate against anyone for anything. But, while people get arressted for racism is there any law against other kinds of bullying? If you call a fat person fat, will you get charged? NO! Why not? It’s just as bad.

    It won’t be long until we are all clones of each other just going along with what we’re told. No longer will people say what they think for fear of offending someone.

    With the knowledge that we have as a developed country, we’re fools for it

  82. PoohBearPenguin says:

    For me it has to be changing Christmas tree to friendship tree or changing baa baa black sheep to baa baa happy sheep.

    Also I would like to mention that in my school the game hangman was banned by our head teacher because apparently it promoted capital punishment.

  83. David says:

    For my physics work i have to make a song up about momentum. The tune is to baa baa black sheep and needs to be the same length. Any ideas?

  84. Hannah says:

    realize hes lied about everything and breaks even more of what he promised?what will their reaction be?will they cry for his head or go baa baa and follow him to his promised land?

  85. lets roll says:

    Vaughn just started babbling things like ba-ba-ba and blah-blah-blah and baa-baa-baa yesterday. He is 6.5 months old. Wondering when your wee one started real hard constantant babbling?

    What consanant did he/she do? We were pushing for dada, but he did “b” instead.

  86. Roar me R says:

    How “Ring around the Rosie” refers to the Bubonic Plague? How “Humpty Dumpty” refers to a Cannon who was blown up in a battle? How “Baa,Baa,Black Sheep” either refers to the slave trade or the wool tax? How “London Bridge is falling down” refers to child sacrifice,or a viking attack in which a bridge was burned down? How many Nursery Rhymes refer to important people?

  87. Sir fliesalot says:

    Baa Baa black sheep in the UK?
    How does somalians have anything to do with that ryhme?

  88. Dana G says:

    Because of political correctness, I believe you cannot say Gingerbread man, you have to Gingerbread PERSON, and also you can’t say baa baa black sheep, you have to say baa baa rainbow sheep. what other names of things have the pc brigade changed?

  89. BRUTE says:

    I am sick of hearing holiday tree. It is called a CHRISTMAS tree!

    I am also sick of changing everything so no one is offended “baa baa rainbow sheep wtf?!

    SO is there anyway to rid the planet of the horror known as political correctness?

  90. ConfusionnaJob says:

    “Baa Baa black sheep have you any wool?
    Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full.”
    Considering the fact that Mr Baa Baa is a sheep, from where do you suppose he obtained the wool?

  91. Rkmc says:

    i heard that the song baa baa black sheep was now banned and replaced with ba ba rainbow sheep?
    is this true and what else have you heard

  92. Peter says:

    Christchurch to see baa baa black sheep ?

  93. Victoria T says:

    Baa baa black sheep, have you any wool?
    Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full!
    One for the master, one for the dame,
    And one for the little boy who lives down the lane.

  94. mr flibble says:

    wasn’t just last week, they didn’t like him?
    “Baa Baa Sheeple, why do you like the Miz”?
    “Cause he’s fun to watch, and he’s nice to kids”!
    When I was about to submit my question, the ‘wrestling’ category came up, do you suppose it was because of the word ‘Sheeple’?

  95. Lachlan says:

    He’ll be 3 in February and he already knows loads of nursery rhymes and is even changing them around just for a laugh. His grandma brought up a valid point: we don’t know if the old rhymes we grew up with and are now teaching him may be politically incorrect. When he gets to nursery will he have problems cos he knows baa baa black sheep inside out? and old mother hubbard? We’d like to give him a head start by knowing what is being taught in nursery at the moment and because his memory is so amazing, we want him to go in there with the right things in his head. This is a question for any nursery teachers out there!!!?
    Please help us here, never had a grandson before, let alone one that is so fantastically bright!
    ok, just to add a bit here. First off thanks to all that took the time to give some very detailed answers that came from the heart. I know that. Now, I treat my grandson with the respect he deserves and would never push him anywhere, also, he is not going to be home schooled as has been said. Here in the UK its not feasible either for him or for his family to do this.
    We are not pushing him anywhere, we just want advice on how to help him on his way, and yes we do spend most of our time playing, and laughing, and all the stuff that 2 year olds are supposed to do. If you all look at the question, I was just asking how to give my lovely grandson ( and no I don’t believe he’s much better than your kid, or anyone elses! I just see what I see with him, and I know I’ll find it hard by the time he’s ten to keep up with him! All we need is a few resources that will help us to encoourage his spirit, freedom, wit, intelligence, confidence, and general all round good person-ness!!!!
    and no, I’m not going to ask him to wash his hands every 2 minutes!

  96. Samuro says:

    So I had this stuffed sheep since I was a baby for my first Christmas. It was like a security blanket but I forgot it at a hotel on vacation and they can’t find it. I’ve cried nonstop since I realized its gone. But yeah it’s blue and white and it has ‘baa baa’ in pink on the front. I’m sure it used to say that because there was something hard on the inside but overtime it stopped working. I got it in 1995. Or is there anyway I can search for it online?

  97. Harry says:

    I live on a farm, and we’re getting a cow! I don’t want cheesy stuff like Bessie.

    For example, we used to have a sheep named Lady Baa Baa. Something like that! Thanks!

  98. Seth says:

    on the 2nd june 2012 one player from barbarians wore two different socks, but not the standard kit of the Baa Baa’s what did it represent?

  99. Mark says:

    Only recently found out that my Dad(now deceased) had shares in BAA. Obviously with the sale of BAA last year most shareholders were bought out of their shares but what happens to the shares that were not bought? Can I recoup any money from them?

  100. nasty1 says:

    I’ve heard it in so many romantic comedies, especially 80′s high school ones. I’ve never heard any lyrics though, just “baa ba baa baaaa baaaa”. I wish I knew more but that’s it. Any ideas?
    (it’s not Don’t You Forget About Me)

  101. Alina Elliott says:

    Baa baa black sheep have you any wool?

  102. nothin_nyce1 says:

    Is it cost? Knowledge of prepartion is lacking? Baa Baa little lamb?

  103. Death Knight says:

    I just found out that apparently for some time people have not been allowed to teach “baa baa Black sheep” in Schools, but they can teach “baa baa white sheep”.

    Should it just be “baa baa racially indifferent sheep” that way we can avoid hippocracy.

  104. PoohBearPenguin says:

    My niece is being taught “Baa baa pink sheep” because it’s not appropriate to say “Black Sheep” and I got in trouble for being sexist because I said “mankind” instead of “humankind”,just two tiny examples but I know there are a lot more things like this, it seems like you’re not allowed to say anything anymore without being labeled sexist, racist or prejudiced! Are people becoming too sensitive? Do you believe political correctness is the way to go? Why/why not?
    I totally understand that there are problems like that, and it actually makes my blood boil to know that there are assholes who pick on anyone who has any kind of disability, and that’s what I meant by my question. People are so busy jumping on you for silly things like what I said above, instead of focusing on the real issues.

  105. thinkthought says:

    I need 3 literary/poetic devises per nursery rhyme. I’ve already done baa baa black sheep.. i put onomatapia, assonance (dame, lane), and alliteration. is that right?

  106. sean says:

    Is it on a per-game basis? And how much do they generally make? Do the Baa-Baas have their own TV deal?

  107. PillowMan1234 says:

    My roommate is obsessed with sheep! I don’t even think she’s a farmer, but I’ve seen her staring at my woolly jumper sometimes when I’m wearing it and her favourite nursery rhyme is Baa Baa Black Sheep. I’m really worried – is this normal?

  108. Nick says:

    for instance like “twinkle twinkle” and “Baa Baa Black SHeep” and “rind around the roses” etc plz if any 1 of u know any site where i can find lyrics to different children’s rhymes/songs it wud b really helpfull thnx !

  109. Andres C says:

    It isn’t baa baa black sheep. Friend of mine thought Slit Endz sung it. Thanks

  110. whites are not the only racists says:

    I agree with things to do with medical issues etc… like brain storm having to be called word map because it’s the term for an epileptic fit and so on
    but hen we have cant call black boards black boards (not that they have them anymore) and when children aren’t allowed to sing baa baa black sheep because it’s un-pc I think it’s getting stupid.
    They’re also trying to make santa thin!!!!! What are you meant to tell the kids?

    What do you think?

  111. Marlon P says:

    In England its apparently rude to say “Ho! Ho! Ho!” in case it offends people. Classic nursery rhymes for children have been altered so it doesnt offend ethnic minorities, for example “baa baa black sheep” has become “baa baa wooly sheep”. Also it has became illegal to hang the British or English flag on cars or on council buildings. It’s also wrong to say things like “manning the switchboard” because it is sexist.

    I was wondering if there was any of this madness in America?

  112. Alina Elliott says:

    Like how you have to sing, ‘Baa baa multi-racial sheep’..
    I realise it’s a delicate issue to touch on, but for some reason i find it interesting. I’m sorry if I’ve offended anyone by asking.
    Does anyone know anything we’re not allowed to say?
    Or know a website?
    Ah no one seems to understand the question I asked!
    Please look at my example (:

  113. sakyue1993 says:

    1) Baa Baa, Black Sheep
    2) Twinkle, Twinkle
    3) A, B, C song

    Were they all written at the same time, by the same person? Did they start out with the same tune or evolve that way over time?

  114. Jon P says:

    The only two “songs” I know are Silent Night, and Baa Baa Black sheep. I simply can’t remember the words of any other songs. Let’s just be kind and say I’m not musically inclined, being a visual person.

    I’m constantly amazed at the sheer facility other people have in only listening to a few words of a song, then being able to sing the rest of the song, and not just the one song.

    What’s YOUR secret?

  115. Jose B says:

    I was at Walmart supercenter and I was recording with my iphone camcorder. I was in the front area where you get the basket from and entering store and there is this baaa baaa baaa sound on the audio almost like sheep.

  116. balinderk2000 says:

    I looked it up and apparently both say baa.

    I was trying to teach my little sister animal sounds and got stuck on this.

  117. Austin says:

    Hi, I’m auditioning for BAA (Broadway Artists Alliance), as a voice major. The audition calls for two 16-32 bar cuts of musical theatre classic or contemporary repertoire. What is the difference between “classic” and “contemporary”? Also, can I have a few examples of shows from each category?

    Thanks for the help!

  118. Daniel says:

    My brother lost his job and his insurance. He needs prescription drugs to remain healthy and they are very, very expensive. Where can he go to get assistance with the prescription drugs he needs to take?

  119. RuMKilleR says:

    I am going to relocate to US, and I need constant mood stabilizer therapy with Lamotrigine. I will not be able to visit US medic because insurance does not cover “Pre-existing conditions”, so I will be unable to obtain a prescription.
    Is it possible to get prescription drugs without prescription? Order them somewhere abroad or something like that?

  120. Echo says:

    My friend, who’s 17, was just arrested last night for possession of marijuana. Then they found out he had prescription drugs in his pocket so he was forced to spend the night in jail. He has to appear in court today, but I was just wondering what kind of punishment he could get. I’m so worried.

    Also, we’re from Wisconsin.

  121. skychi99 says:

    Whenever I see an ad for some sort of prescription drug on TV, at the bottom of the screen, it always says something like “See our ad in Golf Magazine” or something like that. Why is this? Why would one ad refer you to another? And why would they want you to see this ad instead of just referring you to their website or something more useful?

  122. Jason says:

    Should prescription drugs be advertised to the general public? Why or why not? What are the risks and concerns? What are the benefits?

  123. Krazy Bob says:

    I am sick of hearing holiday tree. It is called a CHRISTMAS tree!

    I am sick of hearing spring eggs (they are EASTER eggs)

    I am also sick of changing everything so no one is offended “baa baa rainbow sheep wtf?!

    SO is there anyway to rid the planet of the horror known as political correctness and all of it’s supporters along with it?

  124. Squall Leonhart says:

    The rugby club…

    Is it like Baa baa black sheep or box, or more like the ba in baboon or bat? Or something else entirely?

  125. Dark_LovexXx says:

    We will serenade our Louie
    Till health and voices fail
    And we’ll pass and be forgotten with the rest.

    We’re poor little lambs
    Who have lost our way
    Baa, baa, baa
    We’re little black sheep
    Who have gone astray
    Baa, baa, baa.

    Gentlemen songsters off on a spree
    Doomed from here to eternity;
    Oh Lord, have mercy on such as we
    Baa, baa, baa.

  126. friendly 4 says:

    Nursery Rhymes like Baa Baa Black Sheep are banned in some countries as is the Robinsons Jam Golliwog. This shows the levels of absurdity the PC brigade have gone to undermine traditional values.

    Political correctness can trace its origins back to the world of 1920′s Germany, where Communist academics sought to impose their Marxist views on students.

    Instead of having manners, people are now taught to be PC to compensate, do you think our Freedom of Speech is being compromised by this action?

  127. colingrillo says:

    Why can’t Congress pass a law making prescription drugs (the non controlled ones that are habit forming) something you can buy OTC like Tylenol and Advil?

    What would be the dangers in doing that? At least the black market for prescription drugs would go away.

  128. kass9191 says:

    Prescription drugs are available to control high blood pressure and abnormal blood lipids, yet many people stop taking their medicines. What are some possible explanations for this situation? What are some possible solutions?

  129. musicistabest says:

    Some prescription drugs (like high blood pressure o cholesterol drugs) warn to limit sunshine exposure, but they don’t say why. What is the risk?

  130. Sir fliesalot says:

    Prescription drugs like anti-anxiety and antidepressant drugs which have been shown to be very harmful. Do they ignore these facts? Are they just stuck with the ‘say not to drugs’ ideology in their heads and thats that?

  131. jdubdoubleu7704 says:

    I live in Guam and they do not have many prescription drugs. I was wondering where I could use my prescription to find what I need or should I make a trip to the philipines.

  132. Mark says:

    I spend alot of money each year on prescription drugs for me and my 3 kids. Is there a tax break I am unaware of that allows me to write of some percentage of that amount?

  133. RuMKilleR says:

    Myself and the mrs are going on holidsy in the next couple of days.

    We are both on prescription drugs for a few things and the mrs needs to take her prescription eyedropd with her.

    Neither of us have letters from doctors saying we need medication.

    Is it best to put drugs and eyedrops in hand luggage or in main baggage ?

  134. Clayton Cottrell says:

    I was given the stories (Three Blind Mice, Humpty Dumpty, Little Miss Muffet, London Bridge, Three Little Pigs, Geordie Porgie and Baa, Baa, Black Sheep).

    We have to recreate these stories using six squares.

    For example, someone used the Humpty Dumpty story and used wall street and the economy fall.

    What are some good things in todays society that represent those children stories?

  135. Praveen says:

    Why can’t Congress pass a law making prescription drugs (the non controlled ones that are habit forming) something you can buy OTC like Tylenol and Advil?

    What would be the dangers in doing that? At least the black market for prescription drugs would go away.

  136. Marlon P says:

    I need an individual plan that covers vision and prescription drugs. Any suggestions? Should have good coverage for relatively cheap payments.

  137. timq3dimensionscom says:

    Lots of people go abroard and buy Uk prescription drugs without a prescription in foriegn countries. But what countries closest to the UK can you do this? Where are the laws more relaxed? Thanks. IE a friend went to India and bought back loads of Amoxicillin but can this be done closer to home?

  138. Con Orpe says:

    You were in a relationship for 2 long years and you get into a argument with them. And your boyfriend blames you for making him abuse prescription drugs .you ask why.All he can say that you are a headache to him and he does it to keep calm???? But before knowing each other he had a history of drug related promblems. This is advice to a friend, she needs to leave this relationship. But she claims that she is in love with him.What can be done. Hearing this news has put her into a deep depression.

  139. rndmaktn says:

    I am planning on opening a prescription drug distribution center in the United States and I am having trouble finding what countries i can legally get drugs from. I already have a connection in Korea who I’m working with so currently I am more concerned with exporting prescription drugs from south Korea but can’t find the exact law. any help would be great

  140. Mark M says:

    Prescription drugs available have too many horrific side effects – not worth it.

  141. turg143 says:

    I have a bottle of American prescription drugs that will need to be refilled in a couple weeks. How do I get it refilled while in Tokyo? The pharmacy has made it very clear to me that they can not do it.

  142. Dana G says:

    I don’t understand. Why do people get addicted to prescription drugs? I know people get addicted to street drugs like cocaine, heroine, etc., but why prescription drugs? I could never imagine myself getting addicted to prescription drugs. I thought people would look more forward to getting off prescription drugs rather than getting hooked on it.

  143. Lia-lu-li says:

    I’m doing a research about drug addiction and I just want to know which kinds of prescription drugs are most abused by Americans. Answers are highly appreciated. Thank you.

  144. Miguel M says:

    Ironically, the Republicans are the supporters of prescription drug socialism and the Democrats advocate a free market in prescription drugs. Why do the Republicans vote against a measure that would open up the pharmaceutical cartel to much-needed competition? Why are the Democrats voting in favor of the free market on this issue?

  145. Yoshi says:

    hello, i have severe side effects to prescription drugs, i tend to have problems with vitamins too it seems, i noticed that high doses of B such as Super B vitamins give me trouble with anxiety and panic. Fish oil also causes similar effects. Its almost like they work against my nervous system. I have found out that oil can do this to some people such as myself. It is quite common for B to have adverse effects most common is heart palputations… So i am looking for advice from people who suffer anxiety / panic dissorder and understand the situation.
    thanks ash! what else besides flintstones is similar?

  146. JDOGG1122 says:

    It seems like many older people MUST have prescription drugs to live…and many of them are having a lot of trouble paying for them. But why are they necessary? Obviously they haven’t been around forever…so what did old people do before they were around? Just die?

  147. SteveO says:

    Some people could work well in society if they had access to some prescription drugs. Now I hear they are cheaper in Canada. So what can we do as Americans to reduce to cost of prescriptions so that all who need them can afford them better?

  148. Malcolm Hudson says:

    Do you notice that all prescription drugs have a side effects? (rhetorical question) I just want people opinion on the subject of natural drug use vs nonprescription drug use.

  149. Michael C says:

    Some countries advertise prescription drugs without having to have a prescription, not narcotics, but is it safe to order these drugs for your own personal use, and get them through custom without them being taken. I’ve never done this and would like to know how safe and legal this is? Thanks for any advice on this.

  150. Andres C says:

    I hear that Dubai customs have detained travellers for having small amounts of prescription drugs, e.g. codeine in their system. Do they check every travellers blood and/or urine? I do not understand how they would be able to detect such things without such a test.

  151. Rishabh Bajpai says:

    My grandfather has recently passed away. We have found that he had a lot of unused prescription drugs.My family would like to donate them. We live in NJ. Is it possible to donate them here ? If so, how?

    Thanks. God bless.

  152. addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior says:

    Are there other places outside Ny that can legally accept prescription drugs for diabetis and cancer.

  153. altair says:

    My employers health insurance does not cover me for prescription drugs. I am not elegible for medicare too. How can I get coverage for only prescription drugs?

  154. soccermaster1 says:

    I need to know of some prescription drugs that act like ecstasy. Drugs that release serratonin.

  155. Jon P says:

    If someone I knew wanted me to pick up prescription drugs for them but if the drugs were for me and if I let someone use my prescription drugs and they had an allergic reaction and died from the drug that was under my name, will I get in trouble and be liable? Is it actually illegal to share my prescription drugs for someone that isn’t over the counter?

  156. PolishPokeyPimp says:

    In my speech I will be talking about the history of prescription drugs from the civil war, to the late 19th century, to the early 21st century. I need a good thesis statement for this!

  157. Thomas Lopez says:

    I’m working on a story about a severely depressed boy who starts drinking and popping pills when he’s in ninth grade. I’m wondering what kinds of prescription drugs make you feel numb when mixed with alcohol. I just need the name of the drug, but if you could give me a description of how it makes you feel, a list of side effects, and what it’s generally prescribed for that would be amazing. If it helps, the boy is taking the pills from his parents and he’s drinking vodka. But that can change if it needs to.

  158. jdfan says:

    I came across some websites on the internet wher you can buy prescription drugs without a prescription. Is this legal? Has the FDA even said it is safe to buy prescription drugs online without a prescription from a medical doctor? Personally, I think the government should shut down online pharmacies that are selling prescription drugs without the necessity of having a prescription.

  159. Alun J says:

    I know you can find better prices online as far as prescription drugs, but out of the places that you can physically go to ie.. longs drugs, walgreens, walmart, target, etc… which of these places have the lowest prices for rX prescription drugs?

  160. henryshensbcglobalnet says:

    I’m doing a project on how people use prescription drugs to get high. I’m not asking for personal use. I just need to know for my project because I’ve been unsuccessful in finding the information out. Thanks :)

  161. zigg3ns says:

    I’ve spent a lot of my life either in socialist countries whether you pay nothing/a token charge for prescription drugs, or in developing countries where there is no state health care system at all, so I’ve seen both extremes of the prescription drugs debate.

    I was wondering, how good/bad things really are in the US when it comes to prescription drugs charges. Does your health care plan cover everything that you could possibly need at a good price, or do you find it tough to cover superscription drugs costs?

  162. Dark_LovexXx says:

    I take about 5 different prescription drugs daily and will be staying for several month in the United States.

  163. Jermaine J says:

    Could someone recommend a website to buy prescription drugs where I can pay using paypal?
    I want to buy pills using paypal balance (not paypal credit card). I would rather have an answer from someone with personal experience with the website they are recommending. Thanks.

  164. JDOGG1122 says:

    I take various prescription drugs including tramadol and diclofenac and was wondering whether there is any interaction with pro plus/a certain amount you should/shouldn’t take with caffeine?
    Taking drugs for pain, 22yo female. I take diclofenac, paracetamol and tramadol and 25mg amitriptyline at night with occasional codeine phosphate in day too if pain is bad. Wondering about interaction as would use pro plus when studying as I’m doing my finals at Uni and need to stay awake and be productive!
    And sorry, by caffeine I meant pro plus at the end.

  165. superdork says:

    Escapism is not always the answer, but prescription drugs should not be either!

    So why is prescription drugs over relocation often advised for the clinically depressed?

  166. Kobe says:

    I have a few close people in my life who are seriously addicted to prescription drugs.What would you do in this situation?

  167. Alun J says:

    I’m taking a flight from mazatlan to LAX and would like to bring a prescription drug back with me for my friend. It’s nothing serious- just a strong wrinkle control product that requires a prescription in the states.

    If I bring this through customs, will they throw it out? Or is it ok that I’m bringing back a “personal supply” as the FDA regs say.

  168. Andrew S says:

    Someone has prescription drugs on them which were not prescribed to them. The state is New Jersey. What is the exact penalty? What jailtime or fines are involved?

  169. tjpimpin says:

    Is this a National Security Issue? Foreign countries manufacture so much of our Prescription drug inventory, shouldn’t the manufacture of those drugs be considered a National Security Concern? So many of the drugs required for every day life, are manufactured in Foreign countries, if those countries stopped making/shipping them or tampered with the ingredients (example, digoxin) would Americans die? Much as the pets, cats especially died from tainted cat food from China?
    How many jobs would that bring back to the United States?

  170. slipknot0129 says:

    I work in a locally owned pharmacy that lets anyone dispose of the prescription drugs that are returned by clients. They have hazardous waste boxes in a small room where the employee fridge is at. My question is, don’t you have to have a tech license to handle drugs in ANY WAY and can this be considered illegal since ANYONE can easily stick their hand in this box full of pills of all kinds and steal them? Who should I notify?
    By the way, the RX in charge is the owner and I wouldn’t want to hint the possibility that I may report them. The boxes they use to throw the pills in are WIDE OPEN, like i said I can go in and grab a handful of pills’s got to be illegal.

  171. white man says:

    I need to make a venn diagram for health class comparing prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs. Please help because I can’t seem to think of many differences or similarities!!
    Thanks so much!
    Easy 10 points to the most differences and similarites!!!

  172. Mr SoLo DoLo says:

    I’m currently writing something and my character has to take a prescription drug that makes him hallucinate and see things that aren’t there. List everything you can think of!

  173. Arminator says:

    I have had a lot of depression lately for how my life is going, and I need to do something without prescription drugs for help. Thank you for all answers.

  174. Marlon P says:

    There are numerous prescription drugs that mirror illegal drugs, so legalization is out of the question since they can profit off of the current prescriptions. Cocaine is to ritalin and marijuana is to Marinol. Tobacco kills millions more people every year, but it’s not going to be criminalized unless the government stops receiving it’s $25 billion annual profit from taxes. I’m trying to prove this fact for a paper on the War on Drugs. Please help!!

  175. Alina Elliott says:

    Just give me a list or post a link to a list of the complications of marijuana like nervous system disorders and heart problems
    if you are a stoner do not answer this question

  176. Michael K says:

    I suffer from mild to moderate anxiety problems. (constant worrying, panic attacks, irrational fears etc) During the day I seem to be able to control them fairly well but when I try to sleep, these problems make it next to impossible to get any rest. I avoid caffine which seems to aggravate things for me. Unfortunately, I don’t have health insurance right now so prescription drugs are out of the question. I’m wondering if there are any foods/drinks or OTC drugs that promote relaxation or calmness, or anything that would help with my problem.

  177. Heath says:

    I take multiple prescription drugs each day, nearly $200 a month with insurance. If I indicate this on my taxes, will it help me at all? Also I have gone a few months with prescriptions without insurance. I am a tax newbie!
    I don’t know what itemizing is. I don’t have any income either.
    I have no income currently but I have had some 9/12 months this year.

  178. Moore, Ron says:

    A person I know believes that one can become acclimated to prescription drugs (or even over the counter) so that they quickly become useless.
    I’m looking for authoritative references to the issue of development of drug tolerance in the human body. How quickly does it happen? Are some types of drugs more likely to reach tolerance level in most humans more quickly than others? If so, which ones? Is there an average number/amount of drugs the person must take before becoming tolerant?

  179. floydian8717 says:

    I have just watched a tv show wherein the girl character keeps on ingesting pills. I think she’s addicted to them, but my sister says that you can’t get addicted to prescription drugs. Is this true? Or could addiction to prescription drugs really happen?

  180. Austin says:

    The new health care legislation that is in the works—-it seems like many more Americans will have some kind of health insurance with this new legislation. I really don’t know what to believe.

    Will this new legislation help to make prescription drugs more affordable? I’ve been buying prescription drugs from Canada for a long time (cause many are cheaper there) but maybe I’ll be able to buy them here now in USA per health care reform?


  181. lcollier93sbcglobalnet says:

    Today, during college, I felt this sudden pain in the chest area from 3:00 pm to now (9:30pm) I had a discomfort in my right arm and neck pain. I havent had nausea or puking or stomach pain, but I have had shortness of breath, but that is from my anxiety. What are the chancess of me having an attack at 19 if heart disease isn’t common in my family? I take VERY good care of myself. My anxiety is centred most on my health and wellbeing. I can’t go to sleep until I know i’ll wake up okay. Please hurry and answer someone. I can’t really exercise because I have a walking challenge and balance

  182. Mike says:

    While I am writing paper on this subject and I was just wondering what others have to say about it. So what do you think? Should doctors just give children with mental diseases prescription drugs that they need to take for life and sometimes can cause deaths or should there be alternatives?

  183. mmminja says:

    Proponents of the health care bill have been touting how it aims to close the “doughnut hole” in prescription drug coverage. What that means is that older Americans who hit the cap on their Medicare prescription drug benefits will be given a rebate, starting this year. Once they spend $2,830, older Americans will receive a $250 rebate.

    Medicare Part D is income based.

    Are those without Medicare Part D prescription drug benefits left out in the cold with zero drug coverage?

  184. Krazy Bob says:

    Can you really order any prescription drug online without a prescription and it is legal to be delivered to your home?
    I do not believe it, but lots of people tell me it is true..
    You can get things such as Painkiller, Antibiotics, Inhalers without having a prescription from a doctor and it is legal.
    Seems a little dangerous and slack of government control doesnt it?

  185. Matthew says:

    My insurance plan has different coverages for medical service and for prescription drug. My allergy serum is concocted by my allergist, so is it in the “medical service” category or “prescription drug” category?


  186. Courtney says:

    I’m trying to understand what exactly the legal definition of a “prescription drug” is. Or more precisely, how to identify a drug that is legally categorized to be available by prescription only. What is the relationship between US (Federal) and state laws in this area?

  187. Myles says:

    *please no haters*

    i know theres millions of prescription drugs… but which one gives you the best feeling as part of recreational usage? like when you take ritalin, vicodin or oxycodone… i dont understand how it can effect you if you’re not in pain?
    do you have to take them longterm to get a kick? or will once do?
    which is the best drug to get you high quickest?

  188. airdogspace2 says:

    Say I know a doctor who is looking to buy a certain type of prescription drug.

    What qualifications, licenses, certifications (if any) are needed in order to become a middle-man between the manufacturer and the doctor?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You.

  189. shahedC says:

    I’ve been taking a prescription drug for over 16 years, but it’s side effects has started to cause more damage than do any good. I ask what is the best way to stop taking this drug, get this drug out of my system and get this entire drug out of my fat cells so it’s side effects will soon end?

  190. wwwavid360gamercom says:

    I want to purchase prescription drug for my relative in China. But I only have a Chinese doctor’s prescription, I wonder what I have to do to be able to purchase prescription drug in USA.

  191. tefa_96 says:

    I believe it is a crime in California to carry a prescription drug that isn’t in it’s proper container. Does anyone know what crime it is? I want to look it up so I hope to find out the proper code.

  192. Only Business says:

    She is a doctor and I’m tired of her taking all that prescription drug stuff and prescribing it to people. I think the medical community has her brainwashed into believing in all that. I want her to start taking natural cures because I believe God created all kinds of cures for mankind through plants.

  193. Marlon P says:

    I’m aware of Medco for discounted prescription drugs. Are there other companies that also provide discounted prescription drugs as prescribed by a physician?

  194. veemodz says:

    I get my vitals checked once a week before I see my physciatrist . My blood pressure is normal fine but my pulse is always over 120. I am a 20 year old female , 5’3 and 120 pounds. I’m not anxious when I go in I don’t drink coffee soda or tea only water. Today when I went in my pulse was 131. Is this dangerous? I also experience Cronic nausea could they be linked? After I eat I get nauseas for 2-6 hours and the best my doctor can diagnose is that it’s stress related. This has been going on for 5 years. Could they be related? Thanks in advance!

  195. SKATEskum says:

    I ate about an hour or so ago,

    ever since then I’ve been feeling confused, light headed, nausea, fullness in stomach, anxiety, panic, racing heart be (sometimes it goes back to normal though) my pupils are kind of big. I did eat breaded chicken, and I am wondering if this is just gluten intolerance since I do have celiac disease.

    I did read that’s a sign of a heart attack. But I have no pain, just light headiness, and the other symptoms. I am also 22, healthy weight, I do have indigestion often. I’ve had EKG’s done, I am home alone and just scared I might pass out or have a serious problem. Is this normal ?I have low bad cholestrol and so on..Am I okay??
    Hot and cold flashes, sweating, and sweaty palms?

  196. Nathan B says:


    I am 30 year old female. For the past week, I have been experiencing moderate to severe pain in my upper left arm, nausea and headaches behind my eye.

    Do you know what this could be?


  197. Disrae says:

    Why do I feel I have heart disease, please help?
    I am 32. I am feeling pain in my chest for the last one year (off and on). I have been to my GP 4-5 times. 8 months ago, GP carried out ECG, Blood test and Blood pressure and said it is nothing like heart disease. But still I have chest and shoulder pain.
    This month i saw my GP 2 times, he checked my BP and said I might have some muscle pulled so I am feeling pain. BUT why do i feel I have heart disease…I feel very bad and disturbed about it.
    Why is it???? Please help…Many Thanks

  198. Rkmc says:

    In a overall healthy 26 year old FEMALE, having chest soreness, not pains, just all over soreness for over 2 months, could that be heart issues? She is going to the doctor July 3rd…she had insurance issues that were really messy, but are finally clearing up.

    At any rate, she quit smoking around this time as welll. The chest issues started a couple weeks after quitting. Also, if you push on her chest, the pain is worse. It is a little scary.

    Does anyone know the odds of this being heart related? Also, any other suggestions of what this could be?

    Not looking to diagnose her, just eeze her mind til she can get into the doctor.

    Anyone know what she can expect at teh dr?

    As requested, I am giving more information. The pain is constant. It can come with her doing nothing at all, and is not made worse by doing anything like walking or any exercise. It is just pretty much always there. The soreness is all along the front of her chest. Sometimes her shoulders and neck will feel tense as well. And often times, if you push on it, it will feel worse.

    Any suggestions appriciated.

    Hope this is enough detail.

  199. brincks26 says:

    Can you get heart disease from carbon monoxide and which diseases?

  200. Mc L says:

    okaaay so i get these pains in my heart
    like incredibly bad, it feels like if i breathe in too deep or breathe out too much someones like stabbing me in the heart.
    and it lasts like 10 to 20 seconds..
    i thought maybe it had something to do with eating fried foods, so i pretty much stopped and its still been bothering me ..
    and i’m only 19..
    i suppose i should go to a doctor and have it looked at, i just want some ideas of what it might be before i make a big deal of it ..

    suggestions PLEASE??
    oh && i told my grandpa about it (he has a severe heart condition, going on ten years now and knows about enough to be a cardiologist) and he said he thinks he’s had it before and he didn’t think it was anything serious .. i don’t think its a heart attack or anything .. its been going on now for monthsss.
    like sometimes it’l happen when i’m layoing down to go to bed, sometimes when i’m driving (thats the worsttt)
    it’s just such an inconvenience =[
    so could it be just being overweight?

    i’m 5’3 and like 170 ,,
    so i could stand to lose a few pounds haha

  201. Rkmc says:

    old truck primered black

  202. LN13 says:

    Not to say that I am abusing it by any means. Just recreationally every month or so.

    Other than the fact it’s illegal, what are some good reasons not to do prescription drugs, even just once a month with no real chances of getting addicted due to a low dose?
    Got enough money

  203. Splash Log Level 2 Again says:

    i am 30 yo male, in good physical shape, healthy diet, regular exercise. no real warning flags as far as my lifestyle, however, for the past few months, i have been having pain and tightness in my chest, under my sternum where my heart is not accompanied by shortness of breath, or pain in my arms or neck, and i do not know where to start as far as doctors and treatment. i work a stressful job and i am physically active. i do not have any energy problems, and i can perform aerobically as well as i could before i began having this pain. i dont know if it is a heart issue or just stress and anxiety, i am looking for an opinion from somebody who is knowledgable, not everyones answer of ” go to the doctor”. please help

  204. Ramblin Spirit says:

    I hurt my ankle badly, requiring surgery nearly a year ago and I was prescribed a one-time-fill of Percocet. I did not use all the pills at the time but I will still occasionally use a pill here and there to take the edge off the pain when I step on it wrong or it flames up on me, maybe once or twice a month. I was wondering if I happened to be random drug tested at work, is the fact that I have the original prescription for the meds cover it, even though it was from a while back? I have heard that the most common urine tests don’t test for the active chemical in Percocet, but I don’t know about hair testing which I hear is increasing in prevalence. One last thing, if I have to be tested should I mention that I have an old prescription up front or only if they find something. I am not trying to be sneaky, but I also don’t want to stir the pot and raise further questions by mentioning it right up front if I don’t need to.
    John, everything seems very logical and sound advice in your answer, but I’m confused and curious when you say that oxycodone will show as an opiate on a standard urine test, as that is different from what I had read in several sources, which suggest that only an expanded opiate/opioid panel found on more expensive tests can detect it at low levels consistent with one or two pills.

    But anyway, on to another question: How do I get rid of this drug properly? I have been told not to throw it away or flush it. Will the pharmacy take it back?

  205. Patrick says:

    is it because they are discriminating against “black” sheep?
    you know the children’s nursery rhyme song thing?
    but then recently they changed it to “baa baa rainbow sheep” because they considered it racist.

  206. DuckieM10 says:

    ischaemic heart disease is accompanied with low oxygen suply.

  207. ttocs says:

    treatment and cure recommended for the above two diseases

  208. sethburger says:

    Does it include hair loss?????

  209. white man says:

    Is it true that the caffine in soda can give you a heart disease?

  210. Yoshi says:

    With the exception of –
    Drugs which can cause birth defects
    Medications specifically meant for children

    How do you feel about allowing ADULTS to purchase any medication they wish at the pharmacy without having to present a prescription?
    Jewish Lawyer – My plan would mean that no adult would ever be denied medication for severe chronic pain. You are correct that there will be many more narcotics used. It’s called The Free Market.

  211. superdork says:

    So I am freaking experiencing NOW a chest pain. And a very mild arm pain and neck pain and I also sweats easily. I am planning to leave it until tomorrow and if the pain never goes away, I’ll be going to the hospital.

    Do I have a heart disease?
    is it okay if I leave it until tomorrow ‘coz no one will be sending me to the hospital.

  212. Sonny says:

    See gucci that’s my muhf**kin nigga

    I hang in da dale with them hit squad killas

    Waka flocka flame one hood ass nigga

    Riding real slow in the corners in my nigga

    those lyrics are the GOAT

    waka is the GOAT?
    “pils free shawty no joking”

  213. addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior says:

    These are the sign and symptoms i have researched on how the body responds to it which are oPain or pressure in the chest
    oDiscomfort spreading to the back jaw throat or arm.
    oNausea, indigestion or heartburn
    oWeakness, anxiety, shortness of breath
    oRapid or irregular heartbeats

    but could someone tell me why it does?

  214. davemc74656 says:

    I know there is more than 1 verse!

  215. Melanie says:

    i’m 24 years old..and I feel pain in my heart that occurs when i inhale or this just a muscle pain?

  216. Kevin says:

    I have been having constant head pressure (approx daily for about a month) nausea, some vomiting, feels like a quicker heart beat along with some inner arm (both arms) pain and some leg pain. I have had ecg came back normal, had MRI on head that was normal and blood work done also came back normal with slight liver irritation — ultrasound done, nothing odd. I have seen a neurologist which diagnosed me with migraines, any way that could be incorrect? this seems to keep me from working properly and seems to be a burden on my way of life.. any insight would be welcome.

  217. Ramblin Spirit says:

    i need some info on the history of prescription drugs…any help please!!

  218. Clayton Cottrell says:

    i saw that you could get expelled at my school if you possessed, sold, or consumed the prescription drug Soma. i was wondering what it was.
    i’ve never taken the drug, i saw it the student planner that you get expelled if you had it.

  219. Balla says:

    Or is something else making them cry?

    (Re-posted as it was deleted incorrectly by Y/A)

    (If you look at the question, what is wrong with it? when placed in the words, and wordplay section) for you guys that answered before, you were right so if you want to re-post)
    Thank you rico, it turns out they DIDN’T delete the other one :/, so why tell me they had….
    .Nicely answered chap.
    Lol guinevere, what the heck? :D
    hmm, the other variant i THOUGHT they had deleted, HAS been deleted, and as usual there was no violation…….

  220. louisewoods1984 says:

    what about mary’s little lamb with fleece as white as snow?
    why were people looking for racism in nursery rhymes anyway?!

  221. stephen m says:

    thanks guys. u r awesome.. thanks for your help and feedback

  222. evangldbrg says:

    A few weeks ago i took some drugs and i felt awful like my heart was going to pop out of my chest, and i was in discomfort every night.
    Then it cooled off a bit, But the drug is known for giving people anxiety,
    However i had a whole Big bottle of red bull and a little bit of jaeger, and since ive got into bed, my heart was beating fast again, and i got a lot of wind, the pain isnt too bad in my chest, but enough to bug me, ive had ecgs after the drugs and they said i was ok, however i really really dont want to die. So im wondering if im having a heart attack or a bad anxiety attack
    Im 16 years old male, and in not too bad shape

  223. Moore, Ron says:

    Describe 3 autoimmune diseases? What are the effects on the human body? Can the condition be treated?

  224. SKATEskum says:

    Name the president, name the poet, name the poem.

  225. stingerms says:

    I am 36 year old, 63 kg weight, fit person who has been exercising (running daily) for past 25 years; no past history of any ailment (heart disease, diabetes) nor any heridity. A week back, I ran 3 kms at a strech (after a 2-month break, since I had a severe bout of flu). After the run, I had extreme breathlessness (almost felt like the heart had a “run-on”) even 30 minutes after the run, felt nausea, was perspiring continuously and had numbness in my arms. I went to the hospital and passed out just upon reaching the hospital. Noticeable thing is that all thoughout I did not have absolutely any chest pain or pain elsewhere. The Doctor however, diagnosed a heart attack and performed angioplasty (I now have stents in my arteries). Later on, the Doctor showed me the angiogram where one of my arteries was majorly blocked. Well, it could have been, but I am not getting convinced that it was a heart attack. I am a non-smoker, tee-totaller, extremely fit person. Could this be something else?
    Just wanted to add that I have had regular lipid profiles (cholesterol level checks) and diabetes tests done every year and all the reports have been consistently normal. I am not really in a state of ‘denial’, but since I certainly am not a ‘typical’ candidate for heart attack and I did not have any physical pain during the entire episode, I am left wondering. Thanks for all your answers and support.

  226. Gage says:

    My friend works in a nursery, and she was saying they’re not allowed to use this song because its racist. Is this true?

    I know a lot of old nursery rhymes can have darker meanings (I’ve heard Jack and Jill is about two illicit lovers being stoned to death) so does Baa Baa Black Sheep have similar hidden meanings of racism or slavery?

    Or is my friend’s nursery just being stupidly PC?
    EDIT: If it is racist can you tell me why? Is there a hidden meaning or connotation to the story???
    EDIT: Avondrow I see what you’re saying, I agree, there is real racism to deal with – but surely they wouldn’t ban it just because it has the word “black” in it? That would be like banning “Yellow Submarine” or “Brown Eyed Girl”

  227. airdogspace2 says:

    anything I can eat or drink do I lay sideways sitting up? Please help!!

  228. heavenly sword says:

    When I get really exhausted i.e from playing sports or things that saps out most of your energy, I get exhausted fast and when that happens my vision starts to blacken like I’m about to collapse. I also feel a nausea where it feels like I’m about to throw up. Its hard for me to breathe and I my heart beats faster than usual.
    BTW, I’m only 18. And the symptoms only occur when I’m exhausted.

  229. josh12rox says:

    Today I had nausea and I felt lightheaded and a ache in my arm I’m scared I’m I going to have a heart attack?!? I’m 16

  230. Joe T says:

    125 pounds (athletic)

    I’ve always been a very healthy person play sports (soccer/ cross country); however , i’ve been experiencing multiple symptoms that are beggining to worry me.

    Chest Pains (not severe)
    Shortness of breath
    Loss of Apetite
    I Feel Nervous all the time
    Fear of Dying/Heatr attack
    etc etc

    I’ven been feeling this symptoms for 2 months now

    Is it just anxiety or could it be a heart disease ?

  231. Armas says:

    What are some problems with companies having so much advertising for their prescription drugs?
    i can think of a few, like not enough time devoted to risks, and more money being spent on advertising than the medicine, but what are more that you can think of?

    thanks a ton

  232. BRUTE says:

    A patient with heart disease experiences pain at the base of the neck and in the left shoulder and arm after exercise. How would you explain to the patient the origin of this pain?

  233. Benihana says:

    For my it would be Bwomp by Mushroom head. Without reading the lyrics, you’d get most of the words wrong, lol.

  234. henryshensbcglobalnet says:

    SO far I have used:


    Emmet Cullen

    experiment #651 A.K.A (Emy)

    (Whatever, dont even look at the above…just find a good name)

  235. opurt says:

    I have a friend who has had extreme ‘attacks’ for about three months. They have all the symptoms of a heart attack; extreme chest paint, sharp and dull, dizziness, faintness, nausea, pain shooting to his shoulder, and jaw. The attacks can last from 15 minutes to an hour. Go from only one every couple of days to one every 30 minutes all day. The pain is unbearable. He has gone to the emergency room 9 times, they have done an EKG and he is NOT having a heart attack. My fear is that it is a clogged artery, the doctors aren’t taking him very seriously. He has no insurance. Any suggestions of something else it could be?

  236. BRUTE says:

    They say people who have pulmonary edema is short of breath and fluid on the lungs. The cause heart disease or kidney problems.

    They say when people kidney go bad the symptoms are going to the bathroom alot ,urine may be foamy or bubbly ,pale urine or other color ,dark colored urine , urine may contain blood ,You may feel pressure or have difficulty urinating , swelling in the legs, ankles, feet, face, and/or hands , fatigue , Skin Rash/Itching , Metallic Taste in Mouth/Ammonia Breath , and some times Nausea and Vomiting ,Shortness of Breath ,Feeling Cold ,Dizziness and Trouble Concentrating ,Leg/Flank Pain..

    But I was reading some times people who have pulmonary edema may have kidney problems and have none of the above symptoms has the kidney are just starting to die and have not got those symptoms yet.

    Also the web site saying people who have pulmonary edema not heart disease or kidney problems could be a infection or injury but does not elaborate on this.

    Like it does not elaborate on people who have pulmonary edema may have kidney problems and have none of the above symptoms yet.

    When look up kidney problems they are stanges 1 ,2 so on.

  237. arronwrath says:

    i had dental work done on my teeth for last 14 months and i been taking the premeds, but the last 4 days i been getting stong chest pains , i never had them before. i think its conncted to the dental work, and i have an app today for a surgery to finsish a comlicated root canal. been there 4 xx already. anyways what is symptom of heart infection? can dental work be a problem today?

  238. whitesoxfan2347 says:

    Ok, I am trying not to be a hypochondriac but about an hour and a half ago I started feel nauseous and my stomach right at the top, of the bottom, of my ribs was hurting, no big…about 10 mins later my chest was feeling really tight and I started to sweat and had a hard time breathing and I was feeling light headed. I could feel every heart beat and I just felt ill. I went and laid down and it did not get any better, I waited about another 10 mins and I was feeling like I was going to pass out. I started to get worried cause I had never felt anything like this and my grandmother had heart disease and I am obese. I took two aspirin and laid back down and then within 10 mins… it just ended! (I am not attributing it ending to the aspirin BTW cause I’m sure if it were that it would have taken longer) I felt kind of weak for about 10-15 min after everything subsided but soo much better than I had.
    The whole thing lasted maybe 20 mins and the worst part of it maybe 10-12 mins. SO, my questions are.
    1. Do you think this was a mild heart attack?
    2. If it was do I still need to go to the Dr. (I mean it is over, could they tell if I had one or is there something else I need to do post-heart attack you know, other than change my whole life, obviously!! LOL)
    I normally would not ask these questions to Yahoo Answers but I know if I talk to my mom or sister they will FREAK OUT and I don’t know if it merits all that.
    A little background: family history of heart disease and heart attack and over-weight but I am also just 27.
    Any *useful* information is welcome…

  239. Clayton Cottrell says:

    My husband father had heart disease & I’m worried about him!

  240. Balla says:

    i do ask that only someone experienced or has first hand knowledge of this subject, im looking for information so please no comments telling me to just go to a doctor thank you

    ok well it started 4 days ago .. i had a sharp pain to the left of my heart (almost in armpit) everytime i EXHALED deeply! i suffer with anxiety.. i was fine but because i was having fluttering palpitations until i replaced coffee with green tea i couldnt help but worry if i had an undiagnosed heart condition! these past few months i have had fears of having cancer and alsorts all my anxiety symptoms have been mild.. ok now for the current stuff

    4 days ago i had sharp but not unbearable pain while exhaling deeply, this worried me and kept me awake all night even though it was subsiding, next day it was gone but as the day progressed i began having mild (barely there) pains in my general chest area and left arm discomfort that lasted 2 days coming and going and today i woke up fine again but am having chest fullness and a heavy kinda feeling when i INHALE deeply. this is also coming and going, and still having some left arm discomfort along with some moderate spasms on the left side of my chest that last for less than a second!!

    facts about me that will be important

    21 years old, male
    non smoker,
    NO family history of any heart disease or attacks before the age of 95
    recently changed diet to include more fruit and HDL cholesterol

    before you call me crazy remember i have anxiety and im totaly convinced im having a slow heart attack.

    my main questions here are,
    could this be a heart attack??
    can the symptoms last for this long before the stage where you .. collapse??
    should i even go to a doctor?? these are all very mild symptoms,

    notes: no dizziness, no nausea, no blackouts, no extreme pain!

    thank you so much for reading all this crap for me and if you can provide me with some info on heart attacks or diseases and if my symptoms are too mild to be something serious.


  241. Gage says:

    Did i just make you hum or sing the songs? haha

  242. sam N says:

    Your Open QuestionShow me another »
    Can someone shine a little light on this question about presctiption drugs?
    Why don’t people read the inserts/information that comes with their prescriptions,and then want to know stuff like “why do I feel like this” or “is there a chance I can get pregnant” (birth control example) stuff like that? It says to me that the American Public are ignorant,if they are going to just take medicines without reading any of the possible side effects/warnings,possible outcomes,etc. I don’t understand this,can someone explain to me why people don’t read the information/research the medicines they’re on,and then think they can sue the manufacturer if something that’s warned about happens?
    Yes,I agree with your points wholeheartedly. That’s what I’m saying,they want to sue for things that the package inserts/pharmacist/sometimes even doctor warn about!!

  243. Xbox Gamer says:

    like angina blocked heart vessels

  244. Jeff says:

    I am a 50 year old woman, I am overweight about 50 pounds, I now have diabetes because ALL my overweight is in my belly area, my blood pressure is 180/86, my cholesterol is within the range, my triglycerides are in the normal range.
    Over the past few days I’ve noticed some very weird symptoms and so I looked them up on line:
    upper back/lower neck pain, bouts of nausea, tiredness, hiccups for no reason, and I get heartburn off and on for no reason, I am under a lot of pressure and stress with deadlines at work, AND my daughter is getting married.
    So I looked it up and all the signs point to heart disease.
    Went to the doctor and he said change your lifestyle…stop the stress (Can’t do that), lose weight (that takes time), lower your blood sugar (no matter what I do, the stress keeps the sugar level up), get rest (WHEN???), stop smoking ( I have one cigarette every day after dinner). He was really no help. He didn’t give me any real ways to heal myself.
    I need some real advice on how to reverse this path I’m on. Where can I get started? What have YOU been through and what did YOU do.
    Or at least, Yahoo Friends, send me in the right direction for good, sound help.
    I’m ready to make the changes I need to make…but I need some advice on how to get going.

  245. rndmaktn says:

    have panic attack….shortening of breath…

  246. zigg3ns says:

    why is it wrong to say black sheep?
    a black sheep is black so syrley this is offwnsive to the sheep
    and whos going to get offended if u say uv got a black eye?

  247. dubmecrazy3 says:

    They are of the same tune.

    Who knew that and who didn’t realize?
    Also what do you think, which song came first?

    Answers and individual opinions are most welcome.

  248. PolishPokeyPimp says:

    My heart is beating a little fast… or harder than normal it seems… could it be a heart attack? Anxiety? I’m scared of having a heart attack but I don’t know… I’ve had the pain for about 45 minutes now. I worry/am anxious a lot but this is the 1st time I’ve felt chest pains like this. If it helps, I don’t have high blood pressure and am actually a little underweight for my age. I smoke though.
    Oh and no I don’t use cocaine or other illegal drugs.

  249. Lachlan says:

    Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star & the ABC song

  250. homerliveshere says:

    when im bored i started singing random crap and i was singing this rhyme(no idea way) and my friend told me never to sing that again cause its racist. there sheep!!! but then i noticed its ‘hidden message’
    are there any other rhymes out there with hidden messages.
    just curious

  251. airdogspace2 says:

    About a month ago I ate out at an expensive chinese place. After quite a large meal, I threw up a little. Since then, my appetite has been diminishing. More recently, due to anxiety related to college admissions and grades, my appetite had worsened. I could barely look at food and would feel nauseated if i tried to eat food. Also, since i wasnt really eating anything there wasnt much of a a bowel movement and i use to feel constipated. To then add to all the uneasiness, I started getting (for the past 5 days) these chest pains (as if someone was pressing down on my chest). These pains move to the back and then the stomach and then back again to my chest. I get instant reliefe from the pains when i burp but then the pains just come back soon after. I have lost a lot of weight- around 5 Kg. Nowadays, as soon as i get up i feel nauseated and throw up either bile, or my breakfast. After that, i suffer from the very uncomfortable chest pains thru the day. i only get complete reliefe ..
    contd.. when i sleep only to wake up again and feel nauseated. My bowel movement has improved but the nausea and chest pains continue and are perhaps contributing to the bad appetite.
    I have met 3 doctors, one a general consultant who told me to get a number to tests done since he didnt know what i was suffering from… then an endocronologist since i also have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and i thought that maybe my hormones had something to do with my condition. But the endocronologist was of the opinion that my PCOS could not trigger any of the things i feel. The third doctor felt it was just stress.. he did a general physical examination and then told me to get a blood test to see the condition of my liver. the test showed that there was nothing wrong. This third doctor is a cardiologist and a gastro-something-logist and he figured that the pains and nausea is due to acidity and stress. he told me to take pantocid DSR. Its only been a day since i have started with that
    contd.. and i felt better.. but today morning, it was the same damn thing … i threw up my breakfast ! my parents think im crazy and thats why i am doing this to myself. i know some of it is in my mind.. but could it be something else? or does anyone go thru something similar? All help would be greatly appreciated
    Andrew : Not constipated anymore since I have started eating a little more after trying to mentally over come nausea. Bowel movement is going back to normal. As for heart disease, the third doctor i went to was a cardiologist and he didnt think it could be heart related. The pain is on the right side of my chest, sometimes in the middle. No diarrhea, no fever/chills, no shortness of breathe … the pain isnt really affected by my meals.. but is does have an effect on my appetite..
    As for being diabetic .. im not.. the doctors already ruled that out (not by a test, but after physical examination)
    a camra down my throat? i dont think i would be able to do that… anyway.. As i said, its only been a day. the first day of medication really helped my chest pains. Lets see how today works out..
    magenta, my question is in the ‘disease and conditions’ section since it is related to health problems. whereas your desire to taste blood is evidently related with psychology, or maybe just, child psychology. Your question was dumb and not related to this section of yahoo answers.
    I really wonder how much of an ass u need to be to atleast put ur damn question in the right section. Quite a big one i guess eh?

  252. Marshal says:

    I’ve heard that “sharp stabbing/ jolting” pains that seem to be near the heart actually mean that there’s something wrong with your muscles or lungs? So what if you do happen to have heart disease- what would you feel?
    I experience sharp pains throughout my chest and back. Once in the shower, my left side hurt pretty bad; I stepped out and saw my toes turning blue, as if my circulation stopped. I’m 17, kind of underweight. I just want to know so I won’t freak out at the doctor’s.

  253. Andres C says:

    Wouldn’t it be simpler for BAA to close Terminal 5 for a few months, make BA go back to its original terminals and then thouroughly test T5, employ more staff and then open again?
    I don’t know really, what do you think?

  254. jordenkotor says:

    Hint: Start singing some familiar children’s tunes in your head.

  255. Caltel T says:

    I discovered today that “Baa Baa Black Sheep” had been changed to “Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep”. Why is that? I think the black sheep should feel very privelaged (excuse the spelling) that everyone wants his wool, and that he was used in a nursery rhyme in the first place!
    Whats next? Banning christmas because Muslims don’t like it? Well, THEY CAN GO HOME!

  256. maskills24 says:

    Hi, I am thinking about taking premed courses in college in order to become a doctor, so I’m wondering whether or not doctors are able to prescribe themselves such drugs as opiates and antidepressants that can only be obtained via prescription. And if so, can doctors do this on their own free will, i.e., as many times as they want?

    Thanks for the help.

  257. Smashing Pumpkins says:

    my grandma is 82 years old and is in pretty good health except for the fact that she has had a bout with nausea. She wakes up with mucus in her throat and the feeling of nausea that comes and goes. This has been going on since April. She has been to her doctor numerous times and has been to the gastro doctor. All with tests coming back negative. We don’t know what is wrong with her and now the doctor prescribed xanax to her for some reason. No one can figure out whats wrong with her. any ideas? because its hard to find info since nausea is so vague.

  258. Xavier Hawthorne says:

    I want to start buying my medication online but ive heard lots about “rogue” websites selling drugs illegaly to the elderly with out a prescription. what rogue sites should i look out for?

  259. alberto s says:

    What word can you put since you can’t say black..?

  260. Jeanelle the Retard says:

    after taking ‘salba’ for a week and my prescription drugs, I am constipated

  261. nick s says:

    Whenever I feel worried or stressed, I have chest discomfort/pain, could it be heart disease? im 22 and when I get chest pain after walking a lot up stairs, it seems muscular because it hurts more when I move and breathe

    is it likely to be heart disease

  262. Keaton says:

    I was at a friends house this weekend and she had her online prescription account open on her computer and I was able to see her most recent orders. Why she had this up, I don’t know, but I could tell she was on something. I have known for a while that most likely she was abusing drugs, but never had real solid proof. Within the last 7 days she received prescriptions for Xanax, some sort of seizure medication, adderrall, 2 diff orders of hydrocodone, Somas, weight lose pills (she is not fat by any means) and sleeping pills. Now in my mind, I really don’t see one doctor prescribing all of these to one person. She picked up all of these from 4 different pharmacies. Can’t she end up killing herself from this?!?!?!? She is currently in the process of a divorce with 2 children. If her ex finds out, he could take them away from her right? I have never really been around drugs or anyone that takes them and I am shocked at her need for all of this, especially with 2 little kids. I don’t even know where all this started from or who would have got her involved in all of this. Is there anything I can do for her? I know they say people can only help themselves, but is there anything that I can do? I overheard some other friends mention something about her possibly being on crack. She is spiraling downhill so fast and I don’t even know where to start to help fix this all. Thanks so much.

  263. Matthew says:

    still used in the phonetic alphabet? surely the word Yankee is just as insulting to Americans as calling a sheep black is to the black population? And Blacks are no longer Black, their “coloured” I have black friends who find it more insulting when their called coloured!

    Is it just me or has Britain gone crazy?
    I am from Britain by the way….

  264. supernerd567 says:

    They say they search after truth, unfettered by superstition or tradition. Anyone know what it is?

  265. Kevin says:

    I thought he was against the government being involved? Now he wants to veto a measure that would allow the drug complex to become more competitive? Why? SHouldn’t he let the free market decide the costs of prescription drugs?
    robert, the article states that it wouldbe drugs MADE in the US that could be imported, and those drugs HAVE to pass the FDA. Bush is upset that there aren’t MORE regulations they would have to pass (? again, he wants MORE regulation? Isn’t he a republican?) And those already sold in the US don;t have to pass additional regulations.
    for those who are supporting Bush on this, you should know that the VAST MAJORITY of republicans support this. It is only Bush, and a few who are in the back pockets of the lobbyists who are against it. Many on the right have warned their fellow GOPers not to vote against it, as they will be exposed for who they are…pandering to their lobby.
    libsticker, get the facts before responding. They are all there. These are US MADE DRUGS.
    sorry, responder, I have to thumbs down everyone who doesnt answer my question.

  266. Eric says:

    i got homework for travel and tourism.
    i need to write in detail that what kinda relation does these two companies share and does they relationship work and what are benefits for them to work together.

    Need to write things like… british airways use BAA Heathrow airport to land their flights and thats a profit for airport.

    I just needto expand that more.

    Any ideas?? please

    Thank you…

  267. Jermaine J says:

    I don’t think so, it’s my fav song
    Apparently it’s racist

    seriously, how can a sheep be racist?

  268. Gage says:

    ive got a telephone interview with baa does anyone know what they ask and if successfull what questions follow at the next stage

  269. Ryan Z says:

    all you people getting serious . I am just pulling your plonker!!! its a JOKE although some people dont undertstand bad humour
    just read dedclevers response. oh my god that cannot be serious that you cant say it in class. That is political correctness gone mad!!!

  270. Roflcopter says:

    I have a homework assignment that has instructions to cross out the prepositional phrase(s) box the main verb/ verb phrase and circle the subject. I’m having a hard time determining what the subject is in this sentence:

    Some of the sheep are not being herded by the dog.

    Please tell me what the subject is and give me an explanation why.

  271. ouch says:

    Like Senor Humpty Dumpty The Spanish Omlette?

  272. Boo Cookie says:

    I have recently had mono and was taking promethazine and tramadol. I have a job interview at best buy and I was wondering if those two prescription drugs show up on the drug test. If they do, then how long does it take for them to get out of your system? Thanks in advance

  273. RxP DarkBox says:

    Is it just me or does it seem like the drug companies are swindling us for our money? Six pills of an antibiotic called Zythromax is 49 dollars. Now I know for a fact that is probably marked up 1500% from the price they pay to make this drug. And some other drugs are even more insane on the price. So do you think they swindle us?

  274. Gabriel Kenney says:

    If anyone has a list of prescription drugs that make you high i need it because i found out my sister is getting prescribed drugs and i want to make sure they are not going to be used to get high
    Well i saw a bunch of vicodin (which i know gets you high)
    and some adderall
    and some prednasone (does that do anything)

  275. Coffee t says:

    I have recently found that the prescriptions that my father takes are way cheaper online than what his insurance pays, Is it legal to buy the meds online??

  276. morbiusdog says:

    Im addicted to prescription drugs and i dont know what to do. Grateful to hear from anyone in a similar position or have come through it

  277. morbiusdog says:

    the politically correct police are striking again even as we speak…. now the nursery rhymes are offensive:

    is this too much? or is it about time? what’s your opinion?

    extra credit::: what other nursery rhymes need to be re-written? how would you change them?

  278. Ryan Z says:

    I am going traveling for about a year… just to be safe I am taking antibiotics, pain killers, and various other prescription drugs with me in case I get sick.

    I am aware that Codeine is illegal in Greece, but do not know what restrictions other countries around the world have. Does anyone perhaps know what is illegal in other various countries? Or perhaps you know of a website where I can find this info?


  279. Orbit says:

    …should NOT be allowed to advertise on TV? As the years role by, I’ve noticed that a drug company sometimes seems to start an “epidemic” that can only be treated with the company’s drugs.

    Example: Many years ago, only a few people needed stomach acid reducers. Then along came cimetidine. I forgot the trade name. Right after that, other prescription drugs that had similar properties were being advertised heavily on the TV. Remember the “purple pill?” And NOW, there are countless such remedies as OTCs and prescription.

    People were told by the companies that they needed the medication, so they asked for it from their doctor.

    Just think about the enormous amount of money they are spending just to convince us that we are sick. I think the prices would drop drastically, and so would requests for the drug if all drugs were not advertised.

    What do you think?

  280. Mc L says:

    What do you think?

    Personally I think anyone who thinks it is racist should be shot

  281. llb443 says:

    Hie I asked the question to the previous baa baa sheep. I am not being rascist or what but just wanted to find out liking history to peotry and stuff and I got an answer bout british taxes and stuff thank you all.

  282. Marshal says:

    Why are some drugs only available with a doctors prescription? PLEASE ANSWER AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE, I NEED TO KNOW!!
    Thank you so much in advance!

  283. uberfailz says:

    Why do some prescription drugs not have a generic form?
    Wow, thanks for the fast and complete answers. It really stinks because the medications my children and I take have no generic and even with prescription insurance, it costs an arm & a leg… mine would be $355/month w/o insurance. My children’s is $280 or so per month and it’s just for GERD, we don’t have anything extremely serious. I was just wondering.. so thank you all! :)

  284. joevsyou says:

    Does anyone know a website where you can input your prescription drugs and make sure that they are safe to take together?

  285. Goe122 says:

    Now, I know just as much as the next person that smoking marijuana during pregnancy could or could not harm your baby (I don’t think anyone really knows for sure). My question is, how is taking prescription drugs, ex: Tylenol, pro air (which is a category c), ambien, claritin, or any anxiety medications better for you then a little joint now and then while expecting?

    I’m actually extremely curious about this, I myself did smoke before I got pregnant for anxiety, but I haven’t since I found out I was going to be a mom. My doctors tried to put me on a low dose form of anxiety medication since its so bad, but I said no since they are mostly all category d drugs. I just deal with it.

    Anyways, can anyone shed some light on this subject? How are foreign man made drugs better for your baby than a natural herb? No one has been able to answer this question for me. It’s always: don’t do either, or weed is BAD because the FDA
    Says so. I just want to know how it’s safer. I don’t need a lecture.
    Thanks in advance

  286. mendhak says:

    I have a simple question. Do insurance companies send a list of prescription drugs that it has covered in the past month or so to the owner of the insurance? (I’m talking specifically about blue cross/blue shield)
    No I’m not talking about my employer, I’m actually talking about my parents…just to clarify.

  287. Heath says:

    they’re both addicting and they both have withdrawal symptoms. they both give a “high” …so….why is it the norm to pop a pill whenever someone is depresses/ sad/angry?

    I am not bashing anyone who does takes drugs. have that in mind. thank you
    the difference is just that they’re legal and illegal. is that it?
    I guess this is just a rant and not really a question but some have really made sense in their responses. thanks =]

  288. easton j says:

    What are illagal prescription drugs? Narcotic, depressant, stimulant, hallucinogen? O.o?

  289. Ed D says:

    not because i want to go get any, but bc at my school there are a lot of people that use prescription drugs and i’m curious as to where they get them from…
    so do ppl usually just take them from other people that actually need them?
    or do they like use a parent’s prescription pad and go to the pharmacy? how would you do that anyway, like how could you even get away with it?

  290. mendhak says:

    is it possible to buy prescription drugs from online pharmacies without a prescription, and which are the best ones?

  291. Dr Dorian says:

    Is this in any way offensive?
    I sung it as a child and I am not a racist. Kids are now made to sing ‘white sheep’. Well excuse me, isn’t THAT offensive too then?

  292. baldy eire says:

    I mean, world war 2 scale, and a tv series, not a movie. It can be cartoon, anime, or non-animated.

  293. Superman says:

    I’ve read that pharmacy schools used to tell it’s students on the first day of class that all prescription drugs are toxins. Is this true?

  294. sick_mick_101 says:

    I just posted one question.. but, wanted to clarify myself a little.. can anyone answer any of these questions in detail about this?
    Why is this happening?
    Where are these drugs coming from?
    What leads up to this?
    What are the effect?
    What can we do to stop this?
    Drugs being distributed in a certain manner…
    People ordering drugs from other countries..
    Methadone Clinics
    Healthcare workers, anesthesiologist, pharmacies… etc.

  295. NC Baller says:

    what is the spmthoms of ceroses of the liver.

  296. Peter says:

    without a prescription in Canada? And if yes give me the particular law it breaks.

  297. Jesse says:

    I am friends with many doctors and they have (on the side) diagnosed me with multiple personality disorders and depression and all sorts of stuff.

    Since I don’t want to put on a job application that I’ve taken anti-depressants, I get my drugs illegally. I have prescription cards filled out to get them filled, but I never actually buy them from the pharmacy and I never use a doctor that fills out medical forms.

    Can I get arrested for possesing them, even though I have the prescription card – just haven’t used it at a pharmacy? Gotten them from somebody else.

  298. arronwrath says:

    I currently have prescription drug coverage over and above medicare. I realize there a few changes as to those insurance co carrying addition costs thru donut hole. I have six current meds and needing something realistic. Currently have Advantrarx premium plus.

  299. John says:

    im writting an opinion paper on prescription drug addiction…& i need help on some differnt veiws. are the doctors to blame ? Pharmacy ? Are there any “white coat dealers ”

  300. sam N says:

    Shouldn’t drugs just be made legal and put a tax on it, that way it would be way cheaper and healthier for addicts. No dealers cutting and selling at exorbitant prices.

  301. Heath says:

    I’ve really been scaring myself lately. I find myself increasingly anxious and depressed, mostly at night when there is nothing to do, and it’s at this time, when I’m lying in bed or surfing the web that my mind drifts to drugs. I keep thinking about taking the prescription drugs that I know are in my house just out of curiosity. I’ve never even smoked weed so I have no history of being drug-curious, but for some reason, the allure is there. During the day, I think about what was going through my head the night before and almost laugh at the stupidity of it, but then that night, it happens all over again. Anyone heard of exhibiting the psychological signs of addiction without having taken the drug? Anyway. My main question is: what the hell is wrong with me? Why am I thinking about these drugs, and how can I stop? And I should mention that I can’t really throw the drugs out because they belong to my parents; they’d probably notice and assume I was doing them anyway. (Irony, anybody?)
    “That’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard in my life.”
    Big fan of that show. And thanks for the response.

  302. joevsyou says:

    I was going to order a reverse osmosis system today to replace bottle waters, but I saw that artical about prescription drugs in city water today. Would a reverse osmosis system filter the drugs out?
    I’ve read that bottle water may not be safer than tap water, now I’m at a loss of what is the safest water for my baby. Any idea what’s is the purest water available? what’s the best filtering system?
    I boycott PUR, they belong to Proctor & Gamble which still does cruel animal testing for no good reason.
    I’m in Orlando, Florida

  303. Dr Dorian says:

    Im getting a dwarf goat and so is my sister & she is naming hers Rosie. Any cute girl names for mine?(:

  304. sethburger says:

    We have been waging a “war on drugs” since the 1980s on users and dealers of weed, coke, heroin, etc., yet at the same time prescription drug use in this country has skyrocketed. Antidepressant use has doubled from a decade ago. Parents are so eager to place their children on ADD/ADHD medication when long-term effects of these drugs have not been fully determined. Painkillers have made addicts out of millions. My point is that we seem to be using more big pharma drugs than ever even as we demonize drugs like weed.

    Are we really winning a war on drugs or have we started a whole new epidemic of prescription drug abuse?

  305. JackReynolds says:

    i’ve heard this as replaced ba ba black sheep.
    i heard about it in the media during the 1980s and on and off ever since then.
    i have never heard rainbow sheep sung all the kids i know say baa baa black sheep. nor have i seen it in a book
    is it just a myth ?
    please no you couldnt make it up its political correctness gone mad type answers. thanks
    pwei34 wow a stunning and to my mind right out of leftfeild answer now i’m all at sea as to what to think cheers for the weblinks. i’m not sure now who to pick as best answer

  306. sick_mick_101 says:

    I wanted to hear everyone’s input on the battle between natural remedies and healing therapies and prescription drugs.
    Please state your opinion and your reasoning–I’m trying to debate which one I am for!


  307. Alex says:

    This is true in Miami, a city well known for illicit drugs, and certainly sure for the entire country probably at a higher rate.
    What can we do to educate people that you cant drug yourself into health or happiness.
    Heath Ledger is dead, and now they are question Mary Kate about where he got the drugs from. Should she be in prison.

  308. Joe M says:

    Or is it only strictly drugs that people abuse for a “high”?

  309. The Inc says:

    I’m looking for a list of prescription drugs that once were legal but now are not.

  310. Vultre9 says:

    Some websites claim to sell prescription drugs at a low price without a prescription. Are these sites valid or just a scam?

  311. Lasagna delivery guy says:

    this is for my music assessment

  312. Tyler H says:

    I am doing a report and wanted to compare how street drugs and prescription drugs are basically the same. Can someone provide me with information on drugs that are prescribed but have illegal counterparts. By that I mean morphine and heroin are the same Adderall is the same thing as speed and so on. Are there anymore?


  313. Xavier Hawthorne says:


  314. mal_functiongeo says:

    they are the same person designed by different people ;D
    ignore the clothes because I’m well aware the ones I’ve chosen are horrendously bad xD OR OR
    in fact I’m like 99 percent sure my friend is going to win this so try not to be too harsh xD

  315. Taylor G says:

    I’m getting pretty mixed signals when I ask this at school…
    Plus, it’s only a kids nursery rhyme… Surly it doesn’t mean anything bad…

  316. white man says:


  317. Stevalicious says:

    of taxpayers dollars to boost his political party and has written a manual on how to stifle dissent? Are they really sheep as is widely believed by 70% of the country?

    I always chuckle when cons ask for links.

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