Leaky Heart Valve Symptoms

I’m 16, and I’ve got a leaking heart valve. Computerized devices more painful so I can aim to stop from that receiving even worse? Please help. Simply… It will be very useful to understand which control device is needed. In your time a bicuspid aortic device will be the most usual genetic cardiovascular system lesion. Vomiting has a tendency to boost after some time regardless of is done. There is nothing that it will be easy to complete to preclude this from getting more serious recommendations the character of the valvular abnormality. For those who offer me with an increase of data I might be able to give you a a lot more comprehensive and polite reply. I wish you good health insurance and in any elements may perhaps The almighty bless. Jr .

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  1. Dee Dree says:

    Very little can make it greater or more painful when you are in good health and are generally attending to your self. Another thing that is vital once you have device difficulties will be to avoid dehydration.

  2. simply complicated says:

    I’ve been ill for nearly per month. I’ve come across different Dr.’s as well as on Wednesday I’m visiting a surgeon simply because they believe the discomfort and vomiting comes from scarring from my gall bladder surgery in 1995. What concerns me is incorporated in the a week ago . 5 I’ve developed serious heart palapitations. I had been identified in 2000 w/a leaking heart valve. Can any one of this be tied together. Other signs and symptoms, vomiting, lightheadedness, cold sweats, and discomfort within my chest. I am only 32.

  3. kevindiking67verizonnet says:

    I just read that ergot fungus on grains accustomed to make bread through the Romans called the reason people imagined they seen all of the fantastic things they discuss within the bible.

  4. JDOGG1122 says:

    My Echocardiogram implies that I’ve “traces” of regurgitation in certain of my valves. What goes on with this?

  5. Kaylla says:


  6. Krazy Bob says:

    The center valve is seeping 30 %

  7. Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused says:

    My hubby has lots of cousins in the family that have a similar genetic abnormality. He is not examined regarding if he’s a company yet. If he’s, can there be anything I’m able to do in order to avoid getting a young child with similar disorder? Or would you just take part in the odds and also have plenty of prenatal testing?

    We really will have intends to get genetic counseling and testing…I simply desired to see what others thought and have experienced. Good sense informs me eating all of the vegetables and folate won’t affect my husbands genes

  8. Kaylla says:

    It’s difficult to describe the signs and symptoms since my mother may be the one going through them, i am only the concerned daughter…She’s had heart disease for some time, a leaking valve, and today she will get really dizzy almost everyday, has heart flutters, and contains become to the stage where it’s very worrisome. A heart rate monitor demonstrated no irregularities, however the MRI demonstrated whitened spots on her behalf brain, that have increased since her last MRI a couple of in the past. Any medical professionals who are able to add in their opinions is a lot appreciated. Thanks ahead of time.

  9. Derek says:

    After i visited the cardiologist a couple of several weeks ago, i recall him stating that my lung and tricuspid valve were leaking, and i believe he stated these were single on the scale of just one to 4 that is minor as well as no concern. however i have valve problems within my family and that i got thining about this. anybody understand what this scale is known as/convey more info or maybe it was something he just composed to inform me it’s minor?

  10. ttocs says:

    I am carrying out a ms powerpoint presentation around the blood circulation system for science class and I must do two different 35mm slides:

    Malfunction from the system

    Illnesses from the system

    I’m Not Sure The Main Difference


  11. Keaton says:

    I’m 19 years of age and getting chest discomfort they merely last 1 minute and also the discomfort ranges from my chest, to my arms, shoulders as well as my back and that i visited the Physician plus they discovered i’d a Heart murmur along with a leaking heart valve however they stated it shouldn’t cause my chest pains. Rather than discovering what’s wrong beside me they will start trying out medication on me beginning with heart purn medication that we don’t want.

    I had been reading through on chest discomfort and everything personally i think it signs and symptoms of Angina. I seem like i recieve this excellent pressure within my chest that accumulates until it finaly understands which cause me a lot of discomfort along with other break of no where i simply obtain the discomfort and like i stated above it simply is sort of a sharp aching discomfort

  12. maskills24 says:

    I’ve Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) and I’ve had it for just two years. I’m 34 and also the mother of 5 kids. Since setting it up it had been made worse. My ejection fraction was @ 11%. I’m dieting, have forfeit 47 pounds and my EF has become at 24%. My real question is does it get worse and can my existence expectency be restricted to 5 to eight years? Or perhaps is there ever a situation where individuals can accept CHF for 25 years or even more? Thanks.

  13. Orbit says:

    What’s leakage through the heart? and just how could it be fixed? I’ve got a feeling among the changed arterial blood vessels is what is seeping and wishing it may be fiwed non-evasive or having a stenth. Anone have solutions?

  14. lucasg615 says:

    i’ve got a heart problem and im 15 and also the physician explained i’ve bicuspid aortic valve disease so when i requested him what’s he overlooked me ive attempted searching on the web and found only wise things virtually can anybody show me what it’s??

    what may happen to me and shall we be held likey to possess a cardiac arrest?

  15. Derek says:

    My mother, who’s 90 and it has regular hypertension, as well as needs to cope with a leaking heart valve and tightening from the aortic wall, demonstrated a unique symptom yesterday. Her British petroleum blood pressure measurements, appropriately taken, were 185/102 (sitting), 140/90 (standing). I realize there’s generally a small distinction between standing and sitting blood pressure measurements but shall we be held to think this really is an amount of difference that’s matter for concern ? She’s taking recommended medication for British petroleum. Any informed ideas welcome – a lot more than !

    Danny : Thank you, most useful. And That I suppose eventually I’ll stop confusing hyper- with hypotension :)

    Danny : Thank you, most useful. And That I suppose eventually I’ll stop confusing hyper- with hypotension :)

  16. Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused says:

    I’m 83,a healthy body,no signs and symptoms but leaking valve.Am scheduled for pre-testing:transosphageal echocardiogram/angiogram but am searching for anotherOr3rd opinion re valve repair surgery.No signs and symptoms. Workout every single day and literally work 5 days per week.

  17. The Beatles says:

    Is there a psycological abnormality associated with 2 or more independent streams of thought? Like concurrent streams of consciousness, that can think about 2 completely independent things.

  18. Jeracoo L says:

    a little detail about me 44 yr old female, don’t know how to spell the medical term but i have a leaky heart valve, my other one pumps harder to make up for it. i also have diabetes. i have had kidney stones in the past. dr said i have two small ones that was nothing in size. that was a couple years ago. i have been having sever back pain between my shoulder blades with some chest pain and a little bit of nausea. feels like something is sitting on my chest and i feel like i could vomit but just dry heave and that makes the back pain worse. that all symptom’s i have. dr has done blood work ekg ultrasound of my heart but nothing is showing up. does anybody have an idea what this could be that i can discuss with my dr. bty im seeing a heart specialist

  19. Adam says:

    My mother died of it, and it was said she developed it when she was pregnant with me, although my family thinks she had it when she was a little girl. How possible is it that I may have it or contract it?

  20. brincks26 says:

    Thank you, Ann F for such a comprehensive. answer. I just spent a week in the hospital bc my symptoms have become unbearable. The dr says that I will soon have surgery, but told me he will tell me when. I will go to those resources. Im just overwhelmed and a little depressed! Thank you…

  21. Christopher J says:

    How might abnormalities in each of the following contribute to cancer?
    a.Cellular adhesion
    b.Signal transduction
    c.Balance between mitosis and apoptosis
    d.Cell cycle control
    e.Telomerase activity

  22. sethburger says:

    My doctor detected a heart murmur (leaky heart valve, hole in my heart) yesterday. I have an echocardiogram on tuesday to figure out exactly how big the gap is.

    I’ve learned that I was probably born with the condition. I just wonder why it was never detected before.

    I’ve complained to my doctor about chest pains, fatigue, and shortness of breath for a couple of years, but I recently took a two week trip to the mountains. During this trip, I had an especially hard time breathing. I’ve learned that severe stress on the cardiovascular system can cause the hole to “grow”.

    Could this trip have been what caused the hole to become apparent?

    Since I’ve been back to my home at a much lower altitude, I’ve noticed my symptoms become more severe. I wake up about two nights a week feeling pain radiating from my chest and up into my back and shoulder, feeling as though my heart is going to come out of my chest. I have a hard time maintaining smooth speech on the phone and feel dizzy when standing up.

    My doctor has attributed these symptoms to “panic attacks” which I thought sounded reasonable because someone close to me was recently murdered and it seemed that panic attacks would become more intense after this trauma. I’m now thinking otherwise.

    Do I fit the description of someone with considerably intense heart valve dysfunction?

    (I have also gained a considerable amount of weight over the past couple of months)

  23. Jon P says:

    I have been ill for almost a month. I have seen different Dr.’s and on Wednesday I am seeing a surgeon because they believe the pain and vomiting stems from scar tissue from my gallbladder surgery back in 1995. What concerns me is in the last week and a half I have developed serious heart palapitations. I was diagnosed back in 2000 w/a leaky heart valve. Can any of this be tied together. Other symptoms, vomiting, dizziness, cold sweats, and pain in my chest. I’m only 32.

  24. lucasg615 says:

    This a weird question, but the doctor told me I have a heart murmur. Never had any problems with it, but the one thing I will say is that when I get nervous, like when I’m going to sing in public my heart starts beating like I honestly don’t think is normal and I can hardly breathe through the song. Is it in anyway related do you think or is that just a normal anxiety problem? Any advice on controlling it. Thinking hypnotist now.

  25. Jeffery Carlson says:

    I have a certain increase in heart beat so my physician take an ecg in which right atrial abnormality is come.my age is 18 years and the ecg report be abnormal.so tell me is this a heart disease or not and if yes what is the treatment so plz help me.

  26. Cupcakerum says:


    I’m 15 and for about 1 year now, i’ve got mild to painful-ish pains in my heart area. I’m starting to get concerned about what it is. It doesn’t seem to be related to anything. (Stress etc) I’m starting to worry now about what it is.. Leaky heart valve? Thin heart wall? I dunno, I just want a relatively definite answer as I take my mock GCSE exams in 2 weeks time and I really don’t wa7t this on my mind.



  27. Alun J says:

    On a centile chart for height, weight and head circumference, how would an abnormality be followed up? As in who would that child be referred to if there was a problem?

  28. sethburger says:

    I signed up to give blood at my church but i was wondering if it’s ok if I have a heart murmur and have been having symptoms lately? Will it hurt me of whoever gets my blood? Also, I’ve been lightheaded/ dizzy lately and don’t know if that’s connected to my murmur.

  29. stealspartansbcglobalnet says:

    many things, but only list “a leaky heartvalve” or something of the heart valve nature. What are these other things it could be?

  30. PIE BOY says:

    In May of 2009 I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. About two weeks Post Partum I developed a severe case of Pneumonia. I went into the ER with a temp of 104 and a heart rate of 140. After countless antibiotics were pumped into me my temp went way down as did my heart rate. The Drs. sent me for a Cardiac Ultrasound due to my heart rate going below 40 bmp. I was told, before I was discharged, that I had a “minor” leaky heart valve and everything is fine.

    Today, I saw my Dr. regarding numb fingertips. Due to being a hypochondriac, I brought up the leaky heart valve. She pulled up my Ultrasound report and said that I didn’t have a leaky heart valve but a “dilated left atrium with a mild trace of regurgitation”. She told me this is nothing to worry about and that we could look it over again in “10″ “20″ or even “50″ years from now.

    I am NOT comfortable with that. Is this something I should be concerned about? Did the pregnancy or pneumonia cause this? Am I on the road to heart failure?

    I am only 27 years old and am petrified of leaving my daughter.

    My left atrium was 4.5cm.

    Can someone with EXPERIENCE (not googling left atrium dilated) assist me. I am a mess due to this.

  31. Le Pwner says:

    I’m wondering if any other people who are suffering from valve problems have been told by the doctors that they won’t do surgery until it’s absolutely necessary or until something happens.

  32. alberto s says:

    She was told she may need antibiotics when she goes to the dentist , but that it was so mild she may not have to. My question is should we have this looked at more , she has no symptoms, but is a nervouse person. Once this was told to her she got panicky. What can we do or should we do to keep up on this? I just want to put her at ease, any help would be great went to webmd , but sometimes they just give you too much information your overwhelmed.

  33. musicistabest says:

    I am 17 and my cardiologist told me i have a leaky heart valve about a year ago. he told me i was fine and that my heart is strong. i get symptoms once in a while( meaning like every couple of months especially when im stressed) like pressure in my chest and sharp pains in that area, but he told me its just what comes with that condition. it still makes me scared when i have these symptoms and i know my anxiety makes it worse. i just want to know if anybody else has these problems or knows more about them.

  34. Michael says:

    My son (10 mos) recently had an EKG that shows both premature atrial complexes and premature vertricular complexes. We have an appointment with a cardiologist next month but I was trying to learn as much as I could before then. What are some of the possible causes for these conditions that the doctor might discuss with us?

  35. homerliveshere says:

    im 17, 5,10″ and have had a heart murmer from birth. i’ve been working out the last 3 months and was just wondering if my murmer will affect me in any way at all. its the least dangerous one grade 1. will it be harder for me to work out? and do people with heart murmers die earlier than other people. thanks

  36. norrin_shadowwolf says:

    CT scan shows Spleen: Increased in size low-attenuation abnormality involving large portion of the mid aspect of the spleen and most consistent with worsening splenic infarct. What does all this mean?

  37. Lia-lu-li says:

    He will not have surgery

  38. Jeracoo L says:

    whether I sit or stand. I get tired easily. I get tired and out of breath if I walk more than one quarter mile. should I be concerned..When I have my stress test, it comes out fine.

  39. Joe T says:

    I went to the hospital to have a ECG/Holter monitor and an ultrasound done and he found that I had a leaky Aorta.
    He said they will keep an eye on it to check if it isn’t getting any worse, if it does then action will be taken.
    My symptoms are…
    -Feels like my heart is skipping a beat
    -I get lightheaded/dizzy a lot

    What would they do if it did get worse?
    Is it normal to have this at 15?
    Was there anything that I done that caused this?
    Lastly why is having a leaky Aorta a bad thing? I mean, what does all this mean?
    I’m a bit confused and when I ask my Mum she just says don’t worry and I was too nervous to ask my doctor at the time! I know I should have:-( I’m very shy so…ANY feedback from any of the questions would be helpful, thank you! I am going back but not for another 6 months.

  40. Mathew says:

    I’ve gone to the er about 4 times in my life all because of chest pain everytime they told me it was anxiety related chest pain but now I’m having symptoms that are different then the last 4 times
    everytime I take a deep breath it feels like I have a leaky heart valve (or is it impossible to sense this) this is all brought on by nervous like muscle contractions around my chest area after I get these tic-like muscle contractions I sometimes get lightheaded or stomach cramps or just a general feeling of malaise
    but everytime I ask my parents to take me to get checked out they just tell me it’s anxiety and to just take a xanax
    I just want to know for sure if there’s something wrong with me each time I went to er they took an ekg but I’d rather have them take a much more invasive test
    what should I do?
    I’m only 20 years old soon to be 21 in 4 days I wanna make it to my next birthday but I keep having a recurring fear that I won’t make it that far
    I’m scarred

  41. Goe122 says:

    I just had my 18 week ultrasound, and got a call that it looks like maybe there could be a chromosome abnormality in the baby. They also said not to worry, it could be nothing, like a shadow or fluid that confused the transcriptions. I am so nervous… I am 26 and my husband is 36 and we are both healthy and have good genetics… What are the chances that baby is normal and this is just nothing? Has this happened to anyone else? I took the triple quad screening test today. When do I get the results?

  42. Sriram R says:

    ive been told my 7 yr old son’s heart is enlarged on the left side but only been told he will be getting an appointment from a consultant but dont know anything about it should i be looking out for anything or be aware of anything? He also has behavioural problems

  43. PillowMan1234 says:

    Can you describe in detail a research study for the cognitive approach to abnormality?

  44. NC Baller says:

    I had an MRA to check for an aneurysm in my brain because my mom recently died from an aneurysm. The nurse called and said that they want to do an MRI because they detected a possible brain abnormality. She said it is probably nothing but I am very scared. Should I be?

  45. Xbox Gamer says:

    Hey guys.

    I recently found out I had a heart murnor. The doctor said it was innocent but my anxiety of course went crazy and googled million things to do with heart murmor and came to the conclusion I was going to have heart failure or something.

    I just recently had a EKG ECG and blood test done which all came back normal. Blood pressure normal as well. The doc said I had nothing to worry about. That didn’t satisfy me as I still have some light discomfort and been having heart flutters… I seem go be so intune with my heart that I can feel every little beat and change it does and freaks me out more. I decided to go to another doctor I told him about all my tests and he proceded to check my heart with a stethoscope. He kinda smiled and said straight away you have innocent heart murmor and your fine. He told me u should see a phycologist about my anxiety but I’m convinced I do infact have a heart problem…

    My symptoms are: occasionall heart flutters, chest tightness, trembling feeling in legs and sometimes chest, my hr during the day is 75 but at night it slows to 60-68 normal? I go for long walks each day about 6-7 kms so 4 miles ? And during my walks I sometimes feel like one of my valves is being force to pump blood like as if something is blocking it? During my ecg I asked the cardiologist do all my valves/arteries look normal ?? She said yes healthy. Another cardiologist evaluated my final ECG results to which he also came to the conclusion of my heart to be perfectly healthy.

    Anyone with a similar situation as me with same symptoms ?? Does anxiety really give you so many physicall problems? BTW I’m 23 male.
    Sorry forgot to mention. I requested for 24 hr holter monitor and stress test but both doctors said I really didn’t need one. And also I sometimes get tightness in my stomach when I dont exercise and I just sit all down all day.

  46. Death Knight says:

    And how Statistics of Abnormality and Psychometric Abnormality relate to Normal curve and Baseline?
    Can you please explain and give some examples as much as you can.
    Thank you very much!

  47. Xedo says:

    Well, I am about fourteen, and get a lot of headaches, chest pain(Around the heart and left lung), and get these small red spots of blood inside of my skin. During chest pains, I sometimes see these little red dots of blood grow to about the size of a pin head. My doctor does know, and is trying to find what it is, but in the mean time I get worried about this. It feels like my ribs are tapping on my chest. But the main question is, could this be related to my heart? Or is it blood vessels?

  48. norrin_shadowwolf says:

    I have recently been diagnosed with Endometriosis within the last 2 years. I have also had Mitral Valve Prolapse (MVP) for the past 10 years.
    … Anyways… I was reading in a brochure for Endometrosis that there is a commonality between having those two diseases. If you know of the reasoning behind this I would be very interested in knowing. As I have yet to find an answer yet. I am just curious why having one will give you a larger likley hood to get the other.

    Thanks for your time and answers!
    But that doesn’t really explain how the endometriosis and mitral valve prolapse are connected.

  49. Jonathan says:

    And how Statistics of Abnormality and Psychometric Abnormality relate to Normal curve and Baseline?

    Can you please explain and give some examples as much as you can.
    Thank you very much!

  50. Muzahid says:

    while in utero, the wall between the two ventricles of the human fetal heart is not complete. an opening, the foramen ovale, allows blood from the two ventricles to mix. Normally, at birth, this hole seals over and the two ventricles are separated from each other. What would be the consequences to the infant if this hole did not seal over at birth?

  51. Kevin says:

    I have stenosis pulmanary, which has never been a problem in the past, i have nevr had any symptoms of it, but when they sent me to do an echo it showed i still have it and my original ob-gyn reffered me to a high risk dr, cause he said im high risk cause of that, now im freaking out. He said i can go into cardiac arrest and a bunch of other things, but it has never been a problem b4, and im only 24, and never had had shortness of breath or fatigue or chest pains, which are all symptoms of stenosis pulmanary, im thinking i have a mild case of it. The dr didint know the degree of it he just knows i have it and decided not to treat me, i was reffered. Does anyone know anything about it? And how dangerous it really is ?

  52. Arminator says:

    I know some of the symptoms, such as: Heart Palpitations, chronic fatigue, chest pains, dizziness & regurgitation. I just wanted to know more information on actual diseases, treatment options, what causes this disease and what one can do to reduce or even prevent your chances of contracting a leaky heart.

  53. Joey 01 says:

    What is the metabolic abnormality that underlies the characteristic symptoms of diabetes mellitus?
    A. A failure of the kidney tubules to reabsorb glucose from the urine
    B. A failure of the villi of the intestine to absorb glucose from food
    C. The body can’t switch from glucose metabolism to fat metabolism between meals.
    D. The body’s cells can’t retain glucose absorbed from the blood.
    E. The body’s cells can’t absorb enough glucose from the blood.

  54. Milk84 says:

    I recently had a echo cardiogram that showed a leaky valve. I was not given any other information about treatment, if there is any, symptoms of this and weather or not I should be concerned about it.

  55. Dana G says:

    How can I do when using GstarCAD? If Z coordinate of certain lines is not 0 which will lead to abnormality of chamfer and trim?

  56. Lia-lu-li says:

    What kinds of of problems do you think a leaky heart valve would cause?

  57. mr flibble says:

    The chances of having a child with a chromosomal abnormality increases as a woman’s age increases over 40 years old. After reading the section on oogenesis, why do you think this is the case? Read the section on spermatogenesis. Do you think the age of the man is as important in determining the chance of chromosomal abnormalities? Why or why not?

  58. Muzahid says:

    i need answers not websites
    when i breathe in my heart rate just increases is that good or bad
    please answer it realy hurts to breathe in

  59. encyclopath says:

    I wonder if it`s easier to work with a person who isn`t aware that they have an abnormality than one who is..maybe depending on the type of personality abnormality .. and if so then which ones.

  60. Sriram R says:

    And how Statistics of Abnormality and Psychometric Abnormality relate to Normal curve and Baseline?

    Can you please explain and give some examples as much as you can.

    Thank you very much!

  61. Harry says:

    It may sound stupid, but im having a frenzy about abnormalitys,I was just woundering if a heartbeat would “sound” different if there was some sort of abnormality such as downs syndrome?

  62. John G says:

    Why does a genetic abnormality affect protein synthesis?

    The genetic sequence controls the expression of genes.

    Nucleotide sequences create proteins.

    Protein synthesis does not respond to change during expression.

    Abnormalities increase or decrease protein synthesis.

    Correct genetic sequences determine the assembly of proteins.

  63. therundown2k3 says:

    I saw on my 20 week ultrasound result, “suspected fetal abn”. I saw the tech type it in the computer after the scan. Does that mean my baby does have an abnormality? Would she have called in the doctor if it was a real concern? Who tells me the results, the techs supervisor (the main sonogram doc) or my OB after she gets the report?

  64. Balla says:

    If someone with a mental abnormality has committed a crime

    1. Is it possible to know whether it is the abnormality that serves as the underlying cause of why they have to commit the crime? If so, how do you eliminate the other factors which may have triggered them to commit the crime?

    2. Where do you draw the line between whether the mental abnormality has caused them to commit the crime or not, before the insanity defence becomes far fetched?

  65. sethburger says:

    I have been feeling very lethargic I am back to the hospital in a few weeks to see a chest specialist I get very breathless like my body i slacking oxygen Anyone have any idea what this could be?

  66. stephen m says:

    Okay I already posted a question regarding my heart problem. Basically I have had 2 doctors pick up an abnormality in my heart beat, and the last one sent me to hospital to see a specialist as he could hear it straight away and said there is a large possibility that I have a leaky heart valve. I have had this problem sins I was a child (Heart flutter, palpitations and chest pains) and they have only just started worrying. Anyway, I have just been to the hospital and seen the specialist and he claims there is nothing there at all and that he can’t hear anything abnormal in my heart! If he was right then why do I get stabbing heart pains, feel like I have ran a marathon when in fact I have only just walked a few steps, why do I feel like I’m being punched in the chest when my heart flutters, etc etc. But he was adamant that there is nothing wrong with my heart what so ever! Advice?

  67. brincks26 says:

    my daughter is 10 years old. she was on vyvanse for three years. they took her off of it four weeks ago cause it was giving her bad side effects. and now she has a mild leaky valve in her heart. so heart dr said no stimulant meds. her dr said there is one non stimulant called intuniv, but its also a blood pressure medicine. im trying to find a homepathic medicine if anyone knows of them. i looked on synaptol and bright spark. but wondering if anyone has tried it

  68. floydian8717 says:

    Is there new evidence to explain Saturn’s North pole hexagonal abnormality . The last i heard was that its simply an aurora or jet stream . Just curious really .

  69. Benihana says:

    I learn that one of the reasons for recurrent miscarriage of a pregnancy is the chromsomal abnormalities found in atleast one parent. I have the following questions:
    1. Does this problem always result in a miscarriage or are there chances of delivering a live baby ?
    2. If it results in a child-birth, are there chances of the baby born with abnormalities ?
    3. Is this problem curable/treatable ?

  70. Orbit says:

    I’ve been having random feelings of congestion in my heart for a few months now. It doesn’t happen everyday, but it happens about two or three times a week. I’ll get a sudden fluttering, gurgling, congested feeling in my heart that makes me want to cough until it feels better. It usually lasts for about five to ten seconds, and often gets better when I cough. I can’t afford to go to the doctor about it, but does anyone have an idea of what it could be? A leaky heart valve possibly? That’s a condition that is fairly common in my mother’s side of the family. We’ve had a good handful of members diagnosed with and die from heart problems.

  71. SKATEskum says:

    The chances of having a child with a chromosomal abnormality increases as the womans age increases over 40 years old. Why does that happen?

  72. Mistry says:

    In my second pregnancy, I had a child with severe spina bifida and severe brain damage. I am now 10 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child. I have been on th evitamins my doctors told me to take. Has anyone else had a child with a severe abnormality then go on to have a normal healthy pregnancy?

  73. jdfan says:


    I sort of get the weaknesses but the strengths are more hard to understand



    I am 39 yrs old and Hypertension from 2002 August.Presently I am on Ramipril , Hydrochlorothiozide and Amlodepine2.5mg. When HTN is checked ,on my left hand it was 124/82, on my right hand it was 148/97 with the same machine at the same time. Is that abnormal? What are the test that should I undergo to rule out the abnormality?

  75. airdogspace2 says:

    I am 20 and have no medical conditions. My boyfriend is 21 and has Dup15 chromosome abnormality, but he got “lucky”. He has only 1 extra single chromosome 15 which means he has 47 chromosomes instead of the normal 46 like I have. So I was just wondering that if we were to have children in the future, are there greater chances/ any or no chances at all of having a child(ren) with a chromosome/ medical condition?

  76. dubmecrazy3 says:

    I thought you can elect to end the pregnancy until 22 weeks, if there are abnormalities in fetal development. Is that so?

  77. Taylor2k says:

    Why do chromasome abnormalities cause affects on individuals?
    Guys please help, this is my homework due in tomorrow and I have no idea about the answers, I can’t even see anything online!

    Thanks, luv ya babes/ Dudes xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Thanks soo much, your the first to answer!

  78. Wooooody says:

    i recently had a pap smear done and it came back abnormal. Dr gave me my results and on them they tested for HPV and it came back not detected. But on the pap smear part the results say LOW GRADE SQUAMOUS INTRAEPITHELIAL LESION(LSIL) AND ALSO EPITHELIAL CELL ABNORMALITY. Has anyone had these kind of results before. They also tested for STD’s and that came back negative. Does this mean i have cancer and will never be able to concieve? Please any advice will help Is this the reason why my periods are so heavy where I have big clots coming out sometimes. they last about 5 days but first couple of days i have alot of blood clots coming out and not little ones big ones.

  79. Harriet W says:

    My Dog gave birth 3 puppies.
    One of the puppies has an abnormality..he has a 1 Little Foot.
    I wonder why that happens..

    and if my dog that has an abnormality and mates a dog.. will he pass this to his future puppies? will his puppies inherit it?
    is there a possibility that his puppies would be like that also??
    how to prevent on having defect?how to prevent it?

  80. nasty1 says:

    I would like to know if this is a common deformity in staffies as I have bred them for 12 years and never seen it up until now.It is noted as phalange missing as short toe by my vet.Congenital abnormality.

  81. stingerms says:

    Hi I need some help with my biology homework. We were given a karyotype, and there is a chromosome missing in pair #7 and the pair #23 is XXY. Can I tell which parent this abnormality originated from?
    I thought it might be from the mother, because the mom has two X chromosomes and the dad only has one and there was a defect where the offspring inherited both X chromosomes instead of only one, but I’m not sure.

  82. SteveO says:

    I’m constantly in discussion with an individual who claims that homosexuality is a “genetic abnormality.” He isn’t homophobic, in fact he supports equal rights, but he compares homosexuality to deafness, blindness, “having dysfunctional muscles,” and being a paraplegic. I know, I know. Anyway, his argument is that since it takes a sperm and an egg to reproduce, then homosexuality must be a genetic abnormality. How do I make an intelligent argument against this?

  83. Beavis says:

    I’m just curious about the abnormality in menstruation that some of girls don’t follow the right days of having menstruations and some said that there is no effect but i think there is. What can be the effect and why does someone have abnormality in menstruation?

  84. Michael says:

    I am a man.I have the born muscle abnormality (cured through operation).
    What to do to ensure the baby is fine and healthy without such muscle abnormality on the face.
    Please hele me.
    thank you very much. any word will be appreciated.

  85. liza says:

    Hi, my MRI scan on my knee says there is signal abnormality in the proximal third of the patellar tedon and i was curious as to what this means? It then goes on to say clinical correlation is recommended, another term i am not sure about. Thanks for answers in advance

  86. Gundown64 says:

    I dont remember the name of the tests, but you know the tests where they test for any deformities and abnormality’s in the 2nd trimester? Has anyone Chosen NOT to get it?

  87. morbiusdog says:

    4.How many types of chromosomal abnormalities are there? Give an example of each type explaining what kind of chromosomal abnormality is causing them.

  88. Courtney says:

    Can anyone give me a list of brain abnormalities?? I need ten for my psychology class I started this week….thanks!
    I’ve been searching on search engines for a few hours, so if anyone know some off of the top of their head…it would be greatly appreciated!

  89. Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag says:

    I just wonder if that type of abnormality is unacceptable to them or not.

  90. hank baseballs says:

    Im 19 and i hav a pap smear done a couple months ago which came back posible high abnormalities. Im booked for a calapsy in august.
    I was wondering what are the risk of having high abnormalities during pregancy.

  91. Seth says:

    I went in for my ultrasound at 19 wks and found out the baby has echoing in the heart ventricles and a cyst at base of brain. Individually, they would not be concerned, but because 2 abnormalities are present I need to go in for a level 2 ultrasound. What are my odds for having a down syndrome baby at 30 with these abnormalities being present?

  92. Mak Sultan says:

    Anyone know the limitations of the four definitions of abnormality?
    - Deviation from social norms
    - Failure to function adequately
    - Deviation from ideal mental health
    - Deviation from statistical norms

    Please and thank you!

  93. Adam says:

    I had an abnormal pap smear test and am going for a colposcopy. I will ask my Dr, but am curious now whether the Pap smear tells you what type of abnormality is present (precancerous, etc) or does it just tell you more testing is required, like a colposcopy, which then tells you the specific abnormality?

  94. Kaylla says:

    I have an anatomy project where we have to talk about an abnormality and show how it would be like if you had chorea. But, I have no idea what to do! I need a good way in showing my class! HELP!

  95. stephen m says:

    What is the metabolic abnormality that underlies the characteristic symptoms of diabetes mellitus?

    A) a failure of the kidney tubules to reabsorb enough glucose from the urine
    B) a failure of the gastrointestinal epithelium to absorb enough glucose from the food
    C) an inability of the body’s cells to switch from glucose metabolism to fat metabolism between meals
    D) an inability of the body’s cells to retain glucose they have absorbed from the blood
    E) an inability of the body’s cells to absorb enough glucose from the blood

  96. LN13 says:

    Biology homework. I need to find out the relationship between the cardiovascular system and muscle fatigue.

  97. Boo Cookie says:

    If anyone could tell me how the cardiovascular system depend on other body systems, that would be great.


  98. dubmecrazy3 says:

    What affect dose exercise have on the cardiovascular system and the heart? some one help i am really stuck

  99. Clayton Cottrell says:

    I have to do this project for medical science, and it has to be the cardiovascular system. I have no idea what I want to do. My teacher said that there was one that was a board game!! I mean…I dont want to do the same thing, but I wanted to do something cool like that. Can you plz help me???!!!!!!!

  100. crzyinluv says:

    What does each system include:

    I am not sure if the heart, blood, lungs, is in included in Circulatory or Cardiovascular System ?

  101. toysruslover says:

    The lungs and the cardiovascular system have no relationship.
    The lungs pass oxygen to the cardiovascular system and take carbon dioxide from it.
    The lungs provide a way for carbon dioxide to enter the body for use in the cardiovascular system.
    The lungs circulate oxygen and carbon dioxide throughout the body.

  102. Lachlan says:

    Can you tell me if this sounds right? This is my answer: The heart pumps the blood away from the heart into the circulatory system to which it enters the pulmonary capillaries which oxygenates the blood. He blood completes a circle around the body and makes it way back to the heart where it happens all over again. The heart pumps the blood away from the heart into the circulatory system to which it enters the pulmonary capillaries which oxygenates the blood. He blood completes a circle around the body and makes it way back to the heart where it happens all over again. Without the circulatory system the cardiovascular system would not have blood to pump throughout the body.

    Thanks so much! This is for a life science class that I am having a hard time with. You both helped me sooooo much!!! Thanks!!!!

  103. Disrae says:

    I’m doing this health paper on schizophrenia (I chose it because it’s a unique and interesting topic) I’ve done some research on schizophrenia and most sites talk about symptoms but never about brain abnormalities however some sites show an abnormal brain. My question is: can some people have schizophrenia without brain abnormality? What I mean is, the pictures and sites say and show how one part of the brain is larger than normal or there’s activity shown to one section of the brain, etc…. So, can someone have schizophrenia without brain abnormality?

  104. Kristian says:

    outline and evaluate the biological treatments to abnormality? this is a 12 marker, and no one in my class i helping me with this. I missed the lesson and read up about it, but i dont know what to write?!

    how do i outline it? write what methods there are to treating the biological approach?
    then by evaluating it, do i just write the strengths and weaknesses of it?

    someone help me :’( dying here.

  105. Victoria T says:

    Does the cardiovascular system rely on any other systems in the body to function?

  106. heavenly sword says:

    What function do arteries, veins and capillaries have in the cardiovascular system?

  107. Jenna says:

    Leaving for the military and I’m fine in everything except running I can’t seem to breath right, I’m always having to struggle while running. I breath in my nose and out my mouth. But how can I increase my cardiovascular system to be better?

  108. Jamal says:

    cigarette smoke contains thousands of chemicals, including nicotine and carbon monoxide. Nicotine constricts blood vessels. Carbon monoxide prevents oxygen from binding to hemoglobin on red blood cells. How do these two components of smoke affect the cardiovascular system?

  109. mavis24 says:

    For my psychology work, I need to relate a certain disorder to the psychodynamic approach of abnormality. The disorder I have been given is schizoaffective disorder (similar to schizophrenia). Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  110. Brody S says:

    What is the difference between chromosomal abnormalities and single gene disorders?
    Like what is the difference between down’s syndrome and sickle cell anemia?

  111. PoohBearPenguin says:

    how does leukemia affect the cardiovascular system? i am doing a project for science and cant find the answer anywhere. thanks alot.

  112. johnkaiser 22 says:

    I have to describe the structure and functions of the the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system. I can manage that but I now need to link the two systems, ie how they work together. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. My brain has gone numb, and I just cannot get my head around it. Sooo fuzzy with revision and course work. Thank you. Also, any ideas where I can find good diagrams of both these systems. Thanks again.

  113. Mike says:

    Apart form adrenaline, what other hormones in humans affect the cardiovascular system?
    I want to study the relationship between addressing one’s fears and the effect it has on the cardiovascular system, but I want to make the increased heart rate was due to adrenaline. Thanks!

  114. krow147 says:

    Smoking is not good–not an issue–but is categorically correct that a habitual (daily) prescribed/OTC drug user non-smoker really better of than an overall healthy person who smokes 5-10 cigarettes/day? Specifically Kidney, liver functions & their relationship with the cardiovascular system (neurological synaptic function is another issue but is tabled for this question). Thanks.

  115. Pacman says:

    Taking an anatomy course that combines anatomy 1 and 2 together in one semester. Just started cardiovascular system but there is a lot of info and I don’t know how to tackle this atm so some help would be great!!!
    I already use note cards, what I’m more asking about is how to break up the material to make it more manageable to study compared to just tackling the whole thing head on.

  116. Mak Sultan says:

    I need this answer for my level 5 anatomy & physiology paper…
    How does the lymphatic system integrate with the cardiovascular system and how is it influenced by the musculoskeletal system?

  117. Xedo says:

    Explain how the digestive system interacts with the cardiovascular system.

  118. Christopher J says:

    Can somebody explain to me how the cardiovascular system and respiratory system interrelate and the process of them please? :)
    - Thanks in advance.

  119. tefa_96 says:

    Smoking as we know, definitely affects the cardiovascular system. If I was to stop chewing, would it have a positive affect on my running, I.E more breath??

  120. musicistabest says:

    I have a biology test I need to hand in next week but I can’t seem to find the answers to the last two questions, which are:

    1- Describe the effects of nicotine and carbon monoxide on the cardiovascular system with reference to atherosclerosis, coronary, heart disease and stroke.

    2- What are the problems of cardiovascular disease and the ways in which smoking may affect the risk of developing cardiovascular disease?

  121. mrankinmatt says:

    i need help on what would happen to the cardiovascular system if the other would suddenly shut down…..what arre the effects??

    i am doing this for a fourth grader so make it somewat understandable!!!

    THANKS!!!!! (:

  122. mike s says:

    The assignment is really straightforward. Basically, I have to describe the function of a healthy system and then explain the causes of the conditions and how the system is affected, as well as how to prevent and treat them. I’ve only had basic education in human biology and this is my first year doing it in university. So, do you think it would be easiest to talk about bones and osteoporosis or the cardiovascular system and atherosclerosis? I’ve studied basic bone structure and function in last week’s tutorial, but haven’t really done anything on the cardiovascular system apart from blood. Although, I have always been very interested in nutrition and know quite a bit about the effects of diet and exercise on cardiovascular health, so I’m not too sure which one to go with.

    Thanks in advance! : )

  123. forahobby says:

    I need to do a power point on the cardiovascular system. The maximum number of slides is 15. There is just too much to this system and I need to include only the most important parts or combine them. Help?

  124. JackReynolds says:

    I know that the cardiovascular system brings nutrients that are carried to the digestive, and all other systems, but I don’t know how it works the other way around. When I try to look it up all I get is the information I already have.

  125. Superman says:

    I know octopi, earthworms, and hagfish have more than one heart, but would it be possible for, say, a human to be able to support a binary cardiovascular system? What are the pros and cons of such a system?

  126. easton j says:

    WHAT does the cardiovascular system do to maintain homeostasis and HOW does it help maintain homeostasis?
    this is apart of my physiology homework, but i don’t really understand it. Please help?

  127. opurt says:

    How does temperature and pulse affect the digestive and cardiovascular system?

  128. llb443 says:

    For class I have to do a presentation on a disease of the cardiovascular system. I have to pick one specific disease and looks up treatment, symptoms and all that stuff. What are some cardiovascular system diseases I can choose from?

  129. Tyler H says:

    What is the relationship between pressure, flow and resistance in the cardiovascular system? What determines resistance in the CV system?

  130. Balla says:

    Consider the homeostatic “set point” that the cardiovascular system attmepts to reach on a second to second basis, namely blood pressure. What specifically is meant by an enlarged heart and what might be a cause of such a pathologic condition?

  131. Xbox360king says:

    How do the nervous system connect with the cardiovascular system it’s for my biomedical class

  132. Michael C says:

    Doing an assignment and veryyyy stuck on what to write about in relation to cardiovascular system and energy metabolism.

  133. floydian8717 says:

    I need to find out the worst or most infamous disease that affects either the cardiovascular system (circulatory/heart system) or digestive system.

    Please add some symptoms and/or causes of the disease.


  134. stingerms says:

    Whay is the cardiovascular system so important to physical fitness? what would make it more important than the other systems…. i have to debate in why I believe its more important… I need some good ideas

  135. Dr Hank says:

    Ive heard this claim several times, and while i acknowledge that flossing is important for the health of your teeth and gums, i just don’t get how it improves the health of your cardiovascular system as they seem to be completely unrelated.

  136. The Beatles says:

    i need to know what materials would be best to use.

    I do NOT need pictures/diagrams of the cardiovascular system unless they are for building.

  137. Lia-lu-li says:

    I’m doing a science project on the cardiovascular system but I cant find a website or book with good details and info that I really need for my project. HELP!

  138. steve says:

    I want to do a science experiment that involves mice and plaque build up. The goal of my experiment would be to see if drinking tea will reduce plaque buildup in the arteries. I have a few questions to any biologist/scientist/knowledgeable person.
    1. How long would it take to build up a sufficient amount of plaque within a mouse’s cardiovascular system and how should I go about doing it?
    2. What is the most ethical way to test for plaque within the blood stream? I understand they do is using a high powered X-Ray, is there any other way?

    Thanks for your time!!!

  139. Kaden says:

    (biotech drugs treat hematological indications, and I don’t know its relation to the cardiovascular system.

  140. Sahil says:

    I am in 8th grade science and I need to make a lab that proves a relationship between the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. I think the relationship is that the respiratory supplies oxygen for the cardiovascular system, but I don’t have any ideas for a lab that proves this. Any ideas?
    I understand the connection, i just need an idea for an experiment that shows this connection.

  141. Roflcopter says:

    Are their any diseases they catch in their cardiovascular system?

  142. simply complicated says:

    Hi! I’m doing a worksheet for school, and I’m stuck on one of the questions, and I can’t find a proper answer anywhere, and anyone I ask just seems to make me feel more confused than before. So can anyone tell me why it is important that the cardiovascular system begins developing before the musculoskeletal system? Direct answers are good, and so are links/references to texts that can help me. Thank you so much. :)

  143. Mc L says:

    I have to use a 3-d model on how the respiratory system and the cardiovascular system work togeter? Any ideas on who to do? i only have a little time
    I know how they work together, i just dont know how to make the demo

  144. sethburger says:

    when a person stand up from from laying down, the blood pressure drops, venous return has to countract gravity and the cardiac output would be decreaced. from this how does the cardiovascular system compensate for these chages?

  145. Praveen says:

    is the cardiovascular system and the circulatory the same thing?!
    so confused

  146. Dana G says:

    HI can someone please explain to me how the Cardiovascular system works, Thanks in advance. =)

  147. Yoshi says:

    How does the cardiovascular system affect the skeletomuscular system?
    A. Synapses connect the cardiovascular and skeletomuscular systems.
    B. Muscles receive messages to move across myoneural junctions.
    C. The muscles use oxygen transported by the cardiovascular system.
    D. ATP molecules are sent through the cardiovascular system.

  148. everythingisgonnabefine says:

    Please answer this question with your first name and age:

    How much do you know about the cardiovascular system?

  149. JDOGG1122 says:

    I want to write a paper on one that SOUNDS dangerous but really isn’t. Is there one that involves the cardiovascular system yet it isn’t threatening? Or something that would involve seeing a cardiologist?

  150. Clayton Cottrell says:

    I was recently diagnosed with this disorder (bicuspid aortic valve disease) and my cardiologist said my heart is still strong with no leaky valves at this point. However, I feel my heart pounding in my chest on a daily basis especially when I don’t take my medication consistently. I’m up to 150 milligrams of metoprolol everyday and that puts me at about a solid 85 percent normal. I’m 31 years and it’s scary to hear that I may need open heart surgery to repair a valve in the future. I just would like to know if there’s anybody who has gone through that procedure and what the outcome was like for you.

    Thank you very much

  151. Brody S says:

    What is that chromosomal abnormality called with someone has 47 chromosomes because of an extra X chromosome? Please include how it affects the person, how common it is, and a site (that is not wikipedia) with more information on it would help .

  152. PolishPokeyPimp says:

    Like some snakes are born with two heads or tadpoles that develop into frogs which have no limbs. What causes these abnormalities?

  153. opurt says:

    Can miscarriages be the result of physiological abnormalities in the father?

    If yes to both, which is generally the cause/case?

  154. soccermaster1 says:

    ~what does early neuro developmental perturbations has to do with abnormalities..

  155. Myles says:

    What are some chromosome link condition that result in abnormalities and some autism, because autism children have extra chromosomes. thank you in advance!

  156. sethburger says:

    So, yesterday, we almost had our dog put down because she was dragging her leg. This happened and that happens (personal stuff) and instead we decided to keep her at the hospital so the vets could help her.
    We recently called the vet to see if patches was staying overnight, and they said they found some spinal abnormalities, and she was definitely staying overnight.
    What could these abnormalities be?
    well they said they found nerve damage.

  157. Sergio says:

    I got a pap smear from my regular physician and she called to say that everything turned out ok (and no HPV) however that I have “cell abnormalities” and that I need to go to a gynecologist for further testing.

    What does this mean?? Is it cancer? Could I have an STD? I’m really nervous! :-(

  158. opurt says:

    My friend had her 20 week scan and the baby was breech so they couldn’t get a clear 3D scan photo, does this mean they could miss any abnormalities in the baby?
    @Karen, RN – How is posting a question on yahoo answers bringing up problems for my friend? Unless she is psychic she is never going to know is she? If you can’t answer the question don’t bother commenting!

  159. vanvark83 says:

    I went for an ultrasound today, they mentioned that my aminiotic fluid was high…. since i’m the researching type… I went ahead and researched possible causes, results and so forth. I saw that it could be a sign of neurological defects/abnormalities and needless to say i’m freaking out. I know they take images of their brains and such so I wanted to know if its possible that these defects that cause high amniotic fluid could be found in these ultrasounds as well?

  160. josh12rox says:

    Is there a difference between them? or are they the same thing?
    I’m confused because I thought that both were genetics right? like isn’t chromosomes part of your genes..so wouldn’t that make it part of a gene-linked abnormality?
    AND what about sex-linked abnormality?

    I have a list of abnormalities but not sure which is part of what type just by reading it.I’d like to know by readin a description of an abnormality which type it would classify under..that is other than having to just memorize it without understanding why,like I’m doing now :(

    For example here are some of the abnormalities on my list: Down’s Syndrome, Cystic Fibrosis, Sickle cell Anemia, Tay-Sachs Disease, Turner’s Syndrome,etc…

    THANKYOU! :)
    WHAT I don’t get is what is the main difference between these types of abnormalities,
    AND Can a chromosome abnormality (example- Downs syndrome) also be a Gene-linked abnormality??
    thats mainly what im trying to figure out..
    to DNAUnion: THANKS soo much you really helped clear things up a bit!
    I read in my book it says that Turner syndrome is a Sex-linked Chromosome abnormality. I’m not sure about down syndrome but I understand that it’s defintely a Chromosome abnormality. I will keep reading on this…trying to make sense of it. But thanks for the help so far.
    And you’re correct Down syndrome is a chromosome syndrome,sorry if i said otherwise? idunno

  161. tefa_96 says:

    okay so im 17 years old… and ive been experiencing all of the congestive heart failure symptoms, i also had heart problems as a baby, nothing serious to where i needed treatment, but im just wondering if its possible for a person my age to have this disease. and if theres anything i can do to help it. is it an untreatable diease? does it last forever

  162. Anny says:

    Hi, my husband and I just started testing for infertility. The doc called me and said that my labs were all normal and that I should keep my appt with the obgyn she referred me to for further assessment. My husband got a message saying that his sperm sample was normal, but that there were some abnormalities in the the composition. She said she’d try to call him tomorrow for further explanation. I think it’s interesting that they want me to go thru with a referral if they are still looking at his sperm. If anyone happens to have experience with “abnormalities in the composition” or has had a similar experience and can enlighten us, that would be great. Thanks! :)
    My husband has been involved in 4 pregnancies. He has a 6 year old daughter, there was a miscarriage (due to maternal issues) a yr prior to that, and he had 2 gf’s when he was young who chose to abort.

  163. stingerms says:

    Hello I was diagnosed with a bicuspid aortic valve last year.That time one doctor found my pressure gradient to be 28mm and another 22mm.My valve area was 2.3cms. I don’t have any symptoms but became very depressed thinking I was heading for an early grave.Doctors said that weight training,yoga and running were ok.This year I got a shock as my gradient jumped to 32mm 0r 34mm or 37mm. Everything else is fine.The doctor said don’t worry but I can’t help but fear the future.I take diltiazam three times a day now and sometimes I have bronchial asthma.Any suggestions will be warmly received-thank you

  164. Zanto says:

    Firstly I’d like to say a big thank you to all the people who responded to my last question.Your answers were very helpful.Just to recap I’m a 43 year old Brit living in Japan married to a local lady with three young daughters.Last year I was diagnosed with bicuspid aortic valve by chance.My mean pressure gradient was 28mm and at another hospital 22mm. My valve area was 2.3cms.This year soon after having a very heavy meal the echo gave a reading of 37mm and 32mm.I’m going to another hospital to have a transoesophageal echo in June.I feel terrified that that my pressure gradient increased so much.The doctor said not to worry as I have no symptoms,stenosis or regurgitation but I’m afraid to say I still have sleepless nights.Last year the doctor said weight training,yoga and running was ok but now nothing is allowed.Would having an echo directly after eating a heavy meal cause this increase or is it due to my exercises.The doctor said Japan is quite medically advanced but I’m very down.

  165. Sergio says:

    ok i saw my cardiologist and he did a endocardiogram on me he said my heart looks strong and is pumping blood just fine but their is a small leak in one of my valves he told me that if that is infact the case they wont be doing anything about it because it isnt life threatning so should i be worried
    ok i feel a bit better now butim having some shortness of breath and im having all the symptoms of anxiety so i still am a little worried
    well after they took chest x rays and looked at my heart they say said the leak was very small and not life threatning

  166. David says:

    Healthy problems at 40s?
    A LEAKY VALVE. My dad is only in his 40s and yet he had to have a valve replaced in his heart as it was not doing its job. I had heard this was routine (apparently Arnold Scharzenegger had it) but what has caused it? He exercises, eats healthily and does not smoke. Why are these valves so important and why are the doctors saying that this is routine? Surely an operation on the heart is really serious.

  167. veemodz says:

    Hello all, needed to do a little venting. For the past year or so, ive been getting heart palpitations that very in freqency, feeling etc..I am currently under a doctors care but im afraid to push the issue of something underlying.. i have had ekgs…echo.and a holter and all seem to have come out normal, with the exception of a minor leaky
    valve which the doc is not worried about. i really just needed to know other people are out there with symptoms like mine. The flutters.. the quivering the huge thuds. These are so debilitating! IM afraid to go anywhere, do anything,.. i fear one day from these palpitations that id get cardic arrest, or worse.. Anyone out there that get these alot? what meds are you taking? iam taking a beta blocker 100mg (atenolol) but its not working as i still get these palpitations. No smart or rude comments please.. just a word of reassurance… anything!!
    thanks so much

  168. United says:

    I know what bicuspid aortic valve is but when is surgery needed? I hear most surgery is done using a heart lung machine-how is the heart stopped and restarted?What if the heart doesn’t start beating properly again?These are all fears going through my mind.How long does one stay in hospital after surgery?

  169. homerliveshere says:

    I’m a sixteen year old girl, living in the Southeast, with no huge medical issues. In the past three or so weeks, I’ve been noticing some irregularities with my heart. It starts just randomly skipping beats about once every two days. When this happens, I find it hard to catch my breath, and end up having to put a hand on my chest and sit down for a few moments in order to fully recover.

    I spoke to my stepdad about it–he is a pharmacy customer service person and he said that it was nothing to worry about, but I’m still concerned. I suppose if could be an anxiety/panic attack, but I’m not really all that stressed when I get them. Another thing I was thinking about is that I got weekly electro-shock therapy for a muscle spasm in my shoulder until about a month ago, and that could have something to do with it, I guess. Is there something I should know or do about this? It’s really starting to worry me.

  170. shahrukh says:

    Let me start off by saying that I suffer severely from hypochondria.

    My mom died when she was 24 from a cardiac arrhythmia due to mitral valve prolapse. I had to see a heart doctor every other year from when I was 3 until I was 14, at which point they told me I did not have to go back anymore.

    Now I am 22–that is nearly 24!–and I am wondering if it is a good idea to see a cardiologist. I never really thought I had to go back to one, but I have been doing research on the condition for a school project, and most sources say that if my family has a history of cardiac arrest I should get checked often. But if this is the case, why would every doctor I see tell me not to worry about it? I used to have part of this condition: the mitral valve prolapse part. I was told it is harmless, and my dad even seems to think it went away . . . not sure if that is possible, though.

    If it is a good idea to get checked out, would I have to see a specialist, or is this something I could get done with a primary care physician? I am a student and pretty poor, and specialists sound pricey!

  171. Ryan Dunn says:

    I’ve asked a few previous questions regarding my mom and her echocardiogram. The results came back that she has a leaky valve. Out family doctor did not seem concerned and was not going to refer her back to the cardiologist but my mom requested an appointment.

    My mom is 48… in extremely good shape. We both do cardio kickboxing. She has no family history of heart disease. Lately she has been having some symptoms and has been experiencing high blood pressure (we thought it was due to maybe possible menopause… but I guess not) the doctor put her on 25 mg of Metroprolol.

    I’m sooo stressed out. It’s been a really hard year and it honestly feels like nothing is lighting up.
    I’m so scared about this leaky valve situation…
    What now? even though the doctor didn’t seem at all concerned about it… What do we do now?
    Is this going to shorten her lifespan and everything? :’(
    I’m 23… I just lost my grandmother.. I guess you don’t catch a break.

    Just looking for more information regarding leaky valves. I’m reading things… and they are only upsetting me more

  172. white man says:

    Hello I was diagnosed with a bicuspid aortic valve last year.That time one doctor found my pressure gradient to be 28mm and another 22mm.My valve area was 2.3cms. I don’t have any symptoms but became very depressed thinking I was heading for an early grave.Doctors said that weight training,yoga and running were ok.This year I got a shock as my gradient jumped to 32mm 0r 34mm or 37mm. Everything else is fine.The doctor said don’t worry but I can’t help but fear the future.I take diltiazam three times a day now and sometimes I have bronchial asthma.Any suggestions will be warmly received-thank you

  173. Christopher J says:

    I have been diagnosed with a leaky heart valve (not a main valve) and my cardiologist said not to worry about it. She said it was mild to moderate. It’s almost been a year since I have had my echo done and I was just wondering how I would know if it is getting worse. Anyone have any ideas on this? I will eventually talk to my Dr., but in the meantime, I need to get past this anxiety about it now.

  174. nothin_nyce1 says:

    Hello I was diagnosed with a bicuspid aortic valve last year.That time one doctor found my pressure gradient to be 28mm and another 22mm.My valve area was 2.3cms. I don’t have any symptoms but became very depressed thinking I was heading for an early grave.Doctors said that weight training,yoga and running were ok.This year I got a shock as my gradient jumped to 32mm 0r 34mm or 37mm. Everything else is fine.The doctor said don’t worry but I can’t help but fear the future.I take diltiazam three times a day now and sometimes I have bronchial asthma.Any suggestions will be warmly received-thank you

  175. MexicanDude says:

    Okay Im only 16, I dont really exercise but I do move around, my heart is always beating above normal rate, and I do one little simple thing, I start breathing heavily, matter of fact Im always breathing heavily. When i get sick my heart rate reaches 140, so, yea, I do get chest pain but thats part of my anxiety attacks that happen when Im a bit worried about a certain matter. My mother’s heart also beats at a high rate and she breathes heavily, she never checked with a doctor she’s living normally, but me, im scared, Is it even possible for a girl my age to have serious heart problems?

    I keep thinking about death im just really not feeling normal lately, help would be appreciated

  176. Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused says:

    I recently got a smear test which results came back with minor abnormalities. I have to go back in 6 months for another. What could it be?

  177. MexicanDude says:

    I had a bad drug trip about 7-ish months ago and i got dp/dr from it. I woke up one month later after the bad trip and had it. During that month i seemed to be fine though. Dp/dr is depersonalization and derealization. I went to get an mri and eeg to make sure nothing was seriously wrong. My mri was all normal but my eeg showed a slight abnormality in left temporal lobe but the neurologist said it was okay and that it should get better with time. Well i dont think ive made much improvement but idk. The neurologist said i showed short spikes of activity in there. Anyways, does anyone have any knowledge about this? Does it get better?

  178. musicistabest says:

    How late can you have an abortion of a fetus that is too sick to survive outside the womb?
    Is there any laws about this in California?

  179. Brian says:

    Hi guys I just like to inquire on my heart status ( haha not a love life problem.. :D )

    My doctor tell me that my heart rate seems slower than the pulse rate (which is almost equal to normal person..). So I went thru ECG and other tests but he said that there’s no problem. But oftentimes, I felt nervous (fast pulse rate) which makes me worried about the health of my heart.

    Can you tell me exactly what is this abnormality called? Is it tachycardia?? and how could I cure/prevent/alleviate it?

    I hope that your reply would be sent in my grave.. :D
    to miss ow… I am aware of the effect of the adrenaline to the body but the fact that it happened in a “normal” state… The effect of adrenaline is not applicable…
    to miss ow again, hope that my additional details won’t hurt your feelings…. I hope we can have a constructive approach to this… BTW i’m in a premed course now so you can talk to me clinically.. Thanks

  180. nathan says:

    My grandma has a leaky valve in her heart. She is 57 years of age. We found out that my little 8 year old cousin’s WORTHLESS mom dropped him off at a mental inst. She wants to make him and everyone believe he has issues because she has everything from OCD, bipolar, split personality,schizo.etc. Anyways I live with her. Her and my mother got into a fight. She is complains of her chest hurting. She said she doesn’t know if it is her heart. She probably won’t tell me anyways. So I will be keeping a close tabs and WILL call 911 if i think i need to. If someone wouldn’t mind being a friend and we can chat or whatever. But then she said she had an acid reflex. So idk what is going on!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!

  181. ademuth93 says:

    My boyfriend has what he calls “heart murmors” every once in a while. He say’s it feels like someone is stabbing him in his chest and he’ll get blurred vision and can hardly breathe and massive chest pains and such. I’ve looked up both and i can never really tell which one is which because they’re so close in common. This may seem silly but every time it happens i get worried. He had a bad incident that i witnessed about 3 years ago where he had passed out from it in the middle of a parking lot (he was drinking which i know didn’t help his condition) and everytime his chest starts to hurt i worry and i want to know what i can do and what the difference is.

    So my questions are: 1) What’s the difference between the two? and 2) what should I do to help him when he has one?

  182. Paul M says:

    Hi i am 15 and i get pains all up my left side, mainly my left libs raising up through my left neck and into the left side of my throat and mouth. I also sometimes get my heart beating our of my chest for no apparent reason, help me

  183. Adam says:

    About 3 weeks ago I started noticing a funny feeling in my chest. At first I thought it was like a “fluttering or whooshing” sound when I am awake. It is not constant but occurs enough to be disturbing. The more research I did into it made my think that it might be a chronic aortic dissection, or similar? or leaky valve? Tear in the heart?

    Because it feels like maybe not the heart but just right wrapped around it? or in the top valve or aorta. I’m very concerned I have an MD appointment on Wed. I already have a history of hyperlipidemia and history elevated blood lp-pla2 (high risk for stroke and atherosclerosis).
    This feels much different like maybe there is a leak or a tear in the aorta, a valve regurgitation, or murmer. It is not painful.

    It feels in my heart(arteries or vessels right around it) like the freefall feeling you get at an amusement park when you are dropping on a freefall ride; but right in my chest when it happens periodically. It actually feels like a full blown emergency for a split fraction of a second but then resumes back to normal a split second after that.
    Thanks for the ideas. My age is 41. True it could be electrical in nature, I forgot to mention that hypothesis.

    I usually run a high pulse 80 resting up to 95+ moving around, (with borderline high BP). However, the last 3 weeks my BP and pulse dropped to “normal levels” with about 75 pulse. 2 months ago in the ER for kidney stone had a one time reading 52 diastolic BP and temporary ketones. BP bouncing around this weeks lowest readings: 98/67 p74, 109/60 p79, 105/63 p75. Otherwise I feel OK. (looks like a drop in diastolic BP from my normal).

    I also have microvascular disease(ischemic neuropathy, capillary issues hands and feet), hot and cold extremities(erythromelalgia and raynauds).

  184. Austin says:

    has anyone ever been told that a incidental abnormality has been found after a m.r.i scan if so what was it i am waiting for a appointment to see the hospital about it and im worried what it is

  185. Sonny says:

    I’m a 20 year old female and was just diagnosed with Borderline Mitral Valve Prolapse… i’m a bit scared, honestly. I’m going to see a Cardiologist about it next week so i will learn more about it, but until then i’d like to hear from you guys.

    Can this condition worsen? I’ve tried researching myself but i’m a bit confused. I haven’t been told to take any medication because of it being borderline.

    My symptoms include chest pain and rapid resting heart beat (occasionally)

    Thanks you guys!

  186. Brendan O says:

    I’m 26 years old. I was in great shape and health until 5 months ago. I was ready to start my life after graduating. Now I feel that my life is over. I have some money I saved up in the bank, from when I was working, so I don’t think I’ll qualify for any state help. But that’s all the money I have and I’ll need it to buy food and pay rent (since I don’t know when I’ll be able to work again.) not pay for my medical bills. I don’t know what to do. I’m so scared and insurance wont cover me.

  187. simply complicated says:

    does anyone know what causes abnormalities in a foetus? i am 8 weeks and would like to know if there are going to be any abnormalities in my baby? what should i avoid? what should i do more to avoid it?

  188. veemodz says:

    how do you define it, and also some examples

  189. Jack Bauer says:

    my Mum had a ct scan and the outcome was hyper inflated lungs and a leaky mitral heart. Today, she was diagnosed with emphysema, due to smoking for 28 years. When she found out that she had hyper inflated lungs she quit smoking for 9 months and started again after that and had been smoking for the past 2 months, however, today she’s quit again due to the outcome of her results. The doctor said that her blood running to her heart could be running the wrong way. They also wanted to take pictures of her heart by putting a tube down her throat whilst sedated. The only thing is that she will be sort of awake and will have to swallow the tube for it to go down-she won’t like that feeling. Also there could be a chance of puncturing the wind pipe. Afterwards there would be bleeding from the throat with her being on warfrin (blood clots in legs up to lungs) how bad would the bleeding? What would happen if she didn’t have this tube in her throat? Would it get any worse if she didn’t have it done? And what difference would it make if she did/didn’t have it done?

    Thank you in advance (:

  190. mike s says:

    Yea its when someone isnt right in the head. But what defines “not right”? Why is it that someone is abnormal? If your going to say something like “not right” or “different” etc. Explain yourself. Give me some details.

  191. Seth says:

    well i was geting my physcale or what ever is mean for soccer and the docter say i have a heart murmur so i freak out and is it bad will it kill me and AM I’M GOING TO DIE?

  192. colingrillo says:

    I have a heart murmer and im 16 years old. I never had to take medication for it or anything, and I used to play sports every day and had no problems at all. I also have asthma, and havent had symptoms for around 4 years. So i have 3 questions. I have never taken medication for the heart murmer, and have stopped taking medication for asthma around 4 years ago.

    Can i get into the army with a heart murmer and asthma?

    Can i get into the army if i had surgery to fix my heart murmer, but i still have asthma.

    Can i get a surgery to fix my heart murmer?


  193. Beavis says:

    Discuss at least two attempts to define abnormality.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  194. Jeracoo L says:

    I have noticed that my body is really asymmetrical. I was wondering if there was any underlying meanings for this. First my pupils are entirely two different sizes. Second, my thumbs are also two completely different sizes and shapes. And lastly, my dimples are in different places on my face. One is in a “normal” spot where most people have them and on the other cheek its around an inch from my eye. Does anyone know any reasons for each of these? I also don’t think that these are genetic considering I am the only one in my family with them.

  195. rashest_hippo says:

    i have a question of …
    Does the ‘biological model of abnormality’ can adequately explain ‘psychological abnormality’

    a longish detailed answer would help me alot because i get roughly the basics of it but i want to understand it in more detail.

    thanks :)
    x x x x x x

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