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  1. apleaforbrandon says:

    Ok. Me and many people inside my school are beginning a golf club which makes a college news paper. We’re creating a free website with Free Webs, and can’t get E mail us to operate. I key in something also it does not work when you attend the web site, it simply shows an application that you simply complete, and also, since its free, We are able to only get 23 more reactions. I Want HELP!!! PLEASE!!

  2. Erfan says:

    I personally use Dreamweaver to produce HTML websites and wondered basically can use a CAPTCHA or TEXT IMAGE in my e mail us form?

    I do to avoid junk e-mail. Any suggestions where I can turn to find out more?

  3. Superman says:

    I lost 34.95 $ by an undesirable billing and thus wish to connection with yahoo smallbusiness (domain) support by email. What is the e-mail address with this – since i have canceled the merchandise i couldnt have any derive from HELP/E Mail Us pages of yahoo small company.

  4. opurt says:

    I can not discover the ‘contact us’ button on the internet page and also perform a paper round – what is the number I ought to call, or must i email, what’s the most dependable?

  5. easton j says:

    I wish to determine if I troll microsofts windowed chat within the e mail us part if I’ll get console banned. I do not worry about account prohibit

  6. Travoiz says:

    I want help finding a method to put e mail us back around the page in order to edit remove which other things. Help me try to remake it or make a replacement. Please and thanks

  7. Hotshot t says:

    E Mail Us link will not take. I arrive at the finish from the form also it forces me towards the FAQ’s and knowledge section. None of this stuff is sensible in my experience after i see clearly through.

  8. morbiusdog says:

    Does anybody understand how you set online for example Google the very best menu bar that has e mail us, about us, product etc. How can you understand this around the page? What is the link for Google to put this .

    Many sites possess a menu bar to click where they place information, concerning the product etc.


  9. PoohBearPenguin says:

    I’d vehicle accident (it had not been my fault, it had been parked when another vehicle encounter it). Couple of days after I have received instructions from my isurance company saying: “Please e mail us to verify the way the particulars from the other party were optained?”. They are also asking me basically would be a witness from the accident or did a witness provide me with information. I’m not sure just what they’re asking about? Dothey need to know the way i get particulars from the other driver or could they be asking about the organization which have my vehicle how to do the repair?

  10. Mark M says:

    We are able to make money if marketers give advertise of the particular items on our website.. Just how they already know who’s the founding father of the web site and where it really works… Means the way they e mail us..

  11. EzioAuditore1459 says:

    We believe he could have a message for all of us, and it has approached us via a cell phone. We all know the individual that we believe is attempting to make contact with us, we simply need to discover the content he needs depict, whether he’s one or otherwise. Thanks and please honest and useful solutions only.

    We’ve got a telephone call from his number he accustomed to use before he died, that was not long ago. There is a voicemail message which was left (muffled noises).

  12. mike s says:

    Could it be better to request regarding your admission chances on the college website’s “e mail usInch page to ensure that you are able to decide if you’re able to apply or otherwise? Do colleges react to such questions?

    How do you learn about my admission chances for any masters’ degree in almost any particular college (generally)?

  13. Daniel says:

    I founded a volunteer organization that can help horses, mules and donkeys in Mexico. We’re not a save team, we search for methods to ameliorate their well-being by supplying food and medicine. We’ve had some interest from companies offering donations of drugs but we want an american licensed vet to represent us. Can One e mail us veterinarians and requested these to allow us to despite the fact that they aren’t contained in Mexico? We presently possess a Mexican vet but he does not possess a US license. How to get this done?

    I’m presently residing in Mexico as my hubby is studying here. Because of this, I am unable to help horses in america. After I move to the united states, I’ll certainly make an effort to help horses in america too.

  14. JOHN KAISER PHD says:

    If you want to make contact with a company about say your gas/electrcity, telephone, insurance etc, the easiest method to do that is simply too search for a ‘contact us’ option or perhaps a customer complaint option around the company’s website home page.

    By doing this, they’ll either email you having a reply or will telephone you (in their expense) within 48 hrs.

  15. Sergeant Pickle says:

    History has proven us through the age range, the less strong nations will always be penetrated and mastered. If the advanced civilisation made connection with us… will it be smart to reply to this type of message? Clearly, I understand we’ve been delivering television and radio signals into space for many years,… but let’s say??

    I don’t believe anarchy would bust out, I must begin to see the God squad response to it, but would I like these to Know where we’re??

    Solutions please.

  16. toast says:

    I’ve got a e mail us page within the website am creating and I must know hoe it’ll me I would like the folks to transmit me emails or discuss the page and stays there like a comment?

  17. Echo says:

    I’ve got a website and hosting space, can someone let me know how do i make and use a feedback or e mail us form?

  18. Harry says:

    I’m attempting to setup this site, however i am getting issues in setting my e mail us page. Once you enter in the information and click on submit, it requires me for an error page. How do you get the information?

  19. toast says:

    Such as the ones the thing is on almost every other website where they’ve the e-mail Box within the E Mail Us page. Where it states. Place in your email, your comment or message or whatever. We’ll respond soon.


    Have discovered that trying to make contact with Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft a good educational computer software I’ve developed is almost impossible. Three separate emails to Google go un-answered. I’m exclusively thinking about assessing their curiosity about this program. Any contact details, specific, could be appreciated. Please be aware that “E Mail UsInch using these large companies simply yields no results. Thanks.

  21. Tyler H says:

    I’d like extra money and just how will i encourage them to send their surveys in my experience. I’ve been for their website as well as their isn’t any link for volunteering for completing surveys. I’d rather not push e mail us button cuz that’s just for clients. Anybody with experience volunteering for nielsen?

  22. Alina Elliott says:

    I’ve observed some companies obtain a small picture of their google maps and can include it on their own e mail us page, I attempted to look for our address and duplicate the look but it doesn’t allow you to copy it.

    are you able to please describe how it’s done?

  23. simply complicated says:

    For those who have a telephone number or any other address, please supply it. Recommending ringing them up, or contacting them isn’t a solution if I haven’t got a previous address or telephone number. The “e mail usInch links all result in places such as this. No contact, just more fluff, puff and nonsense.

  24. Jenna says:

    I wish to request an audio lesson on WJRR 101 but I am unsure how you can refer to them as. I understand there is a “e mail usInch page online however it did not help any.

  25. sam N says:

    The E Mail Us page comes with an email form to become completed. I wish to direct customers to some Thanks page which has a separate URL. This way I’m able to make use of this URL within my internet marketing reviews.

    I can not set this up because it’s an interior application response that’s embedded in to the contact page and can’t be split up into 2 web addresses. If anybody might help me it might be greatly appreciated.

  26. nyyankees1123 says:

    We will jamaica on our honeymoon. Exist phone cards we ought to buy for our families to make contact with us? My daughter is going to be remaining in the usa and that i would like them to have the ability to give us a call. I was burned bad whenever we visited China and my loved ones was billed 100s of dollars for calls to all of us. Don’t wish to result in the same mistake!

  27. MexicanDude says:

    I understand some fundamental website design, for example writing and connecting a couple of simple web pages on your own right into a fundamental website utilizing a little html, css or even a little javascript which i trained myself however i still don’t understand how to produce a WORKING form with text-entry fields inside it that allows clients that visit this site have the ability to send us a message from this site (as with my “e mail usInch page). How do you incorporate/create something of that nature within my website? I haven’t got any functional understanding of PHP or anything like this to get it done just how would someone much like me create/incorporate something of that nature (on their own)? Interesting help.

  28. lucasg615 says:


  29. _marky_mark_ says:

    I cant seem to find “contact us” on their page, I want to ask them why youtube is blocked in China, want to show some friends over there some cool stuff but cant!

  30. Mc L says:

    Basically the creditor won a claim against us in small claims court in NYC but made no effort to contact us or call us to collect payment, and we are unable to get a hold of him. The judgment notice said that they have 30 days to collect payment. So what happens after this period? Is there a way we as judgment debtors can protect ourselves from further legal action by documenting evidence that the person did not give us an opportunity to satisfy the judgment?

  31. Xavier Hawthorne says:

    i have a website and wanted to know how important is it to have a contact us option on it.
    On the other hand all the information are already on the website.

    By the way it is about art
    Should I allowed people to contact me or it is not really neccessary?
    Thank you

  32. Smashing Pumpkins says:

    I am a fast bowler, played professional cricket in India for more than 5 years. I am looking forward to shift my base in US. Is there any way to contact current US cricket team or their selector? What is the procedure for selection in US cricket team?

  33. Peter says:

    I would like a simple ‘Contact Us’ form for my website with a cancel/reset and submit button and a page which appears and says ‘thank you for your enquiry’ after. Can anyone help?

  34. Jenna says:

    When in the Sunglass Hut stores´ website you select the “contact us” option, it is required to give a “valid phone number” so that the form can be sent via email, but it doesn´t allow foreign numbers, and even when you write down domestic numbers it keeps popping a message that says: “please provide a valid phone number”.

  35. Miguel M says:

    While chatting to my friend on yahoo messenger, she gets a notification on her messenger that I am using ydetective to spy on her online status. This is total bullshit, as I have never used such program. I found the ydetective program on google, but there is no “contact us” button !!
    Can anyone please tell me how to contact the owners/administrators of that program so that I can get an explanation from them ?
    Any other suggestions will be appreciated, as this is very embarrassing and can lead to unnecessary unhappiness.

  36. uberfailz says:

    It’s on and I have no idea how to make it so that the word Contact Us when clicked, will have an email form appear to email me. Any idea how? 10 points for best thanks~

  37. Dark_LovexXx says:

    I’ve been on the PS3 website for over an hour and there is no option to contact sony or directly ask them a question, only forums and FAQs which are not helpful. The US site has a ‘contact us’ option, but that doesn’t really help me. I’d prefer an email address or website, not a phone number. Thanks.

  38. Taylor G says:

    I’m doing a ASP.Net Website Project that consists of 8 webpages. I’m doing one of those pages which is the Contact Us page. I want to create it in such a way that when the user enters the Name,Email Address,Phone Number & Comments, the Name,Email Address & Phone Number should be added to Database while the Comments should be sent to our email. Please note that I haven’t learned how to code a Email form. I want it in C# code, NOT ANY OTHER CODING LANGUAGE.

  39. Jeffery Carlson says:

    While responding to a website contact us button, the computer (not my usual Mac) made me use an unfamiliar email format and when I finished sending and went back to Yahoo, everything in my inbox had been deleted and wasn’t in trash.

  40. Andre says:

    We have already sent all the forms/documents nvc asked us,including affidavit of support etc. Now, we are waiting for our priority date to become current.Priority date which will be current this month in category f2a.

    what next once the priority date becomes current? How long after priority date become current will nvc contact us? how long after priority date become current will we have an interview?

    Thank you

  41. LN13 says:

    My problem is not being resolved by the standard “help desk” answers, but I don’t see an option to “contact us if this doesn’t solve your problem”.


  42. friendly 4 says:

    I use Dreamweaver to create HTML websites and was wondering if I could use a CAPTCHA or TEXT IMAGE for my contact us form?

    I want to do this to prevent spam. Any suggestions where I can go to learn more?

  43. Malcolm Hudson says:

    Well I just recently turned satanic and I know that demons are able to contact us through our dreams and i had a dream that i have no idea what it means i saw the skull and bones and the pentagram does anyone have any idea of what it might mean?

  44. Jack Bauer says:

    I have a business website you are hosting and I just became aware that when someone clicks on my listing, they are directed to my “contact us” page. Also hate the new mail as I can only access one of my addresses. Please change me back to the previous version!

  45. mavis24 says:

    A while back I came across what I considered extremely important news and wanted to let national TV news channels know, most specifically thinking of CNN or even MSNBC, but could not find anywhere I could “click” for lets say “news tips”, “contact us”, “urgent news”, or similar. It may sound silly but there are some things sometimes people feel better telling it to news mediums than police or other authorities.

    Why? Well because news people are always willing to hear and listen to what you can explain to them in an intelligent way. Most of the time authorities tend to make their own judgement without you finishing your story. Or worse yet cut you off telling you “let proper authorities handle it”.

    I have no idea how any news channel would have reacted to what I thought was something odd and a bit complicated, thus making it important in the world situation we now have. But just in case I come across something like that I want to tell someone immediatedly, in strict confidence.

  46. jag43216 says:

    I have a contact us page, with a form that will ask for a potential customers name, email address, business name, phone number, and a text area field for comments. I need to have this form submit to an email address. A Thank You page would be good, if possible. Nothing fancy, something very simple. What is the fastest and easiest way to create such a form? I’m on a shared server that does support simple scripts, but something easy. Thanks.

  47. cardskid22 says:

    I would like to create a contact us form in HTML , please help me with how to write html code to create a contact us form, I will appreciate any help.


  48. Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag says:

    I can’t find a “contact us” link on their site.

  49. Only Business says:

    My site is:
    If you see beside the login part, it shows the about us and contact us. I have tried so many things but haven’t been able to go below the login. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  50. Harriet W says:

    I went to their “contact-us” page and all I saw was a bunch of re-directories into forums and other stuff I do not want. I just want to email their customer service without getting on the phone. How can I go about doing this?

  51. Marshal says:

    My daughter has an account on Build-a-bearville and forgot her username. We cannot remember the e-mail we used to sign her up {we have a bunch} and so, we need to contact them. We clicked on the “contact us” button, but it did not work. First answer that really helps gets 10 points!!

  52. Paul M says:

    I’m creating a webpage with GoogleSite. I want to have an “attach file” option with the “contact us” info but I can’t find one that will do it.

    I can find plenty of contact us gadgets/widgets, but none that have an attach file option.

  53. turg143 says:


    I am trying to make a website with Serif WebPlus 8 and would like to add a “contact us” page but can’t for the life of me work out how to add a form!

    I know it’s quite an old program, but its the only one I have and no money to buy a newer program.

    I hope someone out there will be able to help me.

    Thanks for your time.

  54. LN13 says:

    Recently purchased an internet-based service, and am having major issues. There is no contact number listed on the website, only a digital ‘contact us’ form. I completed the form and have had no response in 5+ business days. I’m wondering if a business HAS to provide an ample way to reach them to resolve consumer issues. Anyone have any feedback?

  55. Flash Funk says:

    instead of putting up an advertisement describing what we have to offer, if we were to put up an advertisement stating that people who want to buy furniture at a particular price can contact us at an indicated contact number. e.g. the advertisement says ”Dear Customers, if you are looking for a piece of furniture with your proposed budget in mind kindly contact us with your furniture requirement and approximate budget on XYZ phone number or email us at XYZ and we will get back to you with options that match your budget. Is this a wrong approach to advertise?

  56. Keaton says:

    I’m CEO of Vietproducts company one of the leading in manufacturing and exporting handicraft, embroidery handbag and plastic printed and unprinted bags. If you have in interest in these products please visit our website “” or contact us following the email: We are always available on your request at anytime.

  57. Xbox360king says:

    Our loved ones who have passed on,do they have the ability to contact us in some way,shape or form?Is it real or not?

  58. Brian says:

    Hi! My client wants to do away with the multi-line comment box on his “contact us” web page. The concern is that people have been putting in uniquely identifiable data which, if accessed from the outside, would be a huge security issue. We have put text on the page asking people not to put in personal data, but as long as that text box sits there… Alternatively, if we don’t have that text box, how will we know what they want to ask us? Thoughts?

  59. hank baseballs says:

    I am using Dreamweaver and want to create a “contact us” section. I have seen other websites that when you click a hyperlink that opens up a new e-mail from your own outlook.

  60. Bryant B says:

    I want to get donation to save astrology,some money require give me contact of good individual who can provide,because…………………Help us for Save astrology………………………money destroying this…………
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  61. Chester says:

    I need to forward a letter to paypal from the bank that I use. I am wondering what is the email I use to contact paypal that deal with complaints with things like nsf fees. I cant use the contact us in the website because i need to forward this email to them.

  62. blarg blarg says:

    Other users have other programs that don’t necessarily work on other machines. Contact Us is a fraud because we never get a simple email to reach Yahoo managers who make changes that are not always an improvement.

  63. joevsyou says:

    The property manager didn’t call us or attempt to contact us to advise us she was showing the home. We have 1 more month before our lease is up and I believe there should be some type of penalty for her entering the home without giving notice especially since it was not an emergency.

  64. Picean says:

    And what is most important for a new education blog?

    About Us
    Contact Us
    Privacy Policy

    In addition what should i also use for my blog?

    Right now I have only 5 Posts.

    And tell me what can i do in starting for my blog with point out SERP.


  65. airdogspace2 says:

    We signed up to a holiday club in Tenerife and were expecting to claim cash back next year (we suspect a scam), Justice Reveals contacted us asking for details of our transaction, and we are now not sure if this is a genuine company or scam to get the cashback info.

  66. Andre says:

    Someone has contacted us regarding a car we own in the U.S. and would like to purchase, but they live in Canada, Says we need to give him before purchase the vin number and our complete address for customs, is this correct.

  67. Myles says:

    Again another U.F.O. sighting in the Netherlands. I keep am open mind. The universe is big so anything is possible, but if they are out there, why don’t they contact us?. What would be the purpose of staying mum, if they figure we would see them anyway. If they are so advanced, how could we possibly hurt them? The picture looks like a jet to me. Not even clear

  68. lets roll says:

    My daughter auditioned for the part of Macy in J.O.N.A.S. She is 12 but looks like she’s 14. My daughter has never been in a commercial, TV show, or movie, but she is very good. She gets home from her music lessons, runs down to the mail box, and always comes back up looking disappointed. It hurts to see her look so sad. When do you think Disney will contact us?

  69. Taylor G says:

    Government cover-up?
    I know the military has and of course the govt I was just wondering WHY!?

  70. Dr Hank says:

    More detail????? Why, you have no way to contact Yahoo Help.
    The reason I’m trying to contact Yahoo help is because I cannot open email attachments when they are You Tube or some similar type files. Used to work. I also sometimes get a Error # 512

  71. Lachlan says:

    my 7 year old daughter doesnt want anything to do with her so called dad. he has always been abusive to me and my daughter and now that i ditched him he wont stop hassling me that he wants to see her even tho hes never cared and has been very mean to both of us. he doesnt have any parental rights and i want to know what i can do to protect my daughter from this vicious man.
    he hasnt lived with us he has come to visit and hes always being horrible to us to the stage that theres being police and social services involved so they all know about his violence.

  72. BRUTE says:

    3 weeks ago my husband beat me up. Police were called, him and i now both of us have a domestic violence order on each other. (yes, go figure Australian laws!) He has made no contact at all with his children, phone or by friends or anything which is really upsetting the kids. According to rumours around town he is going totally on himself being the victim, making out I am crazy, mad, etc etc. That “she drove me to it”, dont speak to her!

    Ok, I understand that what he did he is responsible for his own actions and I am so over him (although unfortunately, my heart still loves him) . but what I cant understand is

    “why did he do this to me?” when he always claimed he loved me? even on the day it happened?

    and why has he not wanted any contact with his children? even though he always claims to have been so family orientated? I have tried to make contact through the police as I cannot find him and have no idea where he is.

    What turns someone to be like this? any ideas of why

  73. Jeffery Carlson says:

    Is it possible that intelligent life exists somewhere out there, but like with us politics is putting a halt to the funding of projects that could reach out and make contact with us?

  74. Goe122 says:

    This is the last thing he said to me “You’re fine. Let’s let break happen and then after we can maybe try to hang out. If you want to, but let’s not get serious again. I’m not trying to play games.”

    It’s been three weeks and neither of us have made an attempt to contact eachother… should I just chock it up to it being done or will he contact me? or what would happen if I contacted him?

    Guys, if I did contact you.. would your reaction be a pleasant surprise or a “ugh. won’t she leave me alone?”

  75. John G says:

    I believe that many humans have evolved past there faith and are less likely to be open to God.
    But what if God tired to get in touch with us, how would we really be able to tell? If someone claimed to be the son or daughter of God we would ignore them and possibly have them committed.
    If God tried to contact us thought our own means of Communication (telephone, tv, radio) we would simply just ignore it and put it down to technical error.
    So how can God contact us now?

  76. Moore, Ron says:

    a long time ago in ancient times the egyptians and myans and others lived among E.T’s.
    there is proof everywhere that they really do exist. my question is why dont they interact with humans anymore? like i’m not expecting anyone to actually know the answer but and ideas???? like instead of abducting people at night to their ships and flying around us why not just try to converse with humans so they know what were about????

    [PS: please dont give me bull crap about immigrants that is completely irrelevant to my question]

  77. Sergeant Pickle says:

    html form:


    i replaced my sensitive info with ***
    where did i go wrong? i have tested this script many times and once i submit the form it takes me to the “successful” page, but but never receive any emails. it was probually some careless mistake on my part.
    do i need to include both
    $headers = “From:” . “rn”;
    $headers .= “MIME-Version: 1.0″ . “rn”;

    this is my corrected php script

  78. whites are not the only racists says:

    give me some reasons that aliens wont contacts us on earth yet like meeting between planets you could say their might be some reason why they won’t contacts us for some reason. i have some of mine own reasons but i like to hear from the people. and if they did how would we react to this i would think they might be some chaos??? al give my reasons later.
    here some reason i think we havent been contact by aliens:

    it possible that deep in are government that we have already have alliance with aliens
    another reason possible that because we experepment on them like animals so there no need to contact savage race

    that their a higher goverment something we never seen before kinda of like in star wars their a galactic senate

    they also could be observing us like a lion in it cage

    or we are Underdeveloped Planet a planet with such a level of civilization may not be directly contacted so aliens cant conatct us

  79. Taylor2k says:

    Hi ,
    I am currently residing in pune.I have purchased some contact lenses for my cousin staying in US and wanted to ship them to him.Can someone help me in determining which shipping agency would ship them to US because i believe many of them denied shipping contact lenses ?
    Thanks in advance

  80. forahobby says:

    My brother and I were born in Iran but grew up in California and technically we have dual citizenship. My father passed away recently and we have been urged by relatives to pursue information on inheritance. I’ve tried contacting 100 times but they don’t answer the phone or respond to emails. What do I do? These things usually have a statute of limitations on them. Anyone else have experience with this particular country?

  81. TommyKay says:

    when some one sends us an e-mail from the contact us form on our web site, it never shows up on our e-mail

  82. SteveO says:

    I tried calling..they will not even tell me who the person is/how to contact them…and they gave more wrong informatiion about court general practices…..which would be ok based on my disability if tehy were as described…but they aren’t

    i tired writing and someone (ass’t council?) wrote back stating their typical policy and refused to consider any accommodations….this person does not appear to be in charge of 504…

    how do i find the court 504 person?

    the whole issue is my former employer needs to verify they did not remimburse my expenses. They will not do it, even after i wrote the letter for them and all they had to do was put it on letter head and sign it…they claim they don’t understand and will NOT call the IRS…they want the IRS to call them…

    we do not have an HR dept–only 1 general adminstrative asst….

    The IRS sent me directions saying they can contact others including an employer to verfiy info, but they refused, i never heard from the IRS advocate except to say they were working on my case…every few months..but they never did anything….the mediator could not resolve it..

    so now there is a court date….at an out of state location i can’t travel to…

    i tried calling the 2 low income tax clinics–one sounded like they couldn’t help me..could never get through to the other..

    and i have to figure out how to get a court order for my former employer to furnish the info..since they have declined to assist despite repeated requests
    the blanked out word is ASSistant
    i also this in the tax section..and their response was to just send a ‘next friend’ which is NOT reasonable

    my choices are
    a liar
    someone who is clueless about taxes
    people that never return calls/emails.

    that denied my my right to participate as much as possible..and violates my civil rights

    they are saying that since i am disabled..ii don’t have the right to the same access as people withoiut disabilities
    and yes, i am preparing to submit a complaint to the DOJ..

    although I didn’t even receive an acknowledgement from teh one I snet over 3 months ago
    i indicated i am LOW INCOME and trying to get help from clinics

  83. Anny says:

    hello i have a simple code from my website so i want a help to sent the details to my email such yahoo or hotmail , etc …. im uploaded the code to an image … i know there’ll be another pages for send action
    please help me for those pages and the code that would be in send command !???


  84. Vultre9 says:

    My family have been contacted by a US company, they state that my late father is related to someone who died without leaving a will, my father was contacted by this company over 10 years ago and the letter that my mum received, addressed to my dad, listed names of his family members, all of which my mum recognized. They list my Grandfather as being a first cousin to the person who died without leaving a will, they have asked that my dad (now deceased) contact them. Is this genuine and if so can i contact them in place of my dad?

  85. JackReynolds says:

    Again I’m helping a friend out and we found some free forms but we couldn’t understand it. Can someone help me able to customize a form?

    I want to have a few forms but the only thing we want to require is a name and email. The subject i want optional and I would appreciate the drop down menu being required too.

    Please help! I’m so bad with javascript but I’d like to help customize the form.

    Thanks in advance for the help~

  86. Hannah says:

    Anyone know how i can make a contact us form that sends our department an email with their message?

  87. soccermaster1 says:

    In Q&A why do they call us contacts??? When our contacts never contact us….hhhmmmm, just wondering?

  88. mavis24 says:

    A team from my church is on a mission trip to Les Cayes, Haiti. With the earthquake that just struck, the US embassy in Haiti hasn’t accounted for their employees yet or updated their website. I want them to know about our team. How do I contact them?

  89. Random says:

    I’m having issues with my pop3 that stopped working. It appears to be on Yahoo’s end, but can’t seem to contact anyone to review it. Any suggestions on how to contact them?

  90. baldy eire says:

    1. There is no ‘contact us’ button on Yahoo Mail anymore, there used to be, it is frustrating not being able to communicate with Yahoo when there is a problem.

    2. As at approx 1.45pm today (Tues 3/9/13) I cannot use my PC to open and read any emails, regardless of what folder/box they are in. I can use my SmartPhone to open and read emails in all boxes/folders but my PC keeps giving a message “We’re sorry, but there appears to be a problem loading the email” … I spoke to TelecomNZ about it. The customer service person told me that she also uses and she is also having the same issue. What is happening?

  91. Denali says:

    I joined lots of yahoo groups as a member. Can i send them massages? if yes, then if I send them massages together, is itwill be treated as spam? please help me, bcoz sending messages to all the groups individually is very time consuming… then how can I share my experience with others’???

  92. PIE BOY says:

    I read about a survey where a large percentage of people thought aliens live among us, disguised as humans..
    1. The nearest galaxy is 2.5 million years away. Assuming these martians are from THIS galaxy (and not one further), and ASSUMING they have technology to travel at HYPERSPEED, it would still take them 2.5 MILLION years to get to earth. (that’s AT LEAST 2.5 mil. years) The only way would be through teleportation….
    2. So these beings have not invaded us, nor helped us, or have done anything in any way with their INCREDIBLE technology and have decided to BLEND in with us (who are probably almost like CAVEMEN to them)

    Makes a lot of sense.
    That’s why i think aliens (if they exist) have not contacted us physically EVER
    Any ideas against my theory?
    no i’m saying it DOESN’T make sense that they are here…
    and alien conspiracy theories are wrong..

  93. ademuth93 says:

    I want to contact the US government or the CIA to ask them some questions so how can I contact them? Is it risky ? if so what are the risks associated with contacting them Plz No Crappy Answers! and BEST ANSWER GETS 10 POINTS!
    cj I just found the phone number on the government’s website it’s (301) 688-2336 should I dial it?

  94. Elijah luv says:

    Regarding a previous question of mine, i am looking for some contact details (preferably email) or information regarding applying for US citizenship for both me and my sister, who is under 16. We are both born to an American mother, but are english. I wish to enquire regarding an American citizenship, but simply have no idea where to start. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  95. John G says:

    Our human conception of mathematics is based on just what we know and comprehend, 360 degrees to a circle, music is in 8′ths. But what if the aliens trying to contact us are too smart for us? there is no reason why they should use binary or a pulsating algorithm. maybe they use a system based on odd numbers. Nature is based on basic ones and twos from our understanding. Is it not conceivable that maybe aliens are already reaching out to us but to us it’s just background noise?
    Dscarge, good points i totally forgot about prime numbers, i see what you mean they would have to answer back using the same sequence of numbers because only intelligent life would know to answer back using the same set or method.
    Goober i know they can use atoms to communicate, personally it would be too obvious so in that respect i would at the least expect a radioactive atom and whats with the 2 white people? 7/10′s of Earths people aren’t white
    Sid if you were an alien and traveled a huge distance to get to the source of the communication would you not be a bit pissed off if the representation your top brains picked over to decipher turned out to be less than accurate?
    Sid sorry my fault, i should explain myself. The representation of humans from pioneer is 2 white people male and female.

  96. Scott Bull says:

    Are they waiting until we come to a stage of world peace or something? Why are they taking so long?

  97. zigg3ns says:

    Why is it so hard to contact YAHOO – they say – “ask for help” but then say in small print – “we can not reply to you” ?? what useless nothingness is that???
    I have to log in every time I click on a page and simply want help to resolve the problem.
    Its like trying to draw blood from a stone ????
    Any genuine help out there please ???

  98. Mackenzie P says:

    my other yahoo email account refuses to recognize my username/password. I tried it 10 times and I haven’t changed my details in the last seven years, so I know i’m not making a mistake.
    1) why doesn’t Yahoo have a contact us page?
    2) how do I notify Yahoo that I have a problem?

  99. brincks26 says:

    he has been in Irac for 3 months his wife feeds us information but he does not contact her that much either

  100. Cliffy N says:

    For example, this might go at the top of a website as a link to the contact information..

  101. evil chevy says:

    When we have the first prototype of warp-drive, like in star trek

    When we master nano-assemblers and create objects out of thin-air

    Teleport the first life-form?

    Will they contact us in the next 50 years?

  102. joevsyou says:

    i want to send to the yahoo service people a mail

  103. Jack Bauer says:

    ever since my brother died , i have to most weirdest dreams.

    in the dreams , hes about to tell me something, then i wake up.

    whats going on!

  104. John says:

    my requirement is if any visitor visit on my site on contact us page and he feed the some detail accoding to my contactus page. user click submit. then i want all user feed back data go to direct my website email address.

    If any person help me or send full detail any other sample page i will be choose best answer.

    Please guide me

    Thanks in Advance

  105. Hotshot t says:

    ok so me and my frend have to make a website about furniture and we dont no wat to write in the pages about us,contact us,feedback, homepage
    our webste is bout furniture (selling)

    plz can u help

    ba 10 points

  106. mr flibble says:

    I tried to register twice and both times it denied my registration because it thinks I’m spam. It said that if I think they’re making a mistake to go to the “Contact Us” link on the main page. I have looked in every corner of the main page and I can’t find it. Does anybody know where it is? Or even better, could someone post the address below? Thank you in advance.
    I tried again just now and this is what it said:

    Registration denied, this forum runs an active policy of not allowing spammers. Please contact us via the “Contact Us” page link if you believe this is in error

  107. kass9191 says:

    I wanna get email on my gmail id when ever some one use contact us. How can I do so?

  108. ademuth93 says:

    my Personal Answer to this is cause there afraid of us cause humans are so violent im sure they are peacefull creatures, maybe they just come here to observe us. what do you think

  109. Dana G says:

    although we have lot of proofs for existance of aliens they have never contacted us

  110. Spider Pc says:

    I ordered shoes from the website
    on May 8th 2013, its now the 19th and I still haven’t received anything! The site says 5-7 days business days, which is clearly way past. I got a dispatch notice on the 10th, and my tacking number hasn’t had much updates since the 13th. when I track the item it says ” CNSHAD,ChinaInternational item has left the origin country and is en route to Canada” .. has ANYONE shopped & received their item from this site, or has anyone heard anything about this site? PLEASE HELP.. I have a feeling its a fraud, and I’m going to have a tough time getting my money back for them.

    Thanks everyone!! :)

  111. United says:

    How can I find the Yahoo “contact us” help form ?

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