Definition Of Heart Disease

Obviously, distress is actually a state the place that the perfusion seriously isn’t ample to keep the metabolic requirements of the bodys tissue, if the fundamental illness influences the myocardium then an ailment is named cardiogenic distress because it’s cardiogenic in source. Coronary heart faliure is scheduled inside my USMLE ebook as Inchesfailure of your cardiovascular to keep a good production in order to meet the human body’s metabolic demandsIn Exactly what is the difference forwards and backwards. Essentially… It is important is the period of time through which they arise. Coronary heart inability is normally more than a long period of time, like if a person has unchecked blood pressure, their cardiovascular is spending so much time to push the our blood within the physique. Over time with this, it might be less strong and sluggish. This can occur from water overburden, blood pressure, prescription drugs, and several other activities. Cardiogenic distress is one area you do spanning a short time frame. The heart lies into shock by getting some strain, like from an arrhythmia or heart attack. Another difference is a few of their causes. Just search for each in wikipedia and you’ll find many facts about them.

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  1. absorbedsaber says:

    I do not comprehend the science behind plant sterols, and based on dictionary definition, sterols are any one of several solid, mostly unsaturated, polycyclic alcohols, as cholesterol and ergosterol, produced from plants or creatures.

    Can somebody explain? =)

  2. laidobeisance says:

    allows tax things that make us sick.

  3. turdhis says:

    I’m a 15 years old and also have a bloodstream pressure of 140/90. I understand the start stages of hypertension can start 140/90 but is the fact that only for grown ups or perhaps is it exactly the same for teens? I play basketball and football for college and so i am active, along with a healthy weight.

  4. ruthlessaboard says:


  5. Muzahid says:

    Is a result of the African-American Heart Failure Trial recommended a powerful improvement. Among the finest to understand whether you will find any biological justifications found.

  6. Vultre9 says:


    Okay so a practical meals are a food which had health marketing or disease stopping quality’s and I am attempting to think about a couple of well-known good examples.

    I am thinking like 7 sea’s oil and occasional low butter.

    Much better well-known good examples?

    I guess lots of yogurt drinks claim along individuals lines.

  7. SKATEskum says:

    I had been identified with PD coupled with root planning done, one session using the dental professional for every quadrant within the mouth. Because of PD, I’ve gaps between your teeth because of receeding nicotine gums.

    a) What’s the frequency of root planning? Must I get it done every 12 months approximately?

    b) How do you known the root planning periods work well?

    c) What must i do in order to ‘regrow’ my receeding nicotine gums to ensure that the area between my teeth can close-up?


  8. veemodz says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, however the oestrogen-based ones increase the amount of glucose within the bloodstream. Therefore, it improves the hyperglycemic level in you.

    Therefore if a lady has diabetes, she’d obviously must much bloodstream glucose.

    And when she’s taking blood insulin to handle that excess bloodstream glucose, wouldn’t an oestrogen-based contraception pill mess that up?

  9. Melanie says:

    My bloodstream pressure is low, which food can help me regulate my bloodstream pressure normal, which means this can’t result in anemia later on. I would like some suggestions what exactly are healty to consume for individuals much like me, please serious solutions from individuals with understanding or also provide low bloodstream or been with them previously.

    I am just 25 and Among the finest to become healty, and never feeling weak.

  10. Gabriel Kenney says:

    I’ve got a bloodstream pressure test in 72 hours and that i really should lower my bloodstream pressure… I have been doing my favorite to date keeping sodium intake under 2000 mg each day.. What will assist you to further lower sodium/ bloodstream pressure?

    Physician stated 2000 mg is when much sodium intake ought to be. I’m overweight and I’ve been consuming lots of water.

  11. Jeffery Carlson says:

    The left side of my chest continues to be harming and im really scared. It seems like its my breast but i am not sure. I’m able to only sense it after i inhale or cough. But my mother does not have the cash to consider me towards the physician. Help me!

  12. Rkmc says:

    Okay the like Thursday I had been with my father at his job after school and that i given out as i was there. Certainly one of his co employees caught me since she saw me fall however i still hit the floor although not as hard. His co worker just needed to be great buddies with my mother too so she known as her up concerning the incident. And.. my mother is some a nut job. She’s just the phrase a dreadful parent, while my father is both a mom and dad in my experience (as strange as that sounds). Before her friend known as her my father informed her the storyline and she or he did not care. However when her friend known as and gaveher “more detail” she panicked and today thinks I’ve got a freaking cardiovascular disease. I have fainted numerous occasions and today she would like to consider me to some physician? She also informed my school today and required me from gym. Soon shes will make a scheduled appointment to some physician but I am not choosing her. I’ll opt for my father even my buddy whose more youthful than me! I had been just dehydrated, that’s all. Can there be in whatever way I’m able to convince her not to take me?

    Well i guess I didn’t remember to say that my mother will not let my father take me rather because she thinks my father is not intelligent while she dropped from college and switched to drugs. As well as I did not literally mean I faint constantly. The final time I fainted was 1-24 months ago

  13. Sophia C says:

    I’ve got a lawyer focusing on my situation.

    I’ve ADD and clinical/chronic Depression.

    I in addition have a mild cardiovascular disease where i am unable to lift over 40 pounds without heart disease.

    I additionally possess some stomach issues like Acid reflux and acidity reflux.

    Do you know the chances i’ll enter with only individuals

    do you know the chances if my doctors say i want it.

    or maybe i recieve include a mental hospital?

  14. Sriram R says:

    I’m a little curious, and I’ve been sleeping with my pillow propped up within the last 2 several weeks,and have trouble breathing.

  15. Scorch Delta-62 says:

    Like individuals who operate in pounds.

    I am talking about dogs want little else, but to impress people, they adore you without any reason, and therefore are loyal regardless of what. I do not observe how people can have the ability to do this type of horrible deed.

    So my question for you is, how can you think these folks can cope with this?

    I am not to imply I believe they like it.

  16. Jonny says:

    The following are abilities that may help get a lean body except:

    (Points : 1)

    being able to access information.

    examining influences.


    marketing guidelines (My answer)

    2. Your neighbor is really a reliable source for details about cardiovascular disease.

    (Points : 1)


    False (My answer)

    3. Which of this is not really a question you need to request yourself when looking for the reliability and reliability of health information?

    (Points : 1)

    Who’s the writer?

    May be the information up-to-date?

    What’s the reason for the data?

    Will the information have glossy photos? (My answer)

    4. Which of this is an interior influence?

    (Points : 1)

    Your encounters

    Your loved ones

    Your genetics

    Your cultural background (My answer)

    5. Which of listed here are not exterior influences? (Choose 2)

    (Points : 1)

    Media messages (My answer)

    Your way of life

    Your encounters

    Your cultural background (My answer)

    6. Taneka and her new friend Riley happen to be punished with detention for that third time. Typically a properly-socialized student, Taneka starts to evaluate what’s affected her behavior lately. Which from the following should Taneka do when thinking about this?

    (Points : 1)

    Make a listing

    Evaluate influences

    Speak with Riley (My answer)

    Eliminate influences (My answer)

    7. Match the advertisement using the technique it uses.

    (Points : 1)

    Potential Matches:

    1 : Physical appeal

    2 : Savings reely appeal

    3 : Bandwagon


    3 : An industrial using the popular kids in class utilizing a certain product

    1 : Freebies from the latest frozen pizza in the local supermarket

    2 : BOGO (purchase one, acquire one) free or 50 % off

    8. To be able to be considered a wise consumer, which of this is not among the questions you need to request yourself if you notice or hear an advert?

    (Points : 1)

    Who seems to become the audience for that ad? (My answer)

    Just how much will the service or product being marketed cost?

    What does not the ad let me know concerning the product?

    What’s being guaranteed within the ad, or exactly what does the ad want me to think?

    9. What’s the fifth and last part of the choice-making process?

    (Points : 1)

    Identify the choice to be produced

    Assess the decision (My answer)

    Select the right option and do something

    List the effects of every option

    12. Which of listed here are stages in setting goals?

    (Points : 1)

    Practice each goal

    Write lower your ultimate goal (my answer)

    Develop an plan of action (my answer)

    Begin a support system (My answer)

    13. Social communication includes which from the following components?

    (Points : 1)

    Nonverbal communication

    Active listening (My answer)

    Conflict-resolution abilities

    Each one is aspects of social communication.

    14. “Words and language accustomed to convey messages to other peopleInch may be the definition that from the following terms?

    (Points : 1)

    Nonverbal communication

    Verbal communication (My answer)

    Active listening

    Refusal abilities

    15. Which from the following can you do should you desired to let someone know you had been positively hearing her or him?

    (Points : 1)

    Turn your to her or him.

    Restate for understanding. (My answer)

    Pay attention to earphones.

    Interrupt as the individual is speaking.

    16. Staying away from eye-to-eye contact while saying no thanks is a great refusal tactic.

    (Points : 1)


    False (My answer)

    17. Match each keyword to the correct definition.

    (Points : 1)

    Potential Matches:

    1 : Words and language accustomed to convey messages to other people.

    2 : Supporting a specific action or cause that you simply have confidence in.

    3 : Communication among people

    4 : Giving your focus on the speaker and reacting to exhibit that you simply understand fully what’s being stated.


    1 : Active listening

    3: Verbal communication

    4 : Social communication

    2: Advocacy

  17. Echo says:

    I wish to be a medical diagnostician. I wish to help people and determine what is wrong together. I’m not sure what major or program a diagnostician falls under. Can anybody assist me to? Also what’s their salary? And will a pathologist perform the same factor or something like that similar? Anybody know good schools for your too? I am in California and wish to study here. Is UCSD good for your? And diagnosticians don’t really suffer from doing surgery on people right?

  18. Denali says:

    I would like my body system to become frozen when I am dead.

    I’m not sure what category my question adopts however i made the decision locations in order my body system could be moved there.

  19. nathan says:

    I’m doing a powerpoint for class and I’m supposed to find out the physiological effects of alcohol. every time I look it up it doesn’t give me a direct answer. What exactly are physiological effects? and what are a few physiological effects of alcohol?
    My teacher mentioned the liver, so is it the physical effects? like the effects it has on your body?
    I looked up the definition and it didn’t give me much help.
    As long as I have a few examples and know what physiological effects are, I can look up more and think of more examples.


  20. stealspartansbcglobalnet says:

    Arguing that it’s not right for humans to have sexual relations with animals because they can’t consent to it is futile after considering that cows are bred, milked, and slaughtered without ever consenting to it, and the same goes for sheep and chicken – they never consent to having their wool sheared or their eggs harvested.

    So unless someone can introduce some new and intelligent arguments against bestiality, what is there to dissuade people from the act?
    @Kelly + Eternal Universal Energy
    If what you say is true then homosexuality is wrong because it isn’t procreative.

  21. maskills24 says:

    My mother used to have palpitations which the doctor says SVT / Is there any medicine for it/

  22. Jeanelle the Retard says:

    By definition, shock is a state in which the perfusion is not adequate to maintain the metabolic needs of the bodys cells, if the underlying disease affects the myocardium then the condition is called cardiogenic shock since it is cardiogenic in origin.
    Heart faliure is defined in my USMLE book as “inability of the heart to maintain an adequate output to meet the body’s metabolic needs”
    What is the difference between the two?

  23. johnkaiser 22 says:

    I know what the definition is but i don;t what the pathogen is? can you please help,

  24. Mark says:

    I have a heart murmur and I’m not quite sure what the definition really means. I mean the only thing I know is that when your heart pumps blood it makes and extra whoosh that sounds like a water hose.

  25. JimT says:

    My coworkers all smoke and throw the used butts in a trash can in our office.

    There’s no smoke but I can smell the cigarettes a lot of times. Beyond the bad smell, will this cause any type of health issues? Like second hand smoke?

  26. Brendan O says:

    Do you believe in Natural or Homeopathic treatments for serious illnesses such as Cancer? Do you believe in any “alternative” treatments for illnesses? Is conventional health care the ONLY way to treat our bodies?

  27. Larry R says:

    Please don’t send the definition from Wikipedia, I’ve already read it and couldn’t understand it.

  28. Rishabh Bajpai says:

    You research information on diseases and infections and rashes and try to come up with cures, what exactly is this profession called. Tell me if I need to be more specific, would the topic be called public health or health/fitness?

  29. Yoshi says:

    Im doing a project on Lady Gaga and it said she admitted in an interview that she has Systemic lupus erythematosus. Id like to learn more about it but i dont understand most of the words in the dictionary definition.

  30. PillowMan1234 says:

    I’m trying to get definition of my abs, and need to add protein, I go to school and have peanut butter on multi grain bread for lunch then have work after school, what should I eat? I work 3 and a 1/2 hours and am not allowed to have any food because I’m serving the customers. But I’m standing the whole time. I have less then 5 mins between work and school. What can I eat that has lots of protein?
    Also, what can I add to my dinner that has lots of proteins? No supplements.

  31. borabora5524 says:

    after all…its a life and death issue isnt it? pay or die …literally!!!!

    but others say the people who want to drive down the cost to patients so care is more affordable and more available are the tyrants. what do you think?

  32. mal_functiongeo says:

    In your own words please explain to me what each word means. All the definitions I’ve read are really confusing (I’m 13 btw). So plz tell me what they mean in kid version I guess… or in a way that I would understand.

  33. arronwrath says:

    I do have a slight heart problem and spinal stenosis

  34. Dom L says:

    We have an English midterm tomorrow and not even my English teacher could give me clear definitions of either of these words, if you know that’d be great! Thanks!

  35. RuMKilleR says:

    My elderly aunt’s blood pressure has become significantly lower than before—it is now 75/66. Should we be concerned? What can be done to increase her blood pressure to a much healthier level?

  36. ericmreitz says:

    I know what atherosclerosis is. I asked this question already and only got a definition of the disease. I need to know WHY the heart is more vulnerable to this disease

    University level answer and leave reference

  37. Erfan says:

    I have no idea what this is remotely about and I’m not getting anything out of the internet, so I need you medical doctors out there.

    Please help! I don’t need any long mumbo jumbo scientific explanation, just a couple of examples [preferably three each] and a definition. THANKS.

  38. Jermaine J says:

    I am really referring to predictions Mohammad made as to what would happen in the future, after him.
    Quotes from the Quran and other books can be given.
    The Holy Bible contains many prophecies, and the Christian definition for a prophet is one who can prophesy, which is to bring messages from God including to foretell the future.

  39. Cupcakerum says:

    I’m 17, and I’ve been worried that my mother’s second hand smoke is going to affect me in some negative way such as heart disease or lung cancer. A specific example is whenever we’re in the car she will light up a cigarette and begin smoking, she does have the window open but only a crack and I I find it hard to breath without the back of my throat burning. If you could I’d like only unbiased facts, and if at all possible leave a link or so with facts so I can see the information for myself.

  40. rashest_hippo says:

    My aunt suffers from high blood pressure. Today, however, her blood pressure dropped to 75/66. Should we be concerned?

    What can be done to increase her blood pressure to a much healthier level?

  41. Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused says:


    I have a 2 year old red toy poodle. I was wondering what would be the healthiest dog food for her (i.e. California Natural, Eukanuba, etc.)?


    PS: The dog is healthy, with all her necessary vaccines and shots, and she has no worms nor diseases… in case that helps pinpoint the best food for her haha…

  42. mal_functiongeo says:

    Take a look at this list:

    If you scroll over it, you’ll see theres a dozen+ players that have die of some sort of heart disease (heart attacks, heart failure, cardiac arrest, etc)

    I know theres more players that have died from other causes, but I’m more concerned with the heart problems! Why are there so many?!

  43. XplicitzZ says:

    By definition, shock is a state in which the perfusion is not adequate to maintain the metabolic needs of the bodys cells, if the underlying disease affects the myocardium then the condition is called cardiogenic shock since it is cardiogenic in origin.
    Heart faliure is defined in my USMLE book as “inability of the heart to maintain an adequate output to meet the body’s metabolic needs”
    What is the difference between the two?

  44. Jeanelle the Retard says:

    My dog is 5 year old cocker spaniel. I found 2 deer ticks biting him 1 was in his ear and the other on top of his head. They were both there for a while because they were fat and white. I also want to know if there is any cures for lyme disease for a dog. thank you

  45. simply complicated says:

    how would i write it? what would i put in the intro? what would i put in the guts of it? and the end? an example?

  46. musicistabest says:

    I’m with my best friend everyday during the summer and she smokes at least a pack a day and im scared of getting second hand smoke from her. i take birth control and your not supposed to smoke while on it because it increase your chances of getting heart failure but second hand smokee is even worse and im pretty sure heart disease runs on my dads side of the family. she only ever smokes in the car with her window . does that make it better?

  47. Alex says:

    What actually is ‘natural causes’?

    Some say it is disease… but if that’s the case, why are some people classified as died from heart failure/etc. and some classified as died from natural causes? What’s the difference?

  48. SKATEskum says:

    I have blood pressure of 106/64. Could this be causing me to have trouble running and building endurance?

  49. kerrin marz says:

    I know President Lincoln had health problems throughout his life and I am wondering if there are any books that go into detail on his health. Thank you.

  50. Jermaine J says:

    What kind of things can they do? (As in I know a cardiologist can diagnose and treat patients suffering from diseases of the heart, lungs and blood vessels; perform heart surgeries; and educate patients on preventing heart problems and living a heart-healthy lifestyle.)
    Thanks Catherine but isn’t there a job where you can do both? If not which one would you say is a higher position?

  51. ademuth93 says:

    I have been told that I have slightly high blood pressure for my age because of tablets Im taking. Just want to know also what I can do to get it down. What type of diet should I be having?

  52. Armas says:

    Please how can I effectively reduce high blood pressure within the next couple of weeks. My current BP is 140/90 and need to get it within the normal range in the next 5 weeks. I have started exercising vigourously( tae bo in the morning, brisk walking in the evening), eating right, started HCTZ medication.
    What else can I do to bring it down fast?

  53. kamikami says:

    Ok, I know vegans do not eat any meat or anything that comes from meat. I’m sure the definition is more complicated than that. But my question is why do people become vegans? Is it just to be healthy? Do they consider animals just like humans so they don’t want to be “cannibals”?

    Just curious…

  54. Caltel T says:

    I have to stop my metformin for 6 months- a year for my job. I will be having alot of exercise but I won’t be able to choose the foods I eat therefore no diet….I am afraid it will become something serious in this amount of time. Will I be okay without it for 6 months-a year?

  55. Sir fliesalot says:

    I would like to buy a good blood pressure monitor. The sellers often offer the most expensive one. But I want to know which one is more reliable. Please provide the brand and the model. Thank you!

  56. Thomas A says:

    If your blood pressure is 170/100, and your dizzy, what should you do?

  57. Victoria T says:

    .I was wondering what can happen if I don’t get this treated? I’ve had it for a long time. It runs in my family.
    My conditions are that I never gain weight, I eat all the time, my heart beats faster when I’m sitting down. I’m also underweight.
    Are there anyone out there that has this treated or have this? What can I do to get it treated?
    Also what is it?
    Thanks for all you answers.

  58. PoohBearPenguin says:

    This is for an essay and PLEASE DON’T JUST MENTION ‘BECOMING FAT’ atleast give me some general points and a sentence abou the disabilities of obesity
    I need an idea for a rebuttal, a really rough introduction [e.g introducing the topic and background information].
    Does anyone have a good opening statement for the definition of junk food?

  59. mr flibble says:

    I’m having trouble putting information into the lacto-ovo vegetarian paragraph, ovo vegetarian paragraph, and the lacto vegetarian paragraph.
    I don’t know how to fill at least 5 more sentences for each type of vegetarian :/

  60. Boo Cookie says:

    Treatment for Heart Disease

    Heart disease is a general term that refers to any disease or condition of the heart. The heart is a vital organ that pumps blood to the arteries and creates pressure in them. Today coronary heart disease accounts for about 45 percent of all deaths (Dr. Judson Colley). It is frightening to realize that a large percentage of the cause of deaths in society is attributed to heart disease. The lack of awareness and emphasis further contribute to this percentage. Although a lot of people have some knowledge or awareness of heart disease and its risk factors, many people, sadly, do not know the basics of prevention and care of heart disease or are not motivated to take preventative measures.

  61. Phillip123 says:

    Five years ago when I was in my early 20′s I developed severe heart failure due to a congenital heart defect. I went to a specialist about getting pregnant (I am a woman obviously) who told me that I had a 75% chance of cardiac complications if I got pregnant (most of which would be life endangering), with the most likely result that I would have a miscarriage or be recommended to terminate on medical grounds (for my own health).

    Upset about these statistics, I decided to get my tubes tied, only to be told that option was only available to women who had four or more children. Also, I do not live in America, I live in a country where adult congenital cardiology services are extremely limited with virtually no experience in dealing with pregnant women. Coincidentally, adoption and surrogacy laws in this country are also very backward.

    I decided to explore adoption, only to read that future parents with a serious health problem would be unlikely to receive a child on the grounds that the child had already experienced the separation from their birth parents and did not need to be placed in a family where there was a possibility either parent would die. I have a 5% chance of dying any given year. People with my condition (congenital heart disease) now survive into their 60′s and 70′s, but yes some die young and there is no predicting that.

    I decided to explore surrogacy – only to be told it ‘was a difficult issue’ and only available if I could find somebody to do it for free (commercial surrogacy is illegal where I live). The most helpful response any professional could give was “do you have a sister?”

    I am slowly coming to terms with not having kids but what angers me most is my lack of choice – even to make a responsible decision like being sterilised – because my unusual case does not fit into the limited definition of what is allowable.

    I feel like because I was born with a birth defect that allows me to do just about anything except the intensely physical task of being pregnant and giving birth, means that I am somehow unfit to be a parent AT ALL and was never taken seriously.

    What is fundamental for most women is CHOICE. You can be a mother or not be a mother. You can use birth control or get pregnant. If you get pregnant you can give birth or not give birth, and if you give birth you can keep the baby or give it away.

    I feel upset because I don’t have a choice to have children, and an extension of that is that my husband does not have a choice to have children (except if he leaves me), and my parents and his parents do not get to be grandparents.

    I understand that it is important to focus on what I can do rather than what I can’t do, but the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities states that all people with a disability have a right to parenthood – so why are women who can perform every parental role except getting pregnant or giving birth denied??? I am slowly moving past this but would like to change it so other women like me (and their families) don’t suffer like we did.

  62. Disrae says:

    For the past month my blood pressure has been high. My doctor put me on diltia XT and Diovan. After a week they are making me feel strange, heavy chested, cold and just plain lousy. Has anyone had anything different that they have tolerated better that I can ask my doctor about? Thanks.

  63. easton j says:

    More people than ever before are surviving to reproductive age and having children. This has lead to in increase in congenital diseases such as congenital heart defects. Due to a lack of selection pressure, have humans compromised their ability to survive from birth to adulthood without medical intervention. Is their any positive outcomes to an increase in the incidence of birth defects?

  64. Cpt Excelsior says:

    I’m looking for the medical books that explain weather someone’s covered based on how they died
    His for infomational purposes only. I just wanted to know the different type of deaths try covered and how they were caused

  65. Agent 47 says:

    I have high blood pressure and have for over a year. I ran out of medicine today, and can’t get any until tomorrow morning. I have an at home blood pressure machine, and currently, my blood pressure is 170/111 and my resting heart rate is 97. I’m freaking out that I’m going to have a stroke or something.
    My blood pressure was high before then, though. I’ve been having chest pains(not today) and difficulty breathing. I know this is horrible, but my mom pays my bills, and going to the hospital is expensive!

  66. therundown2k3 says:

    I took my blood pressure and about 15 minutes after the first take the numbers were really different. Could my electronic machine be broken?

    The first time i took it after i took a long walk. Would walking raise ,my blood pressure?

  67. BRUTE says:

    I know that blood pressure implies the pressure of blood in vascular walls but I find this definition very narrow, I hope somebody can really explains what does blood pressure means taken whole body including heart into context.

    Correct me on the statements I am making below.

    Does High blood pressure means that Heart is beating faster and is working harder ?
    and does low blood pressure means that heart is beating slow and is working slow.

    Is this true ? or does abnormal blood pressure can also be observed under normal systolic rate if let’s say the areterial walls are too constricted or too dilated.

    Thanks for answers all.

  68. Mak Sultan says:

    What are the blood pressure risk levels?

  69. NC Baller says:

    Also, is a blood pressure of 108/74 considered normal?

  70. Mike says:

    I am suffering from high blood pressure and I was ask by doctor to purchase a home blood pressure monitor. However I want one extremely accurate and affordable. Many thanks.

  71. John says:

    I’m trying to read the numbers on a blood pressure manometer, I’m a little confused on how the numbers read.

  72. TommyKay says:

    The result of the blood pressure reading at the doctor’s office is very important. The reading is recorded and if it is abnormal, a form of treatment is discussede, based on this one reading yet the way the doctor’s assistant take the blood pressure reading if improper could produce an incorrect reading. Some take it with arms down, some with arms extended, and others with the patient standing up. Each produced varying results. Isn’t it the correct way to have the arm patient sitting with the arm the same level as the heart?

  73. toast says:

    Ok here are some random readings, if sitting down your blood pressure is 118 over 87 and standing up it is something close to 67, would that be considered low, normal or high? I hope this question makes sense.

  74. Nick says:

    Heart failure causes blood pressure to increase via vasoconstrictors. How does this help blood flow or cardiac input (venous return)!?…Based on what I know from physics it would decrease blood flow and ultimately cause less venous return (since there would be an increase in resistance). Furthermore, vasoconstrictors like angiotensin II would not help combat the lower cardiac output and thus ischemia. Why is the body so obsessed with increasing blood pressure in conditions of low blood flow, when pressure doesn’t give an indication of blood flow?

  75. SKATEskum says:

    I am 26 I drink like a fish smoke like a freight train and have blood pressure averageing around 165/110. My drunken friend who lives the same life style has near perfect blood pressure. I think whole blood pressure thing may be a consipiracy to get me to go to the doctor about 38 times so they can make more money. Discuss.

  76. Ramblin Spirit says:

    I have recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure. I suspect it is a blend of stress and genetics. I would like to steer away from taking long term prescription meds. Any suggestions or links to medical trials done on this subject recently? Personal experiences are welcome.

  77. Bryan J says:

    My husband has high blood pressure and also has had issues with panic attacks in the past and anxiety. The blood pressure medication that he just went on today has casued him to have a racing heart and feel very anxious. Is there a blood pressure medication out there that does not have this side effect – as he has been doing great with his anxiety until today.

  78. PillowMan1234 says:

    Blood pressure went up recently. Can this happen during a cold or flu? Can blood pressure go up during a period of grief?

  79. Franklin Bluth says:


  80. Motordom says:

    What is Hypertensive heart disease? What are the symptoms of hypertensive heart disease?

  81. timq3dimensionscom says:

    I need to know what this is because it’s on one of my tests tonight and I can’t find what the definition is.
    Please help :)

  82. gail C says:

    does losing blood lower blood pressure…it makes sense physically. also, if that was true, would giving blood every now and then be a good treatment for hbp?

  83. Cliffy N says:

    && if so, wat is it?

  84. Wooooody says:

    what are symptoms? i always have high blood pressure when at the doc like 144/108 i somtimes feel like im high and kinda out of it. could this be blood pressure or somthing else

  85. superdork says:

    Please help. I am doing a project but I have to know what it is exactly for me to do it. Please use detail. Thanks!

  86. Hannah says:

    Blockage in the Viens

  87. Muzahid says:

    i feel tired when im in the hot places.. and it seems that it will make my heart fast beating and feeling not good…my leg is aching when i walk fast,, and i cant breath good..

  88. Cupcakerum says:

    hello, can someone tell me the causes of skipped heartbeats? does it mean that someone has clogged arteries/heart disease? can having alot of fresh garlic everyday make someones pressure go down alot? i have about 2 bulbs a day of fresh this too much? does it make someone feel seems like i get really tired after eating it like i am in a sedative state…thanks for your answers

  89. crzyinluv says:

    i know that it is java but what does it stand for?

  90. Matthew says:

    What is it and is mine bad? Today the doctor told me my blood pressure was 124/82 is this bad or good?

  91. timq3dimensionscom says:

    Is it grammatically correct to state that an organization quarantined sick patients in order to “arrest the spread of disease”?

  92. altair says:

    Recently, I got a cold, and I had typical symptoms (coughing, sneezing, etc.), but now most of symptoms are gone, except I still cough some. I don’t cough very much but recently, when I do, it becomes hard to breathe and I have a hard time stopping. My breaths become kind of shallow and I can barely breathe for a little while.

    I haven’t figured out what sets off the coughing; it seems to be different causes.

    I’m hoping this will stop soon, but if it doesn’t what might be the cause and how I can fix it?

  93. skychi99 says:

    if you know
    just tell me to let me know too

  94. Hotshot t says:

    I’m writing a story and i sort of want to girl to have a chronic disease, not one that changes your appearance or makes you act different but i wanted to know if there are any like that. not creepy, doesn’t change your appearance, doesn’t make you act weird or anything, she appears and acts normal but is not.

  95. morbiusdog says:

    what causes low blood pressure

  96. Sergeant Pickle says:

    Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy
    I have been diagnosed with this condition since 1992
    I am taking drugs to control it
    The doctor said I will need an operation
    Has anyone had the op.?

  97. sick_mick_101 says:

    I have recently found out that i have low blood pressure and low iron, i have heard that this is a bad combonation and i am trying to gain a better understanding of why? and what causes low blood pressure, how to fix it and can it cause chest pains and dizziness?

  98. lets roll says:

    My dad is in his sixties. He flies to see a doctor every year because it’s cheaper where he goes out of state. He’s fairly overweight, not obese. He’s also the only one in my family with diabetes.
    He takes six medications. Whenever I hide his junk food (because he won’t listen to my pleas to stop buying them) he just becomes irritated and buys more, hiding them too if he remembers too.
    It’s really annoying. I know it’s hard to resist the food you like, but he just seems to take life for granted even after someone in his family died. He’s too stubborn to listen to me or my mom.

    What’s the next best thing to do besides sending him to a retirement home, which I can’t do because he’s not old enough.

  99. Denali says:

    what lowers blood pressure without medication?

  100. BRUTE says:

    my lower number in blood pressure is 90 what does that mean?

  101. alberto s says:

    Can anyone provide any information (treatment, definition, prognosis) on chronic microvascular disease and ganglia infarction.

    Thank you so much if you help
    This is in basal ganglia

  102. Lia-lu-li says:

    My blood pressure readings were 147 Systolic and 68 Diastolic and I’m 15, 6 foot 1 and 160 pounds. What’s wrong with my blood pressure?

  103. Samuro says:

    only wondering. we’ve been having storms come through the city for the whole week and i’ve been noticing my blood pressure increasing.

  104. Disrae says:

    hey, I really don’t know how to ask this, but if a doctor or many doctors don’t have any idea what disease you are carrying, specifically to do with your heart, how risky is it when they only have to cut out a tiny piece just for an examination?
    I just know that operating on the heart is the most sensitive area of the body… my dad found out that he had a heart disease, now he’s in Thailand to do something about it. The doctor mentioned to my dad it is a risky step, and without us being there to get the whole idea of how risky it is or how the process will go, i’d like to know… is it risky to take out a piece of heart to examine what disease it’s having?

    I’m not sure if the doctor meant if examining a piece of heart was the life risking step, or if once they found out about the disease, and if it had spearded a lot through out the area, would be the risking step?

    I’ve read here that they[some very equipped hospitals] had a machine that could replace your heart during an open-heart surgery… so im hoping, that this step is .. harmless. or could be taken care of in the minute?

  105. kerrin marz says:

    i am doing a report on high blood pressure does it make you pump more blood into your body or less blood? can anyone answer this

  106. Big Banger says:


  107. toast says:

    I need a definition please.

  108. Ed D says:

    I have Hypertropic Cardiomyopathy and Asthma and I smoke. How harmful is it to me? I smoke Newports and sometimes weed. I’m 14 and use them as a relaxer and stress reliever. Please real answers only no “stop smoking” answers.
    Saying I have no stress is like saying you know me. My dad died not too long ago and I have nobody to talk to about him dying or anything, important or not. I only have one friend and I barely see him because he changed schools.

  109. Jeanelle the Retard says:

    i wanted to donate blood today, but when they took my vitals, they seemed very confused about my blood pressure, they even called someone over to double check it several times. They ended up telling me that my blood pressure is 88/46 and that it was way too low for me to make a safe donation. I told several people what happened and they were all surprised at how low my pressure was. The thing is, ive had yearly checkups and ive never been told that i had low blood pressure. I felt tired that day and i also had not been drinking water. could that have been it?
    ive never felt very dizzy or faint, but seeing from the reactions of everyone else, my blood pressure seems abnormally low. Should i be worried?
    btw im a 17 year old girl. im 5’3 and weigh 125 lbs. i was fit the weight/height requirements for donation.

    and what do the numbers mean? 88/46

  110. Harry says:

    what are factors of women health?how can you underestand that a woman is healthy?
    how can you underestand that a woman is Fertile and able to be prognant?

  111. Matthew S says:

    What’s the difference between :
    -Ischemic Heart Disease
    -Coronary Artery Disease
    -Coronary Heart Disease
    -Acute Coronary Syndrome

    I looked it up everywhere, and can’t understand what the difference is between them.
    Are they all due to atherosclerotic plaque on the coronary artery? ACS are the sets of syndromes evident in IHD, CHD and CAD?

  112. BRUTE says:

    I’m in Biology 12 and have a few fill-in-the-blanks. I can’t figure it out, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Systolic blood pressure is the _________ arterial blood pressure. When your blood pressure is taken, the nurse or doctor measures your systolic blood pressure when ________ happens. This is caused by the artery _______ (expanding?).

    Diastolic pressure is the _______ arterial blood pressure. When your blood pressure is take, the nurse or doctor measures your diastolic blood pressure when _______ happens. This is cause by the artery _______ (relaxing?).

  113. forahobby says:

    What is the low blood pressure rate and what is the high blood pressure rate? Is 96/60 okay? Is it bad if you have hypotension?

  114. Eric says:

    just wanted to know a little more, so if anyone has factual info about the subject please help? just stuff like the definition and even how to prevent it and things that cause it to occur! ive heard it a lot used on tv and just wondered about it? :)
    Just in general, nothing particular but if u know the particular heart diseases involved that could help too THANKS!!

  115. Dr Dorian says:

    About 3 months ago i was having chest pain. i went to the dr and they did EKGs, blood pressure tests, and a ultrasound on my heart and she said that my heart was working perfectly. now all of a sudden im having suvier chest pains, dizzyness, nausia, and bad heart burn. could i be having angina please help
    well it got so bad last night that i went to trhe ER and so they did an EKG and said it was normal. should i still be scared for my life. oh and i am only 17, 175 lb.s and 5′ 7” please tell me what you think. and also could it be stress cuz i have anzity attacks. it might be that in 2 weeks im going to prom and a week after that getting my drivers licence. could it be anzity without even knowing im nurvous

  116. Johnky J says:

    And what, if anything, is the cure? And what are the symptoms?
    My Aunt got it at 87, and she died within a month. Now my 59 yo sister has it. Is it reversible
    and/or controllable at her younger age?
    My bad. I did mean congestive heart failure. Thanks.

  117. thinkthought says:

    My grandmom had surgery yesterday at 4.30 to 7.00 pm. It went good (the doc said). They tried take her off ventilator I guess early this morning but had some troubles with it so put her back on ventilator. She’s 86. She never had any heart surgery before. Is this normal? Sorry, just very worried..

  118. Miguel M says:

    A list of diseases these organs can get:
    Large intestine
    Small intestine

    i dont have internet at home and not enough time in class to look these up cause we’re always doing something help please

  119. Gabriel Kenney says:

    What foods do you have to consume to prevent low blood pressure? How do you know if you have low blood pressure? Which is worse low blood pressure or high blood pressure?

  120. Spider Pc says:

    My blood pressure is 123 over 107 and i am a 17 year old girl, 5 foot 7 and 115 pounds.

  121. Jerosh Nagulachandran says:

    my blood pressure is around 90-100?80-90
    I forgot to add that I am 64 yrs old and have had this problem for the last 15 or so yrs. My Dr told me that it was not too serious unless it drops a lot lower,and that I should have more salt on my food.

  122. Willie says:

    for the one that you think please give a easy definition to both of them if that’s ok.
    thank you xxx

  123. Milk84 says:

    I’m a first year student studying a degree in Nursing and i’ve been given an assignment on Reflection. Part of the assignment is give a SWOT analysis on Blood pressure and i’ve to include references. I just feel a bit lost, any advice would be great.

  124. NC Baller says:

    My 3 month old son had been diagnosed with a heart murmur. His doctor said that it really wasn’t cause for concern but it I felt more comfortable taking him to a heart doctor, he would be glad to refer me. He explained it to me in medical terms but I have to admit that I still do not quite understand. I know that my father had a heart murmur when he was a child but upon further investigation, it was actually a heart tumor. Knowing this, I am extremely worried and have been up with my son every night afraid to put him down and I dont see the heart doctor until next week so I would like to know more about it maybe from parents of children that have also had heart murmurs. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  125. Superman says:

    i need some help and answers inorder for me to finish a project…. and if you choose to answer this question, please use words an 8th grader can understand … thanks :)

  126. Willie says:

    A good definition not just like, “a sore throat”. It has to be good enough to write in an article for health (she says put it in your own words and dont plagerize) I hate eighth grade health!

    Oh, btw Thanx soooo much I really appreciate it!!!
    SIMPLE definition please!

  127. Cliffy N says:

    Why people will get high blood pressure?

  128. unbleevable39 says:

    Suppose that for a group of consumers, the probability of eating pretzels is 0.75 and that the probability of drinking Coke Is 0.65. Futher suppose that the probability of eating pretzels and drinking Coke is 0.55. Determine if the two events are independent.

    Heart disease is the #1 killer today.Suppose that 8% of the patients in a small town are known to have heart disease.And suppose that a test is available that is positive in 96% of the patients with heart disease, but is also positive in 7% of patients who do not have heart disease, If a person is selected at random and given the test, what is the probability that they would test positive?

  129. Hotshot t says:

    i can hear a whooshing sound in my ears to the rhythmn of my heart beat during the day it comes and goes but is getting more frequent. i am definately sure its high blood pressure. can this come and go? in the beginning and what can happen if it is? heart attack? i have started smoking again. proffesionals only plz no mickey mice. thanks.

  130. Zack Faria says:

    what cause low blood pressure

  131. Beavis says:

    controling blood pressure without taking tablets

  132. Jose B says:

    I just went to the doctor today and she told me that I have slightly high blood pressure (I don’t know the exact numbers) and I realized I don’t really know what blood pressure is! I know it is cause by obesity, eating bad foods, lack of exercise, etc… Why does exercising lower your bp? I heard it has something to do with your blood thinning? What are the two numbers? Any info would be helpful!

  133. morbiusdog says:

    A few days ago, my blood pressure was 108 over 60. Yesterday, it was 107 over 70.

    i know the first number is my blood pressure when my heart is pumping and the other is when its resting. When i looked at a chart online, i saw that if your blood pressure is about 110, the other should be about 70. what i want to know is, why was it sixty?

    I am 14 y/o and very athletic.


  134. RichT says:

    What is blood pressure??
    Why is it so important??
    im curious as to why blood pressure is so important and what it is exactly
    ty ppl x

  135. JDOGG1122 says:

    What is the average/what does it mean.
    What can high/low blood pressure do?

  136. Sophia C says:

    what blood pressure reading means?

    what different ranges of blood pressure indicate?

    why people should have their blood pressure checked?

    health risks associated with high blood pressure???

  137. lcollier93sbcglobalnet says:

    Is 90 over 60 a bad blood pressure.
    Im 5 months pregnant… im 5 ft 3, 145lbs right now. I almost passed out yesterday so I took my blood pressure at walmart to see if that could be a reason. But I didnt know if that was bad.

  138. alberto s says:

    I have normal blood pressure, but my parents have high blood pressure. I don’t want to raise mine, but I was just wondering what are ways I can avoid raising my blood pressure? What exactly do people do/eat that raises their blood pressure?

  139. stealspartansbcglobalnet says:

    Like i said earlier i have this weird ringing in my ear and ive had a headache the last 2 days. Is this possibly all caused by my blood pressure?
    Hey people, i forgot to mention i do drink alot of cokes so that might contribute to the headache thing i would think.

  140. Maggie says:

    My mom has a blood pressure of 188/122 is that high?

  141. Matthew David says:

    Does blood pressure equal blood flow? Explain your answer, because I am just not getting this…

  142. Clayton Cottrell says:

    I have have blood pressure at about 140/90. Am on medication for this. Am going to Eurodisney at the weekend, do u think it would be safe to go on the rides?

  143. Harry says:

    how dose it work? like whats 175 over 105 mean? i think ones dylistik and the others stylistic or sumthing, but i dont know what they are, is one your pulse? and what should your blood pressure be?

  144. Sriram R says:

    what is blood pressure and what are the numbers? what are the numbers actually called?

  145. Eric says:

    Current or history of all valvular heart diseases, congenital (746) or acquired (394), including those improved by surgery, are disqualifying. Mitral valve prolapse or bicuspid aortic valve is not disqualifying unless there is associated tachyarrhythmia, mitral regurgitation, aortic stenosis, insufficiency, or cardiomegaly.

    Current or history coronary heart disease (410) is disqualifying.

    Current or history of symptomatic arrhythmia or electrocardiographic evidence of arrhythmia.

    Current or history of supraventricular tachycardia (427.0), or any arrhythmia originating from the atrium or sinoatrial node, such as atrial flutter, and atrial fibrillation, unless there has been no recurrence during the preceding 2 years while off all medications, is disqualifying.

    Premature atrial or ventricular contractions sufficiently symptomatic to require treatment, or result in physical or psychological impairment, are disqualifying.

    Current or history of ventricular arrhythmias (427.1)

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